Said to be “the … wrote: "Bibliometric measures for evaluating research units in the book-oriented humanities and social sciences are underdeveloped relative to those available for journal-oriented science and technology". In the follow-up literature, comparing research units or even the output of publishing companies became the target of research. Notably, its first original publication, The Life of Sir William Osler by Harvey Cushing, won the 1926 Pulitzer Prize. [1][2][3][4][5][6] Rankings rely on subjective impressions by the scholarly community, on analyses of prize winners of scientific associations, discipline, a publisher's reputation, and its impact factor (particularly in the sciences). It … (2013). In 14th international conference of the international society for scientometrics and informetrics (pp. These presses have offices worldwide, but you'll find the contact information for the U.S. locations. Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house established in 1986. SENSE works in conjunction with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), in accordance with the standard evaluation protocol for Dutch universities. Comparing book citations in humanities journals to library holdings: Scholarly use versus perceived cultural benefit. How to best assess monographs?. The national collective voice of English-language Canadian-owned book publishers. EBOUND Canada. [17][20] White et al. "[8], In a study assessing an increasingly-diversified array of publishers and their service to the academic community, Janice S. Lewis concluded that college and university librarians ranked university presses higher and commercial publishers lower than did members of the American Political Science Association.[4]. [14], The latest SENSE ranking, like its previous rankings, is based on the subjective assessment of a publisher by prominent Dutch and international scientists. [22], Spanish National Research Council rankings. [15] The results were: To quantitatively assess the output of a publishing company, a research group associated with the University of Granada created a methodology based on the Thomson-Reuters Book Citation Index. There are a number of approaches to ranking academic publishing groups and publishers. Part of the University of Cambridge, the press publishes 50,000 authors in more than 100 different countries. To quantitatively assess the output of a publishing company, a research group associated with the University of Granada created a methodology based on the Thomson-Reuters Book Citation Index. Oxford University Press website for Academic and Professional Books, Journals, Reference, and Online Products. Other Academic Publishers Edit Academica Press Edit. Canada as Guest of Honour at the 2020-2021 Frankfurt Book Fair. 305-316). Scientometrics, 98(3), 2113-2127, Torres-Salinas, D., Robinson-Garcia, N., Miguel Campanario, J., & Delgado López-Cózar, E. (2014). University presses specialize in subject areas. OUP offers a wide range of scholarly works in all academic disciplines. A., & White, H. D. (2015). Oxford University Press (OUP) - Academic Publishing - Homepage Cambridge University Press is a department of the University of … Apple Academic Press, Inc., is an independent international publisher focusing on academic and professional books in the STEM and other fields. Compared to Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, Routledge is a youngster, founded in 1836. A. Akdag Salah, C. Sugimoto, & U. Al (Eds. Cambridge University Press1 Liberty Plaza, Floor 20New York, NY 10006USA(212) 337 5000, Dating from a "Letters Patent" from King Henry VIII in 1534 to print "all manner of books," the Cambridge University Press claims to be the oldest university press and one of the oldest publishers and printers in the world. The list below contains prestigious names, some of which are associated with venerated universities. Online Information Review, 38(1), 24-42, Torres-Salinas, D., Rodríguez-Sánchez, R., Robinson-García, N., Fdez-Valdivia, J., & García, J. First approach using the Book Citation Index. Easy to work with, and the director is responsive and helpful. Begun in 1905 by Princeton graduate Whitney Darrow to produce the school's Alumni Weekly, Princeton University Press (PUP) differs from other university presses in that it has always been privately owned and operated, as opposed to being owned or financially supported by universities. One New York Plaza, Suite 4500New York, NY 10004USA(212) 726 9200. Book Categories. [17], Libcitations, according to the RIMS, reflect what librarians know about the prestige of publishers, the opinions of reviewers, and the reputations of authors. In 2017, their top-ranked (A) scientific publishers were (in alphabetical order): Their second-ranked (B) scientific publishers were (in alphabetical order): In 2012 and 2014, the Spanish National Research Council asked 11,864 Spanish academics to name the 10 most prestigious academic publishers from over 600 international and 500 Spanish-language publishers. Most academic work is published in academic journal article, book or thesis form. Notably, PUP authors include Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Campbell, and Stephen Hawking. Visit the press … Its list encompasses academic, professional and school titles "from aesthetics to zoology.". Routledge has a backlist of more than 35,000 titles still in print and has published exceptional authors such as theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist Carl Jung, philosopher Marshall McLuhan, and philosopher, writer, activist Jean-Paul Sartre. According to the Granada study, the 10 leading companies were: Browse Academic & Ministry Books by Subject. The New York outpost of OUP was established in 1896 and, in the 1920s, began publishing its list. Wipf and Stock Publishers. Combined Academic Publishers (CAP) was founded in 1997 and offers distribution, sales and marketing services for both print and digital products to a group of internationally respected American University Presses in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific (EMEA/APAC). Its academic publishing division covers the humanities, social sciences, and STEM subjects, and includes publishers such as Taylor & Francis, Psychology Press, Cogent OA, and Routledge. Combined Academic Publishers - Mare Nostrum Group. wrote, Libcitation counts reflect judgments by librarians on the usefulness of publications for their various audiences of readers. Anthem Press Edit Can we rank scholarly book publishers? Their notable authors include poet and writer John Milton (1608 – 1674), physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton (1642 -1727), philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970), linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky, and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Thus, best practice uses multiple indicators to provide a more robust and pluralistic picture. To view a list of academic publishing companies by country please select a country. Publishing great authors since 1817. Includes the distribution of Cambridge Bibles in North America and the divisions of Bethany House Publishers, Revell Books, Baker Books, Baker Academic, Chosen Books, and Brazos Press. OUP also claims to be the world's largest university press with the widest global presence. Academic book publishing is enormously rewarding but also challenging. The SENSE Ranking was recognized in bibliometric literature[12][13] and other universities' attempts to rate publishers. Of course academic book publishing is a service. The RIMS proposed what they called a "libcitation count", counting the libraries holding a given book as reported in a national (or international) union catalog. for your target presses. Alpha Academic Press publishes institutional, academic and childern’s books. In 2007, their top-ranked (A+) publishers were: In 2007, their second-ranked (A) publishers were: The Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE Research School) has ranked scientific publishers every year since 2006.[10]. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 01:24. Academic Press has been a leading publisher of scientific books for over 70 years. Results were compiled using a weighted average. This stage can come at any point in a scholar’s career. Publish With Us. Cambridge University Press has more than 50 offices around the globe. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 64(2), 372-379, Zuccala, A. [17][18][19] In a Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology article, Howard D. White et al. A. An independent publisher of radical, left‐wing non­‐fiction books. Charles Scribner II, a trustee of the university and a New York book publisher, contributed funds to help the press reincorporate as a nonprofit in 1910 from which it grew into a book publishing company. (pp. Cambridge University Press. For a recent summary of the literature see Tausch, Arno (2017), San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, "Scholarly Monograph Publishing in the 21st Century: The Future More Than Ever Should be an Open Book", "Ranking Scholarly Publishers in Political Science: An Alternative Approach", "An Assessment of Publisher Quality by Political Science Librarians", "Australian Political Science: Journal and Publisher Rankings", "The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics",,,, "Libcitations: A measure for comparative assessment of book publications in the humanities and social sciences",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Palgrave MacMillan (UK & Australia, St Martins' Press in US), Prentice Hall, Eaglewood Cliffs (NJ), USA, Drummond, R., & Wartho, R. (2009). Towards a Book Publishers Citation Reports. Academic publishing is the subfield of publishing which distributes academic research and scholarship. "[9] Rankings can vary widely by discipline. So much of academic publishing discourse has become concentrated around fundamentally operational questions that the creative aspect of what the best publishers could and should do is nowadays rather easily dismissed. IntechOpen is the world’s leading publisher of Open Access books founded in the year 2004 to provide a collaborative environment for peer-reviewed content and book publishing of academic research. Mapping citation patterns of book chapters in the Book Citation Index. The quantitative weight of the publishers is based on output data, impact (citations) and publisher profile. The Frankfurt Book Fair - The World's Biggest, Oldest Book Event, Get Month-by-Month Info on the Key Annual Book Publishing Events, How to Get an Entry-Level Book Publishing Job, Baker & Taylor: Profile of the Wholesale Book Distributor, Understanding a Book Advance and Royalties, Top 8 Jobs for a Career in Book Publishing, Getting a Job in the World of Book Publishing, Self-Publishing vs. LAP is a leading academic book publishing company specializes in making your theses, dissertations, and research projects available worldwide. The publisher is part of the Taylor & Francis Group, a trading division of Informa UK Ltd. Routledge claims to be the world's leading academic publisher in Humanities and Social Science, publishing about 2,000 new books each year through offices worldwide. Published both monograph and edited collection here. Anaphora Literary … She has worked at publishers including Random House and Doubleday and is an author herself. A book's absolute appeal can be determined simply by counting how many libraries hold it, but it can also be gauged in relation to other books in its subject class. The study, which relied on the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index, also used the Harvard Library ratio of books checked out to the total stock available in the catalog; the 2015 outreach of a company in typical scientific global cultures (Japan, Sweden and India); the presence of a publisher's output in international organizations such as the European Commission in Brussels (the ECLAS catalog) and the World Bank, and references to the company in newspapers such as the New York Times. Most scientific and scholarly journals, and many academic and scholarly books, … Zondervan. Valerie Peterson wrote about publishing for The Balance Careers. Mission: to publish Christian books that promote historic Christianity, irenically express the concerns of evangelicalism, and reflect the diversity of this movement. Air University Press (AU Press), part of the Air Force Research Institute (AFRI), is the... Alpha Academic Press. The Libcitation measure thus resembles a citation impact measure in discriminating values of publications on a defined ground.
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