In this article, we’ll show you 20 best HTML fonts that you can install on your website. Cormorant Garamond is an eloquent font that’s well-suited to a logo that needs to highlight the professionalism and reliability of a business. Examples of fonts in use tagged with “cosmetics” FAE Beauty (Free & Equal Beauty) 2019 Thought Over Design; Contributed by Thought Over Design design, Gochi Hand communiciates the creative spirit of an art gallery. Rochester adds a touch of class of class to any design it features in, so if you want to give your logo a refined look, you won’t find many better options. Just over half of the brands we looked at use a high contrast font in their logo (similar to Optima) – no surprise there -  but the other 40% use a bold weight geometric or grotesque typeface which gives quite a different feel. This is a font that is an internet and print favorite for headers. There is an opportunity in this sector to branch away from ubiquitous faces and achieve distinction from competitors alongside cheaper alternatives. Adidas is one of those brands whose logo is a truly essential part of both their image and products. By using a contrasted serif Clarins and Lancôme have created a distinctive brand image and a sense of heritage that separates them from the bold, robust and strong looking brands using sans serif typefaces. The designers knew that the brand logos needed to convey a certain message and the fonts they chose helped them do that. Garamond is set in all caps for the navigation bar on the website but upper and lowercase for large captions. An elegant typeface perfect for depicting beauty products. The Benjamin Title typeface gives you the best of both worlds: a traditional serif look, but with a modern and unique twist to it. It’s very similar to Spire Regular, which is one of the best fonts that require an air of class and sophistication. There are thousands of fonts out there, but only a select few are a cut above the rest. If you’re customising one of Design Wizard’s logo templates, you’ll have a font that’s ready to help you create your own unique brand identity. When it comes to your logo, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Khula. Looking for Beautiful fonts? Nike mostly uses its distinctive ‘swoosh’ for branding, but when it utilizes its wordmark, Futura displays it in style. Gap had changed their logo in 2010, but after a public outcry, they reverted back to this classic design. The thin characters of the BenchNine font look splendid in this restaurant logo design. The Optima Roman typeface is a classy font that has been a staple of Aston Martin’s branding since 2003. A gentle script font with a natural feel, Malisia is a beautiful font choice for anyone looking to create a feminine blog logo. Despite it being a visually thin typeface, the bold style makes sure it easily stands out. © Fontsmith 2003-2020. It’s a good font for a logo that needs to convey reliability and quality. It portrays not only class, but strength and confidence as well. The square-shaped lettering has a unique appearance that makes Audio Wide a good companion for a logo that wants to appear strong and vigorous. In this restaurant logo design, Playfair Display looks right at home with a gold and blue colour scheme. A fun display font, Leckerli One adds energy to any logo that it’s used with. It’s a fun typeface that bounces across the page. The identity and individuality becomes notable through a logo design so companies are always prudent enough to pick up an apt logo which goes with the quality, strength and standard of the company/brand.. The bold letters of YouTube’s 2017 logo redesign are easy to distinguish against any background. Designers have to leave no stone unturned to make sure that they create a logo that matches a brand’s image and identity. Various versions of the Myriad font are used on a wide range of famous logos. Barber logos need to make their presence known and here we can see how Lato helps with that. This font includes five finely balanced weights to assure a good readability whatever the size, with contrasting upstrokes and downstrokes to add an unusual, fancy touch. , it gives the overall design a solid foundation, which is apt for the construction theme. , where it emphasises the elegance and grace of the occasion. Using Brandon Text a geometric rounded sans font adds a softness but looks slightly fuzzy at the sizes used. They use a lot of white space with black type and black borders creating a stark, harsh tone of voice. Heebo is a powerful font that easily gets it message across when displayed in all caps form. In this list of best fonts, Amatic SC is one of the top choices for. What is now one of the world’s most recognisable word marks began its existence in the offices of San Francisco designers Cuban Council. that needs to convey energy and excitement. Bespoke font Shiseido2013 is used as body copy and small detailing and is like Optima in that it is a high contrasted sans with a large x-height, a large open counter and wide tone. English Towne gives the paper an air of authority, knowledge and experience that a modern font would not be able to compete with. The image of the scales works well alongside Cutive Mono to advertise attorney services. It’s a good fit for a dynamic sports logo that needs to convey energy and excitement. All rights reserved. Created by British designer Eric Gill in the 1920s, Gill Sans has been a popular choice of font for many big brands. It’s no wonder Rochester looks so stylish, as it’s inspired by the early age of Victorian calligraphy and Art Deco. MB Noir. Mont is a geometric sans serif, minimalist font consisting of 10 weights. The clean, simple layout of this sans serif quickly increased in popularity and soon it was used for many purposes. The use of black expands the contrast theme and colour is sparsely used. Helvetica is a classic sans-serif font, which was designed in the late 50s. Here are some of the terrific logos you can create with it. Logos are the representatives of companies; they have a vital role to play in developing a company’s impression. Catamaran is a versatile font that could be used on a number of different logos. Beauty - a new fresh handmade calligraphy font.Very suitable for greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!This font are perfect for wedding postcard. It’s a neutral typeface that’s reliable and unobtrusive. The dynamic Alegreya Sans SC is given the all caps treatment in this music logo design. The ‘f’ and ‘a’ were straightened, the ‘c’ widened and the separation in the letter ‘k’ was gotten rid of, all of which helped improve the aesthetic of the logo. What do you think are the best fonts for logos? Coming up with unique designs for your logo can be difficult. Despite the font not being bold in this DJ logo design, the pronounced type is easy to read against such a vivid background. Many famous logos use custom typefaces, but they are often based on fonts that are prevalent throughout many areas of graphic design. In the late 19th and early 20th century, companies like Coca-Cola and Ford were founded, and they used Spencerian Script on their logos. Create a logo for your beauty salon in just a few clicks using this easy online logo maker! Malisia will make a stunning logo that will make your blog stand out. Save. Due to this flexibility, it’s easy to see why Prompt is one of the best fonts on our list. The 50 Best Fonts for Logos in 2020. Anton is a bold, widely spaced font with an in-your-face attitude that demands attention. The high contrast theme continues with Lancôme. However, most of all, it’s their suitability for each specific brand that makes them so effective. Also using black on white as the theme. But the excitement in this logo comes in its simplicity — especially in comparison to the surrounding packaging. Fun and crafty! In this construction logo, it gives the overall design a solid foundation, which is apt for the construction theme. Let us know by tweeting us @getdesignwizard. It suggests knowledge and experience, making it well-suited to this, The dynamic Alegreya Sans SC is given the all caps treatment in this. Like a femme fatale. Fuego. This font is a simple sans font that’s bold letters make it easily distinguishable and simple to read. It’s modern style looks well beneath the image of the green cube. It looks sharp and direct in both upper and lower case, and in this design the gold really enhances its appearance. Sacramento is a pretty font that’s ideal for a fashionable, feminine logo design. Every font on this list was expertly chosen to fit each logo design. This instantly recognisable font has a unique appearance that looks magical and playful. Univers Extended is a light, clean font that Ebay included their new toned-down branding in 2012. It’s professional, yet fun at the same time, providing the ideal companion to the colourful record illustration. Avon, for example, has a very simple, sans serif font, but the clean lines and spacing communicate the clarity, beauty, and simplicity of the brand’s products. The font is best used for titles and sub-titles but not for the text body. The lettering of the company name also gives the impression of a butterfly in its flight. The Bobbi Brown logo is set in Univers Ultra Condensed and is the only brand to use narrow proportions in their logo. Fantasize, draw sketches, get wild, as even the craziest idea might be a hit. Due to its origins, it’s a fitting choice for any. 40% also use a contrasted serif or sans as a primary font and a massive 7/10 use a geometric. On this fashion logo, Mrs. Sheppards contributes to the overall upbeat, energetic vibe of the design. It’s a highly-stylised script font that hints at the publication’s rich history. It has a simple look and has been popular since the 60s. The ITC Avant Garde Gothic Standard version, a geometric and mono-linear, is used large and almost poster size creating a strong dominant feel which is not very complimentary to the logo or brand in the finesse sense. Hairline thin strokes on the version of Garamond in use depicts a sense of the highest quality. Regardless of the size or style of the text, Open Sans is easily legible in all of its forms. Whether it be their simplicity, flexibility or style, all of these fonts have a selection of exemplary traits. From wedding dresses to football matches, Michael has written about it all. The pink colour of the Open Sans font in this. Reader Bold is in the same vein as Gotham and is used in all caps for the navigation menu. The imagery in this restaurant logo is sharp and striking and has a similar look to it as Expletus Sans. It really shines on a white background, which emphasises the separations in the type. Its presence creates a sense of prestige that’s ideal for a French restaurant logo.
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