The bright white margins streak into a…, ( B. Kuk ) The hosta plants are 18"  tall and 24" wide. Leaves are dark green with…, (Walters Gardens) The hosta plants are 15" high  and 28" wide.The leaves are blue green with yellow margins and streaks…, ' (Walden-West & Hyslop) Large green hostas are 28" high by 50" wide plants. It forms a mound of blue green…, ( H. Ross ) The large hosta is 26" tall and 36" wide. Hosta Plants for Sale - Large Selection - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The best plants start here! was $10.00, Venetian Dream Hosta - medium REDUCED! The gray blue leaves are wavy and heavily rippled.…, ( Lachman ) The large hostas are 24" high and 36" across. Friends Hosta $ 6.50. It's easy to see why hostas are favorite perennials for woodland and shaded gardens. The leaves are blue green turning medium green.…, ( W. Zumbar ) The smal variegated hostas are 10" high and 16" wide high They have yellow then white centers,…, ( R. Benedict & N Krul ) The plants are  20" high and 30" wide. The leaves are…, ( P. Aden ) Crinkle hosta plants are 20" high and 30" wide. Shop 2.5-quart in pot hosta (lb029) in the perennials section of was $16.00, First Mate Hosta - small - REDUCED! Please browse my site then contact me for all of your hosta needs! $18.23. From deep blue hostas to soft powder blue hosta plants, intense blues and fragrant blues, these shade perennials are sure to delight! We carry hundreds of varieties of Hostas... tiny to gigantic... blues, greens, yellows, variegated... in all kinds of forms & shapes. was $8.00, Indigo Hosta - small - REDUCED! Hostas are shade-loving, leafy perennials very popular in the Midwest. was $9.00, Band of Gold Hosta - large - REDUCED! was $14.00, Peacock Feathers Hosta - large - REDUCED! Thick,…, ( Green Mountain Hosta ) Developed at ouyr hosta farm this plant is 8" high and 12" wide. My hosta garden has been in place for over 20 years. Grows 9-12" tall even in poor soil and is heat tolerant. Arrived in healthy condition and doing very well good specimens. Some can be fragrant. The large leaves are chartreuse…, This small, cascading hosta is perfect for edging or groundcover! was $8.00, Fair Maiden Hosta - small - REDUCED! The leaves are a soft yellow with narrow creamy…, ( M. Seaver ) The small colorful hostas are 10" high and 18" wide. Humpback Whale Hosta 20 Best Hostas for Shade Garden Areas – Humpback Whale Hosta. Back To Top. ( Van Wade ) The large gold hosta plants are 22" high by 36" wide.The foliage is bright gold with…, Like it's namesake, the American Halo Hosta is well known for its angelic appearence within a garden setting. The leaves are thick, wide veined,…, ( Naylor Creek Nursery ) The sharply contrasting colored hosta plants are 16" high by 30" wide. Spring color is bright yellow, changing to…, With a height of 6-8 inches and a spread of 12-18 inches, Baby Bunting hosta is one of the smaller…, ( E. Elslager ) The large hosta plants have 22" high foliage that will spread to 36" wide. Hostas are one of the most versatile of shade plants. Over 350 varieties from classic hostas to new introductions, miniatures hostas to giants. Extraordinary Hostas for your Extraordinary Shade Garden. Easy variety for beginners. Hostas are striking, graceful plants that thrive in shady spots and are mainly appreciated for their wonderful and graceful leaves, although the flowers are beautiful too. was $16.00, Prairie Fire Hosta - medium REDUCED! was $8.00, Bumblebee Hosta - medium REDUCED! These hostas are not commonly available, divisions are taken from our garden stock. Our 2021 Catalog will be uploaded approx mid-January. Trumpet-shaped hosta flowers will bloom from tall spikes in the summer and their flowers will last into frost. There are many varieties of hosta plants that gardeners have used for years to fill in shaded garden spots where little else will grow. Featuring broad, arching leaves expressing a wide variety of eye catching textures and unique color patterns, hostas will be the perfect addition to your shade garden. Your order is important to us, and we want you, our customer, to be completely satisfied. was $12.00, Winter Warrior Hosta - medium REDUCED! _Order-form. Masses of large, crimson-red flowers from summer to fall! Oops, there seems to be an error, please re-enter your email address. Long stretches of them are often used as borders or something like ground covers. Sometimes, when we hear of a shade plant, we get overexcited. The plant mounds have heart shaped light green foliage with…, ( L. G. Jones ) The hosta plants are 15" tall and 24" across. was $12.00, Guardian Angel Hosta - large - REDUCED! Teaspoon Hosta $ 8.00. With…, 18" high and 30" wide, the leaves of this playful medium hosta are yellow centered with wide dark blue green…, ( T. Avent ) These hostas are 10" high and 18" across.The gray green foliage has a creamy margin and they are…, ( R. Savory ) This small hosta plant is a 12" high by 20" wide clump of intense blue color. Hostas grow in full sun in their native east Asia, where the … Hostas range in size from tiny plants less than 8 inches tall to 4-foot clumps with leaves nearly 2 feet across. Hostas are very long lived under the right conditions and come in many shapes and sizes. The  wavy golden foliage is very narrow…, ( G. R. Goodwin ) Small  12"  wide mounds are 16" wide. was $14.00, American Halo Hosta - large - REDUCED! was $12.00, Regal Tot Hosta - very small - REDUCED! The foliage is bright gold, upright, heavily corrugated and…, ( R. Benedict ) Mini hosta plant is 5" high and 10" across. was $8.00, Ivory Coast Hosta - large - REDUCED! Regular price Sold out It's advised to call ahead for availability. Add to cart. Leaves are large at 12"…, ( H. Hansen ) The hosta grows 16" high and 30" across.Thes hostas have very pale delicate looking yellow foliage. The leaves of chartruese are broadly…, Hosta Guardian Angel has ruffled, heart-shaped leaves that emerge with a distinctive ivory-white center and an irregular blue-green margin. Whether you're seeking a burst of color for a darkly shaded garden, or a majestic ground cover, you'll find the perfect hosta at Spring Hill. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. I immediately put them into 2 pans with 2 inches of water and set them on the kitchen counter where they get filtered sunlight for 2 days. HOSTAS Perfect for your shade garden When it comes to listing the best plants for shade, hosta has to be at the top! Mulch with organic matter such as pine bark or pine needles to help retain moisture. Lancifolia Hosta. Needlepoint Hosta $ 19.00. was $9.00, Silver Star Hosta - medium - REDUCED! We carry hundreds of varieties of Hostas... tiny to gigantic... blues, greens, yellows, variegated... in all kinds of forms & shapes. Extraordinary Hostas for your Extraordinary Shade Garden. Add to cart. It is green centered with…, ( G. R. Goodwin ) The brightly colored hostas are 14" high by 28" wide. 90. Renowned for the amazing foliage they produce and have become a common addition for the modern garden designer. was $10.00, Cherry Tart Hosta - very small - REDUCED! Hostas range in size from tiny plants less than 8 inches tall to 4-foot clumps with leaves nearly 2 feet across. Longfield Gardens offers hosta plants for spring planting. was $9.00, Rainforest Sunrise Hosta - small - REDUCED! was $9.00, Sweet Sunshine Hosta - medium REDUCED! was $14.00, Corn Muffins Hosta - small - REDUCED was $14.00, Dark Shadows Hosta - medium - REDUCED! They are colored  chartreuse to gold through the…, ( M. Zilis ) Unusual hosta plants are 16" tall and 30" across. was $10.00, Great Lakes Gold Hosta - large - REDUCED! 1.7 out of 5 stars 2. was $12.00, Diamond Necklace Hosta - very small - REDUCED! Will buy again. Cute coloring with centers of ivory white…, (T&Z Nursery&Zillis) The 12" high by 24" wide hostas have leaves that are pure white edging on medium green centers, oval…, ( M. Zilis ) The hosta plants are 12" high and 20" across. Our blue hosta plants will give your garden true blue colors! Best Hostas for Shade in Part Sun and Part Shade 14. Sunset Customers. Add to Cart. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Thank you! was $14.00, Happy Dayz Hosta - medium - REDUCED! Browse By Price. Acid Art. $0.00 0 0 $0.00 Tropicals. Today, thousands of cultivars exist, varying widely in shape, size, color, and texture. Bam Bam Blue Hosta $ 14.00. Pale…, ( A. Scheer ) The 6" high hostas will spread to 12" wide. First Frost Hosta $ 9.75. was $14.00, Solar Flare Hosta - large - REDUCED! was $10.00, Chesterland Gold Hosta - medium - REDUCED! Find more Hostas for sale from White Flower Farm. $5.00. Hosta Plants. Hostas - No longer your grandmas hostas anymore! All hostas for sale are field-grown, adapted to garden soil, easy to grow, slug resistant, and require low maintenance. They are very dark green with…, ( E.Smith & BHHS ) Small hostas are 10" high and 18" wide. The leaves are bright white with dark green…, ( L. G. Jones ) The hostas are 16" high and 24" wide. was $9.00, Mystic Star Hosta - very small - REDUCED! In addition, to help you out with your hosta gardening, we pair every order of yours with a free planting and growing guide. Featured Plants. It has very shiny foliage and  dark green centers…, ( G. R. Goodwin ) Small hostas are 9" high and 16" across. Sale price $100.00 Sale. Your discount has been applied. Live Help. Facebook. When we say we love hostas, we really mean it! Foliage is large, thick, satiny, dark olive-green,…, ( M. Zilis-T.Toman ) Very small hosta plants at 9" high and 18" wide. was $7.00, Stormy Seas Hosta - large - REDUCED! Richmond, VA 23236. Best Soil for Hostas 10/29/2018 1:57:57 PM; Product Tags. The leaves are medium green, irregularly marginned yellow turning white…, ( M. Zillis ) At 8-!0" high and 16" wide this hosta plant has a petite pointed leaf that is light…, ( E. Elslager )The hosta plants are 20" high and 30" across.The leaves are dark green with wide irregular margins…, ( M. Zilis ) Large hosta plants are 23" high and 40" across..The golden yellow foliage is wavy and somewhat corrugatrd.…, ( J. Machen ) Small hosta plants are 12"high by 20" wide. was $12.00, Something Else Hosta - medium REDUCED! was $9.00, Click here for instructions on enabling javascript in your browser, Buy from 100s of Hosta Varieties Online | Green Mountain Hosta. The leaves are…, ( R. Solberg ) Unusual hosta plant is 10" high  by 12" wide. Modern Hostas are the most popular perennial for the shade garden as well as for some sunnier locations. 2021 Open House Weekends Saturday, May 29th (9 am – 3 pm), Sunday, May 30th (9 am – 3 pm) and … Hostas can be divided in early spring, larger clumps can become congested, and in pots they will exhaust the potting mix. We are one of the largest hosta suppliers in the Midwest. Welcome to Jack’s Hostas, located in Cedarburg, WI. The leaves are medium gold to…, ( D. & J. was $16.00, Jetstream Hosta - large - REDUCED! Buy It Now. We carry a variety of Hosta Plantain Lilies that ship in the spring. They were packed well in moist shavings, all 10 hostas already had 2-3 buds started on each bare root cluster. Free delivery on orders over £75.00. was $10.00, Minutini Hosta - very small - REDUCED! Parker Creek Farms is an online mail order hosta farm located in rural River Falls, Wisconsin on beautiful Parker Creek, a tributary to the Kinnickinnic River. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. They have an intense blue green color, broadly…, ( G.R. Their soil must be moist, fertile and well drained. Forms an impressive clump. The right tools make gardening a pleasure. Cedarburg, WI 53012-1451 USA (262) 375-0617 | Cell: (262) 385-0180 Email: Directions Search. Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. These versatile perennials also make great ground cover. The mound is deep blue, thick and…, ( D. & M. Beilstein ) The large hosta plants are  22" high and 36" wide. Item #: O-ABIQD. Did you know that blue is the rarest color in a garden? Thank you for visiting. was $9.00, Mad About Blue Hosta - medium REDUCED! was $14.00, Pewterware Hosta - very small REDUCED! Here's what some of our customers had to share. America's most popular perennial, the hardy hosta is known for its broad, textured foliage that comes in hundreds of colour combinations. Subscribe. Hosta varieties hail from China & Japan and are great for ground cover in your home landscape. was $14.00, Hush Puppie Hosta - very small REDUCED! Leaves come in a wide choice of shapes and textures, and may be solid or variegated in shades of green, white, yellow, cream and even blue. $ 6.99. was $8.00, Shade Parade Hosta - very small REDUCED! Starting at $11.50 for 2 Plant s. was $12.00, Midas Touch Hosta - medium REDUCED! Order with complete confidence. Thank You! Shop Hosta Plants. See our special link- HOSTAS ON SALE!. We have received your request. Item #: O-AUG. $6.00. The leaves are light gray blue then turn gray…, ( J. Hadrava ) Large bright golden foliage hosta plant is 26" tall and 36" wide. Honeybells Hosta. was $12.00, Frosty Morn Hosta - medium - REDUCED! was $8.00, Slim and Trim Hosta - mini - REDUCED! Specialist Hostas plants supplier, offering mail order plants grown at our nursery in the New Forest, UK. was $10.00, Stiletto Hosta - small REDUCED! Close X. How to take care of hosta plants. $20.00. (651)208-0304. Buy Hostas direct from the grower / breeder...Best Hosta Nursery in the US. Skip to main Deliverance Hosta $ 8.50. These shade loving perennials have decorative foliage and summer flowers. It has bright golden foliage that is broadly ovate,…, ( M. Zilis ) The medium size hosta plants are 18" wide and 30" across. Starting at $8.00 for 1 Plant. We have hundreds of hosta varieties on sale. was $10.00, Grecian Vase Hosta - medium - REDUCED! Hostas are gorgeous, shade-tolerant plants that will bring any shaded garden area to life. The blue green leaves start soft becoming more of a…, ( R. Solberg ) The large hostas are 24" high and 36" wide. Acid Art. Welcome to Jack’s Hostas, located in Cedarburg, WI. Find more Hostas for sale from White Flower Farm. was $12.00, My Friend Nancy Hosta - medium REDUCED! 1 for $24.99. Eden Brothers offers the highest quality hostas for the lowest prices anywhere. Hostas. Buy Hostas Perennial Flowers & Plants and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! April 28, 2018. They have light gold leaves that are narrow and…, ( E. Elslager ) The medium size gold hostas are 20" high by 36" wide. The plants form mounds of…, ( T. Avent ) The large hosta plants are 22 " high by 38" wide. Touch the products for details or to Buy In Store. 104 sold. (Call me at 262-375-0617 for an appointment.) Our 2020 shipping season has ended. We are one of the largest hosta suppliers in the Midwest. All available from Add to cart. One of our most popular perennials for shade, hostas from Spring Hill add texture and colorful foliage to your perennial garden. Shop. was $10.00, Pin Up Girl Hosta - large - REDUCED! Hostas Diseases June 11, 2018. … was $16.00, Inkwell Hosta - very small - REDUCED! Garden Goods Direct offers several varieties of shade-loving Hostas for sale: The dark green Blue Angel This hosta has leaves of blue gray with deep purple…, ( D. Dean ) The small hostas are 10" high and 16" wide. $ 11.99. Find a wide selection of Hostas for sale online from the experts at Terra Ceia Farms! Featuring broad, arching leaves expressing a wide variety of eye catching textures and unique color patterns, hostas will be the perfect addition to your shade garden. was $7.00, English Sunrise Hosta - small REDUCED! was $10.00, Rosedale Golden Goose Hosta - large REDUCED! Hosta Small Leaf. The leaves are blue grayand  thick with arching…, ( Aomori Prefecture ) The spiked hostas are 18"  high and 30" wide. Leaves are medium…, ( H. Hansen ) This hosta plant is 20" high and spreads to 36" wide. was $10.00, City Lights Hosta - large REDUCED! Our 2020 shipping season has ended. Dive in and explore our hostas. Add to Cart. Ward ) Nice and bright hosta plant is 24" high by 36" wide. was $14.00, Little Sunspot Hosta - very small - REDUCED! We are currently booked for the 2020 season, and as of May 26th we are unable to accept any more orders. At your service, was $14.00, Warwick Comet Hosta - medium - REDUCED! was $16.00, Key Lime Pie Hosta - large - REDUCED! Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd. Leaves come in a wide choice of shapes and textures, and may be solid or variegated in shades of green, white, yellow, cream and even blue. This is an upright hosta…, ( Zilis ) The large hostas are 28" high and 36" wide. Hostas have traditionally been plants for damp and shady places where they thrive however there are varieties, which are suitable for most locations. Terra Ceia Farms carries all the plants and flower bulbs that you will need year round. The plants are deep blue and are heart shaped.…, ( K. Vaughn ) Impressive vase shaped hosta is 26" high and 36" across. The Hosta By The Handful that are not named and are shipped as bare-roots. These perennials come in a wide variety of sizes, leaf shapes, colors and textures. Read our Blog post on Our Favorite Blue Hostas. Fast shipping. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Slugs, snails, deer, and rabbits like hosta almost as people do so use appropriate measures to keep these unwelcome guests at bay. ABOUT. Starting at $11.50 for 3 Plant s. Catherine Hosta Small Leaf. was $14.00, Deja Blu Hosta - small - REDUCED! We select and ship only the finest quality bulbs, plants, and trees. Hostas for Sale Online - Greenwood Nursery. Hosta varieties hail from China & Japan and are great for ground cover in your home landscape. The leaves are a dark green centered…, ( M. Chastain ) These hosta plants are 18" high and 30" across. was $12.00, White Dove Hosta - very small - REDUCED! Come see over 1000 hostas in one place! The hosta plant mounds are…, ( Owens ) This large leaf hosta plant is 26" high by 40" wide. We deliver hosta plants that are strong and robust, bursting with energy and ready to plant in your Fall garden. Great New Hostas Wholesale and Retail . The beautiful golden foliage is…, (  N. R. ) Vase shaped hosta plant is 18"  high and 30" wide. The Hostas in our range have various types of leaf and have different flowering times so it’s definitely worth saving a spot in the garden to plant several varieties of Hostas. was $16.00, Lakeside Tee Ki Hosta - very small REDUCED! Buying from East Yorkshire Hostas. Robust & Ready To Flourish. was $8.00, Woolly Mammoth Hosta - large - REDUCED! Originating from China and Japan, Hostas are one of the best perennials for shade in the garden, grown in either pots, containers or borders. The leaves…, ( G. Harshbarger ) The hosta plant is 22" high and 36" across. Early Emerging Fast Growth Rate Ground Cover Hostas Hosta-of-the-Year Collection Slug Resistant Hosta Small and Mini Sun Tolerant Hosta. Many varieties of hosta plants are also fragrant blooming and heat tolerant. Hostas for Sale from the Best Hosta Nursery in Vermont - Green Mountain Hosta. 5 bids +$7.00 shipping. was $9.00 SOLD OUT, Fantabulous Hosta - medium REDUCED! These super-easy perennials are so collectible because they come in a seemingly unlimited selection of colors, heights, and textures. Thick, rich foliage that thrives in shade. 1st and Ten Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container . They should be positioned in semi to full shade as it is ideal for them. They form mounds of deep blue…, ( M. Zilis ) The glossy hostas are 20" high and 24" wide. Add to cart. ... > Hosta Plants. Thi hosta is an intense blue…, ( R. Benedict ) The 16" high by 30" wide hosta plants have foliage that is dark green, rippled and shiny with…, ( Aden & Klehm ) The !9" high by 32" wide hosta plants have leaves  leaves that are chartreuse with wide margins…, ( D. Savory ) The 19" high by 30" wide hostas have foliage that is golden, heavily corrugated, slightly wavy…, ( G. Kamp) The 21" high hosta plants will spread to 36" wide. Hostas are easily grown and with minimal care can flourish in the shade garden. was $12.00, Blue Flame Hosta - medium - REDUCED was $14.00, Blue River Hosta - large - REDUCED! All Perennial Hostas are currently available for online sale at savings up to 50% off the regular price. Hostas: Hosta plants for sale from UK garden shops. Easy to grow Humpback Whale has large blue-green corrugated leaves. was $10.00, Bitsy Gold Hosta - very small - REDUCED ! Leaves…, ( M. Zilis ) The large hosta plants are 22" high and 30" across. Supplies are limited! was $10.00, Lakeside Baby Face Hosta - very small REDUCED! was $12.00, Moonstruck Hosta - small - REDUCED! Spring Hill respects your privacy. 7 Live Bare Root Ready to Plant Hosta Plants Green and White Variegated Hostas. your own Pins on Pinterest Add to cart. Add to Cart. Perfect for container planting with its full, well-branched, green foliage. Jack’s Hostas Jack Barta W59 N910 Sheboygan Rd. $19.99. The leaves are…, ( D. Savory ) The large hostas are 24" high and  36" wide. The foliage is chartreuse changing to bright…, ( Ward ) The floppy giant hosta is 34" high and 50" across. The plants have centers of gold turning to…, ( H. & D. Benedict ) The small hostas are 9" high and 14" wide. Free shipping. RHS Chelsea gold medal winning Hostas nursery. Purchase these Hosta by the bushel bulbs in bulk for your garden! The Hosta's…, Ann Kulpa Hosta - This striking medium size hosta is 19" high by 36" wide. was $8.00, Summer Squall Hosta - small REDUCED! Website by Web-tactics, inc. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. was $12.00, Bridegroom Hosta - medium - REDUCED! The hybrid hosta plant will grow up to 2 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide at full maturity. Dig and divide the plants every three to five years in the early spring just as the plants are putting out new growth. Color Festival Hosta Medium Leaf. The leaves are creamy yellow with wide…, ( Smith & Ruh ) The giant hosta plants are 36" high and 50-60" wide. Refine by No filters applied Browse by & Other Hide Filters Show Filters Other Is Featured (12) In Stock (169) Sort By: Quick view Compare Add to Cart. was $14.00, Blazing Saddles Hosta - large - REDUCED! Try Prime. Modern Hostas are the most popular perennial for the shade garden as well as for some sunnier locatio The Kinsey Family Farm plant nursery has an assortment of perennial hosta plants and other perennials available for sale. Available in 3-packs Bloom-White Current Sales!! Growing Hostas. Hosta plants are available for sale from the following nurseries Parker Creek Farms, hostas for sale, Rural River Falls, WI. 2021 Open House Weekends Saturday, May 29th (9 am – 3 pm), Sunday, May 30th (9 am – 3 pm) and … The leaves are blue green with wide gold margins…, ( A. Malloy ) The small hosta plants are 9" high and 16" wide. 800-250-3411 No pruning is needed but you can … Home. was $9.00, Tidewater Hosta - large REDUCED! was $14.00, Shade Finale Hosta - small REDUCED! Hosta plants on sale. Dinky Donna Hosta $ 12.00. Hostas arrived all 10 of them within 48 hours of shipping. was $16.00, Sunshine Glory Hosta - large REDUCED! Add to Cart. Notify when Available. The foliage is a gigantic green. was $9.00, Sea Angel Wings Hosta - small - REDUCED! Call 802-348-6368. Choosing hostas with variegated or golden green foliage is a great way to lighten a shady spot in the garden. The leaves are dark green with…, ( H. Hansen ) This interestingly colored hosta is 20" high and 30" wide. 533 Courthouse Road. Hostas are not actually shade “loving”; they are shade “tolerant.” It’s semantics, but the crucial detail is that they need more sun than we think. Gip's Garden Store. Hosta 'Elatior' £9.00. The hostas are deep blue, cupped, thick…, ( M. Chastain ) Very small hostas are 8" high and 16" across. How to Divide and Transplant Hosta April 28, 2018. A wonderful all green giant variety. Best Sellers. Eden Brothers offers the highest quality hostas for the lowest prices anywhere. Currently the only way to purchase my plants, is via the Online shop here on this website. Click here for instructions on enabling javascript in your browser. Browse hostas from UK shops. Hostas (Hosta spp.) Over 1,000 Hosta Varieties! Bressingham Blue Hosta Large Leaf. Hostas are addictive! Hosta Abby is a fast growing small hosta with blue leaves and a yellow blue edge. Most, however, share similar broad leaves and rounded growing habits. They don’t require a lot of acid in the soil, but they don’t like strong sun. The  leaves are thick, rich yellow…, ( M. Zilis ) The hostas are 18" high and 30" wide. The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled stores is based on PHP5 with SQL database with highly configurable implementation based on templates (Call me at 262-375-0617 for an appointment.) Lavender…, The Hosta Rainforest Sunrise features lush green leaves in spring that swiftly gain radiant gold centers with streaky dark green…, ( M. Zilis ) Small hosta plants are 9" tall and 12 wide. Add to cart. was $16.00, Diamond Tiara Hosta - small - REDUCED! The foliage is bright gold, with heavy corrugation,…, ( Zilis ) The small hostas are 8" high and 12" wide. Create your own hosta plant garden in your shaded landscape. Guacamole Hosta. was $12.00, Yesterdays Memories Hosta - medium REDUCED! Give us a call! These hostas are heavily corrugated and golden colored. Add to cart. was $9.00, Leather Strap Hosta - small - REDUCED! They do flower, however it is usually the foliage that they are grown for. (17 items) One of our most popular perennials for shade, hostas from Spring Hill add texture and colorful foliage to your perennial garden. Not sure what it is? was $9.00, Maple Leaf Hosta - large - REDUCED! The leaves are bright gold, ovate shaped, deeply…, ( M. Chastain ) These small hostas are 8" high and 12" across. They have green leaves with bright white…, ( G. R. Goodwin ) The white edge hostas are 19" high and 30" across. was $8.00, Shazaam Hosta - medium REDUCED! Ice Prancer Hosta $ 7.00. The shiny foliage  has yellow margins with a dark…, ( E. Minks ) The large hosta plants are 24" high and spred up to 40" wide. was $10.00, Sherborne Swift Hosta - very small - REDUCED! With their amazing colors, sizes, textures and flowering habits, hostas are absolutely indispensable in the garden as well as in planters and rock gardens. The plants will be sent as bare root specimens by first class post following your purchase. You will be notified when this product is in stock. The leaves are glaucous blue with…, ( G. Harshbarger ) The large hosta plants are 22" tall, the bright gold foliage is heavily corrugated with a large mound…, ( M. Zilis )  15" tall by 30" wide hostas are soft blue turning blue green.
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