This has helped me greatly with shooting video remotely. Thanks! the t.bone MB 88U Plus. It would be great if there was an add on adapter to power the unit with a MicroUSB supply – maybe another door with a port on it rather than the battery. With headphones, tracking is a lot smoother. Mit einem guten Handrecorder kann das iRig klanglich nicht mithalten, aber letztendlich ist es ja auch keine Alternative zu einem Handrecorder, sondern zum Mikrofon des Mobiltelefons und verglichen damit ist das iRig um Welten besser. Thomann USB C OTG Adapter. Ask us how we know… (They weren't all reassembled.) You can hear the increased volume of the background noise on the comparison recording. The iRig Pre eliminates all that bulky equipment and allows me to connect my XLR type microphones to my devices. The LG G7 that is my main phone has the main speaker in a location which is good for holding the iRig in place. So I decided to put it through it’s paces and see just how good it is. The recordings demonstrate that in quiet environments the IK iRig Mic Video microphone has a very high S/N and there is virtually no hiss. Zum Aufnehmen von Audio und Video liefert IK Multimedia die Software iRig Recorder mit. Along with this mic, IK Multimedia offer free and paid versions of Vocalive and iRig Recorder which you can use with the built-in mic or any compatible microphone. Source: The sample of this product was provided by IK Multimedia. Aber wie viel taugt das iRig? Für wenig Geld verspricht IK ein Audio-Video Gesamtpaket, an das man nur noch an das eigene Handy anschließen muss. Power: USB powered. Although the directions do not explicitly warn against the practice, I avoided mounting and dismounting the mic by holding the shotgun barrel. This option would seem to produce the clearest and cleanest audio. Am an old (66) Newton boy myself, long since displaced to the NW coast off Vancouver! The presentation is very nice. The LED is mounted on the top of the iRig so that it is observable by the camera subject and that way great audio recordings can be made by the subject themselves. 229 € 259 € 1 . So I decided to put it through it's paces and see just how good it is. A 3.5mm audio port permits direct monitoring of the detected sound and a manual gain adjustment ensures the correct amount of amplification is used. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. REVIEW – Today’s mobile phones and cameras come with lenses that are capable of superb zoom for taking videos but the audio can become lost in background noise or poor signal to the microphone. 239 € 349,99 € 10 . The mic is compact, however the audio quality it reports to have in their demo video is when you record through their app; which isn’t updated and is difficult to use with your favorite recording program. You can get a real sense of direction from these recordings. 16.12.2015. The IK iRig Mic Video digital shotgun microphone aims to solve these problems. dedicated audio out monitor for devices without a headphone jack, dedicated external battery power option (in addition to 3v battery). 48 € DPA 4097 Interview Kit. Fortunately, most anyone who buys this will have between 10 and 20 spares of this type of cable sitting around. Um Kratzer muss man sich dabei keine Sorgen machen, da die Kontaktseite gummiert ist. Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog Session. Leider verdeckt die Handyklemme den Gain-Regler, sodass zum bedienen das Mikrofon abgenommen werden muss. We’re now moving into a world of port ubiquity, so the HD 2’s headphone jack may come as a welcome sign to audiophiles, and volume control is a handy addition as well. Das Eigenrauschen ist auch auf höchster Gain-Stufe recht gering und das Frequenzspektrum scheint komplett abgebildet zu werden. Kurzum: Gar nicht schlecht. The mic modeling is awesome, until you try to use it. These include a wide range of music apps for audio processing, sing-along and recording - for both professional music creation or personal entertainment - video, multimedia and gaming apps, plus thousands more. The iRig Mic is a condenser electret microphone, with a nice, solid metal shell and grille, and built-in windshield. Das iRig Mic HD ist der Nachfolger von IKS iRig Mic, und es ist ein Handheld-Digitalkondensatormikrofon, das direkt auf Ihrem iOS-Gerät, Mac oder PC verbindet. The recording software processes the recorded audio and sends it back to the iRig. Atmo-Recordings selbst planen und durchführen: So gelingt die Aufnahme eigener Atmos ohne Frust und Fehler! Aber keine Angst: Das iRig ist für alle Eventualitäten gerüstet und kommt mit Anschlusskabeln für Android (USB-C und Micro-USB), iOS (Lightning) und einem Mini-Klinken-Spiralkabel zum Anschluss des Mikrofons an eine Kamera. This is an audio recording of speaking behind the microphone – notice the echoey and distant tone. Three strong magnets under the foam bind the microphone to the steel plates or another compatible magnet. it really accentuates the image of the mic. Crystal clear audio for video From news-worthy broadcasts to ensemble performances and everything in between, your videos will take center s... iRig Mic Video by IK Multimedia - Reviews Login / Register I can even use the iRig to connect better mics when live streaming with my Mevo.
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