It’s still open today — and is the last lodge on this high­way open all win­ter — and still serves out­doors peo­ple of all kinds. The Denali Highway is a scenic, 133 mile/214 km route that connects the Richardson Highway with Denali National Park and Preserve. Stop and enjoy the panoram­ic view of the Alas­ka Range and the Maclaren Riv­er. Clos­er exam­i­na­tion reveals indi­vid­ual ice and peat lay­ers typ­i­cal of a pal­sa. Several campsites have views of the Alaska Range and Denali. It is the north­ern­most active vol­cano on the Pacif­ic Rim. There’s infor­ma­tion about earth­quakes and a schemat­ic iden­ti­fy­ing the peaks in the Alas­ka Range. Look for more eskers along the high­way; they are some of North Amer­i­ca’s best exam­ples of this type of glacial feature. Free personal GPS–driven travel guide to Alaska. Because of the gravel, you'll need a rental car that allows you to drive here, like Alaska 4x4 Rentals and Alaska Auto Rental. Click on the webcam image below for a larger view. MP 30 trail through bog­gy areas to Glac­i­er Gap Lake, If you’re hik­ing this trail to the glac­i­er across the val­ley, it’s high­ly rec­om­mend­ed that you not only take repel­lent for all kinds of crit­ters, but that you also have a mos­qui­to net with you. Because this trail is in the Depart­ment of Fish and Game’s Con­trolled Use Area, you must stay on the trails pro­vid­ed and not con­tin­ue on where the trail ends. The Gulka­na Glac­i­er, seen from this point, was formed from the buildup of snow­fields high in the Alas­ka Range. MP 13 Wrangell Moun­tains are 78 air miles to the south­east from here. This trail goes north to the north­ern end of Swede Lake. The scenery is superb with canyon,… Be aware that there is no park­ing spot. The road also comes right down to the riv­er in a few spots. Warm­ing cli­mate is caus­ing increas­ing­ly rapid and more pro­found changes in north­ern land­scapes, as shown by ever more com­mon thermokarst holes and lakes. Alpine Creek Lodge Weather Cam. The webcam is available each year during the time that there are puppies. Depending on when you drive the Denali Highway, you may see only a few dozen cars the entire length of the road. For up-to-date information about highway construction, visit Alaska Navigator. Mile Post 82.2 Denali Highway, Alaska Formerly Gracious House Lodge. Matanuska Valley - Southcentral Alaska, webcam near Palmer looking east. This trail can be accessed via the Swede Lake Trail. McKinley) Views On Denali Hwy MP 124, Rock Creek (MP 22.5), in the heart of the. Forecast models ECMWF, GFS, NAM and โ€ฆ Weather Station 42 mile Denali Highway. Provides up to the minute traffic and transit information for Alaska.  ...more, MP 22.5 glacial cut in the moun­tains formed over 10,000 years ago. McGrath - Western Alaska, on Kuskokwim River, view of airport loading area. Looking back on this trip I would have turned it into a 3 day trip spending more time hiking around, fishing, and checking out different โ€ฆ The road is mostly gravel (max speed varies from 35 – 55 mph depending on surface conditions), and winter conditions close the road every year from October through mid-May. The trail is most­ly tundra. MP 21.5 the Delta Riv­er, includ­ing Tan­gle Lakes to Richard­son High­way (MP 212), is an out­stand­ing riv­er to float…, The Delta Riv­er, includ­ing Tan­gle Lakes to mile 212 on the Richard­son High­way, is an out­stand­ing riv­er to float, although there is a set of falls to portage around. You are on vacation and we want to make it easy! MP 6.5 views of the Alas­ka Range, which spans 650 miles. A glac­i­er stream cut through the moraine cre­at­ing Crazy Notch. If you’re up for it, you can also take a dip and a bath in the riv­er, but you won’t stay in for more than a few sec­onds at a time! MP 16 trail to Swede Lake, often wet trail. A pal­sa is a small dome-like frost mound, usu­al­ly 10 to 20 feet high, con­tain­ing peat. 24 Hour Time Lapse of Previous Day. For current highway โ€ฆ MP 37 spec­tac­u­lar views of the Alas­ka Range. Even with There are. This guide covers the highlights. Except after heavy rain­fall, you can side­step the marshy area with­out get­ting your feet wet. Contact. McKinley Park - On Parks Highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks at Denali National Park. Sheldon Air Service is locally owned โ€ฆ The Denali highway was first opened to travel in 1957 after being built in several stages to get supplies to the Maclaren River and Susitna river for the bridge construction from both ends. MP 41.5 sev­er­al small lakes, called ket­tles, formed by glaciers. Some of the dens­est con­cen­tra­tions of archae­o­log­i­cal resources in the North Amer­i­can sub­arc­tic can be found here and the area is list­ed on the Nation­al Reg­is­ter of His­toric Places. The gap was a cari­bou migra­tion route and a favorite Indi­an hunt­ing area in cen­turies past. The Weather Camera Program Office is pleased to announce the availability of the new Weather Cams web site for public testing and feedback. These elon­gat­ed mounds were left after the glac­i­er melt­ed away. There are more than 500 archae­o­log­i­cal sites in the Tan­gle Lakes Dis­trict indi­cat­ing that ancient peo­ple lived in this area for at least 10,000 years. The Alaska Railroad is your transportation method. These lakes are sum­mer home to a great vari­ety of water­fowl. Denali Web Cam; Webcam. This is a des­ig­nat­ed put-in for the 30-mile-long Delta Nation­al Wild and Scenic Riv­er float trip. Weather data updates every 30 minutes on a โ€ฆ Check out the webcam up at K'esugi Ken! Approx­i­mate­ly 80 per­cent of its 20,320’ ele­va­tion ris­es above the sur­round­ing land­scape, mak­ing its base-to-sum­mit rise greater than that of Mount Everest. At the begin­ning of this trail there is a mud­dy area. To view current webcam photos of highways visit The Alaska Department of Transportation. Rent a car and travel independently on a set itinerary, with lodging and tours booked in advance. The mountains and glaciers of the Alaska Range form a majestic backdrop, with miles of rolling tundra punctuated by shallow lakes in between. Book entire boat for your family or group, or opt to bunk with other guests. Check weather forecasts before leaving home, and remember that it becomes cooler and often more prone to storms at โ€ฆ Yukon. To see current webcam photos of Whitehorse visit yukoninfo. Our Denali Cam is physically located at Freedom Hills B&B here in Talkeetna, because of their perfect location for views of Denali. Many rental car companies will prohibit driving the Denali Highway, but a number of companies do allow travelers to take their cars on this road. We are located 4 hours north of Anchorage and 2 ½ hours south of Fairbanks. There are pullouts every couple miles, sufficiently large and flat even for 30+ foot RV’s. It is usu­al­ly a very wet trail so water­boots are usu­al­ly recommended. Because of this power source, the camera is summer-only. Live Web/Weather Camera Denali Highway - Alpine Creek Lodge Current Weather and Updated Images of the Denali Highway. *Please note: Due to the nature of their environments (actually Mother Nature) and unforeseen โ€ฆ โ€ฆ MP 24.6 easy 3 mile hike to Land­mark Gap Lake, This trail extends approx­i­mate­ly 3 miles to the south end of Land­mark Gap Lake. Melt­ing ice lens­es in per­mafrost cre­ate sink­holes like this one, which can under­mine roads, foun­da­tions, and whole vil­lages. The new Weather Cams website represents the next generation of our legacy web site which incorporates camera images and weather information, along with additional data sets (where โ€ฆ McKinley Park - On Parks Highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks at Denali National Park. Trips available from Whittier, Homer, Seward, Juneau, and Sitka. Anchorage Webcams. Which one is right for you? Box 115526 1255 W. 8th Street Juneau, AK 99811-5526 Office Locations The highway begins at Paxson Junction (mile 177/km 285 on the Richardson Highway) and ends at Cantwell Junction where it merges with the Parks Highway.It is only 28 miles from this point to the Denali โ€ฆ Camp or stay in a lodge room and indulge in the nat­ur­al beau­ty sur­round­ing you. This trail trav­els south then branch­es into two. We'll match you with a local itinerary expert to help you plan your trip. Watch brown bears fish for dinner with their cubs in Katmai National Park, catch a sunset over Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay National Park, and maybe even catch an adorable moment of sled dog puppy play - all from the โ€ฆ Keep in mind, Denali is 60 miles from Talkeetna, and when the webcam view is cloudy the mountains may be in the clear. Much of the bridge construction was accomplished during the winter on the ice. From here you can see spec­tac­u­lar views of the Alas­ka Range, MacLaren Glac­i­er and the MacLaren Riv­er. This trail has fan­tas­tic views. Alaska Volcano Webcams. To the north is one of the state’s great­est moun­tain ranges, the Alas­ka Range. Mount Hayes (13,832’) and the Maclaren Riv­er and Glac­i­er are dom­i­nant fea­tures, but Auro­ra Peak, Mount Shand and Mount Geist may also be seen. We like to stop here, pull out a camp chair, and cool off our tired feet in the chilly water. It cross­es glacial eskers and is fair­ly dry. South Klondike #7 Atlin Road #3 Haines Road #8 Tagish Road #4 Robert Campbell #37 Stewart Cassiar ... Schwatka Lake Webcam. The timing changes from year to year depending on when a litter is born; which could mean โ€ฆ Park researchers studying air quality operate a visibility webcam looking toward Denali from Wonder Lake, about 85 miles from the park entrance. When the Denali Highway opened in 1957, it was the only road link to Denali National Park and Preserve (then Mount McKinley National Park) until the completion of the Parks Highway in 1972. A 34-mile power extension along the Parks Highway was also part of this project that brought electricity to the RV campsites. We are a remote Alaskan lodge located at mile 68 of the Denali Highway, and we are open y ear round for you! The Maclaren weather cam updates every hour generally from 7am to 8pm depending on time of year and day light available. View the real time traffic map with travel times, traffic accident details, traffic cameras and other road conditions. Our partners at Denali Overlook Inn host a live webcam feed of Denali. The landscape photography opportunities are endless. Denali on a Clear Day. Alaska is a huge state, the largest state in the United States by area. The most intimate multi-day cruise option. Before the Parks Highway was completed in the early 1970s, the Denali Highway was the only road access to Denali National Park. Take a look for a sample of the stunning mountain views we offer on our flightseeing tours! Take a detour down a short side-road which leads you to a park­ing area with inter­pre­tive signs. Alaska Railroad: Adventure Class or Goldstar Dome Car Service? Feel free to call us with any questions about the weather and lodging when you come here to play in the great Alaskan outdoors! This BLM way­side is for day-use only (no camp­ing) and is equipped with a pic­nic area and toi­lets. Denali and there is an abundance of wildlife, especially moose. We have an HD weather cam that uploads an updated image every 5 minutes. The glac­i­er deposit­ed a buildup of rocks on either side cre­at­ing a lat­er­al moraine. The Denali Highway is certainly one of the most spectacular drives in the world. Boutique, small ship adventure cruises in Alaska's Inside Passage, Cruises depart from Whittier, a 1 hr drive from Anchorage. Email: [email protected] Direct Line: (907) 733-2218. The true nature of the Alaska wilderness still surrounds us. The final link was between these two rivers. It's winter in Cantwell.  We have a base of 8 inches of snow.  Not yet enough for snow machining in the backcountry, but enough to snow machine and ski on the Denali Highway.  The Denali Highway is now closed and at this time of the year it becomes a snow machine and dog mushing highway.  Come explore the wild and scenic Alaskan Range.  Please feel free to contact us about our lodge, or fun things to do in the area. MP 16 more than 500 archae­o­log­i­cal sites. If you’re into hiking, biking, fishing, 4-wheeling, or photography, you can create a 4-7 day wilderness experience without the expense of a fly-in. SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. See Alaska's highlights by railroad or motorcoach in a group of up to 50, Travel in small groups, stay at exclusive wilderness lodges, and spend more time outdoors, All-inclusive multi-day vacation packages at a remote wilderness lodge, Travel with a professional photographer to the best photo locations around the state, Trips range from backpacking, rafting, to upscale remote lodge retreats, Cruises depart Juneau or Sitka. Glacier Bay Webcams. Sev­er­al peaks in view have ele­va­tions greater than 12,000 feet. Mountain Village - Western Alaska, on the Yukon River not far above the Yukon Delta You can drive the highway in a day, but we recommend at least one overnight. Maclaren Summit, the second highest highway pass in the state, represents the only significant grade on the highway. Highlights plus less visited destinations. MP 41 A pal­sa is a small dome-like frost mound. The classic Alaska Cruise, offered by such companies as Holland America, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. Rub­ber boots are recommended. Since Alaska has a multicultural population, having about 15% of American Indians and Alaska natives, in 2014 the stateโ€™s governor recognised 20 indigenous languages as official languages. It par­al­lels the Mid­dle Fork of Gulka­na Riv­er and can be extreme­ly wet. Come here when you want to know the current weather and for winter snow and trail conditions. Let us simplify it for you, How much does an Alaska summer vacation cost? The lodge is at the intersection of the Parks Highway and the Denali Highway. Pax­son Junc­tion (pop. MP 59 you are dri­ving on an esker, a ridge of silt, sand, and gravel. Cantwell offers spectacular views of Mt. Weather radar, wind and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors and anyone else. There are moose and cari­bou in the area, many hunters use this as a base camp dur­ing the fall hunt­ing season. The Nelchi­na cari­bou herd still migrates through this area. The Wrangell Moun­tains are about 78 air miles to the south­east. Discover the optimal month due to daylight, temperature, and rain. Yukon-Charley Rivers Webcams. MacLaren Sum­mit. Denali on a Clear Day. (And fol­low the high road where the trail splits.) (4,086 ft) This is the sec­ond high­est high­way pass on the Alas­ka road sys­tem. METAR, TAF and NOTAMs for any airport in the World. The Schwatka Lake webcam operates from 8:00am โ€“ 5:00pm Monday โ€“ Friday. True โ€œNo-worriesโ€ Flying. Twitter Link to Twitter in new window. The Nenana Glac­i­er feeds this… Car, train, or group tour. Alaska Webcams Anchorage Denali dzaki 2019-02-20T06:16:35-09:00. The life-size bear sculpture outside the entrance to the Denali Visitor Center is an enlargement of an original eight-inch bronze entitled โ€œResting Grizzlyโ€ (1974) by William D. โ€œBillโ€ Berry (1926-1979), an Alaskan wildlife artist who worked extensively in Denali from 1954 to 1979. Use our calculator to find out, Stay casual, dress in layers, and get proper footwear, Guides to the best locations around the state to view wildlife. 2-5 day small ship explorations. Pax­son built a larg­er road­house at mile 191 adding a barn with two sleep­ing rooms and a bath. This BLM-main­tained camp­ground sits amid the Tan­gle Lakes, a series of long, nar­row lakes. Much of the route lies above timberline, so the vistas go on forever. Before the Parks Highway was completed in the early 1970s, the Denali Highway was the only road access to Denali National Park. But you can camp anywhere along the highway. We rented an RV with the stipulations that as long as the highway was named and had an official state highway number assigned to it the Rv could be driven down it. North America United States Alaska Denali National Park Denali โ€“ Alaska Railroad Depot Denali โ€“ Alaska Railroad Depot Webcam Streaming live view of the Denali โ€“ Alaska Railroad Depot webcam. Choose a round-trip Inside passage or one-way Gulf of Alaska Cruise. Borealis Webcam Multiview. For current road conditions, visit Yukon 511. The Denali Highway stretches 135 miles from Paxson to Cantwell, connecting the Richardson and Parks highways. The Denali Highway Christmas tree - decorated with things found along the road Clearwater Mountain Lodge. List of traffic cameras and their live feeds. Land­mark Gap is a glacial­ly scoured cut in the moun­tains that formed dur­ing an Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago. We are an official 2020 Denali National Park Concessionaire Locally Owned and Operated. The trail is rocky and dry with one marshy spot. The best source for current weather conditions in Cantwell, Denali Park, and the Denali Highway. Sign-up for any of the following email series to help plan your Alaska trip. So, please call our office anytime to get a weather report, and weโ€™ll give you an up-to-the-minute briefing based on our conversations with pilots in the air, โ€ฆ You are dri­ving on an esker, a ridge of silt, sand, grav­el and cob­bles that were car­ried and deposit­ed by a stream that flowed with­in a glac­i­er between two walls of ice. The stateโ€™s ferry system (Alaska Marine Highway) is well developed to compensate the great distances across the territory. Denali Webcam. (However, the wildlife photography isn’t great, because the area is hunted heavily in the fall.). Lodge Location. The best source for current weather conditions in Cantwell, Denali Park, and the Denali Highway. The moun­tain peaks vis­i­ble through the gap are McGin­nis Peak (11,400’) and Mount Mof­fit (13,020’). Focus on Denali & Kenai Fjords. Press the refresh button on your browser every minute or so to see the latest images. Camping. Cantwell Weather Forecasts. Moreover, many of these cameras provide for some absolutely stunning views of Alaska - at โ€ฆ The sur­face is wide and well-devel­oped, because it’s a 4‑wheeler trail. MP 16 trail accessed via the Swede Lake Trail. Visit September to April to see the Northern Lights, Best Northern Lights Viewing Spots Near Anchorage, How to Travel to Alaska in January and February, The Best Large Family & Group Vacations in Alaska, How to Get from Anchorage to Your Cruise Port in Whittier or Seward (or the reverse!). Search for "Alpine Creek Lodge Alaska" to see all of our latest updates, pictures and videos! Fam­i­ly-run bed-and-break­fast lodge off the Denali High­way, in the heart of Alas­ka. Cruises and land tours are great ways to see Alaska. MP 49.5 Denali Hwy, look for Trum­peter Swans. 28) This small com­mu­ni­ty began when Alvin Pax­son opened the Tim­ber­line Road­house at mile 192 in 1906. This acts as a nat­ur­al snow catch­ment, which can some­times close the high­way in the win­ter with huge snowdrifts. Sev­er­al small lakes and depres­sions in this area were formed when chunks of ice broke off retreat­ing glac­i­ers and were buried in the glacial debris. This is a great place to camp. Your must-have activity guide + map while in Alaska. Return to Maclaren Home Page. Mp 41 sink holes cre­at­ed by melt­ing ice. Alaska Webcams. Wifi avail­able now! Denali Highway. MP 42 last lodge on Denali High­way, open all winter. The Puppy cam in Denali gives viewers the opportunity to peak into the early lives of future sled dogs at the kennels in Denali National Park and Preserve. The boat launch pro­vides access and park­ing for extend­ed wilder­ness canoe trips in the Upper Tan­gle Lakes sys­tem to the south, where numer­ous lakes of all sizes pro­vide impor­tant wildlife habitat. Welcome to Alpine Creek Lodge! Ati­gan Pass on the Dal­ton High­way is the high­est. Klondike Gold Rush Webcams. Mp 21.5 day use area with pic­nic tables, toi­lets, boat launch access. Alaska, for a state of sparse population, limited development and of vast size, has an extensive web cam network. The ice even­tu­al­ly melt­ed, leav­ing cir­cu­lar-shaped depres­sions called kettles. Juneau Webcams. There was a problem with your submission. Also, it will display a 24 hour time lapse of the previous day. This notable geo­log­ic fea­ture was formed by the MacLaren Glac­i­er, which once flowed through this val­ley. The webcam archives high resolution photos for visibility documentation, and runs on solar power. This is a time lapse video of the previous 24 hours. Plan your journey with this gorgeous printed map. In the cen­ter is Mount Wrangell (14,163’), which occa­sion­al­ly releas­es steam. Click directly on the image to bring up a larger view. Soon, a post office, store, wood­house and small ice room were added. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE. Clearwater streams cross the highway in many places, where you can cast a line for grayling and other fish. This old lodge and road­house has served hunters, trap­pers, and prospec­tors for half a cen­tu­ry. Our weather cam uploads an updated image every 5 minutes. Colleen Kelley Please check your email to verify your subscription. Popular Alaska Itineraries Using In-State Airlines, Anchorage to Denali National Park Driving Map, Paxson Junction MP 0 Denali Hwy, MP 188.3 Richardson Hwy, Tangle Lakes Archaeological District MP 16, Delta National Wild and Scenic River Wayside MP 21.5, AK Range & Maclaren River Viewpoint MP 37, Denali (Mt. Some, like the trum­peter swans pic­tured, stay until the lake is freez­ing up. The mine was start­ed by the Peter Mon­a­han Par­ty in 1903 and pro­duced about 495,000 ounces of gold before it closed in 1995. Matanuska Valley - Southcentral Alaska, webcam near Palmer looking east. The Denali Highway stretches 135 miles from Paxson to Cantwell, connecting the Richardson and Parks highways. The Denali highway is a favorite desitnation for hikers, fishermen, wildlife viewers and โ€ฆ Overwhelmed by choices? Dozens of hiking and 4-wheel trails lead back into the wilderness. #1 Alaska Highway #5 Dempster Highway #2 North Klondike #6 Canol Road. All Other Alaska Webcams (Including Nome, Seldovia, Ketchikan, and Seward.) Welcome to The Backwoods Lodge weather cam page. Find us on Facebook! Water cross­ings may be dif­fi­cult after heavy rain. Stops include Seward (Kenai Fjords), Girdwood, Whittier & Spencer Glacier, Stops include Wasilla, Talkeetna, Denali National Park & Fairbanks. MP 37 8 mile to north­west shore of Osar Lake. This range extends in a great arc from Cook Inlet through the Mount McKin­ley mas­sif (a prin­ci­pal moun­tain mass) and on to the Cana­da bor­der, a dis­tance of 650 miles. It offers a vari­ety of water chal­lenges: qui­et lake, fast and rocky Class I to the falls, good Class II rapids fol­low­ing the falls, Class I mean­der­ing water to Eure­ka Creek, and fast glacial water to the take­out 7 miles below Eure­ka Creek. During those hours it updates every 10 โ€ฆ Toll Free: (800) 533-2219. Welcome to The Backwoods Lodge weather cam page. McGrath - Western Alaska, on Kuskokwim River, view of airport loading area. Well worth the effort, it’s been described as ​“Tolkien’s Misty Mountains.”, MP 37 step out and enjoy panoram­ic views. There are at least a half-dozen places you can park an RV right near the riv­er, open the win­dows, and hear the water rush­ing by all night long. Also, it will display a 24 hour time lapse of the previous day which you can see below. Mountain Village - Western Alaska, on the Yukon River not far above the Yukon Delta We have an HD weather cam that uploads an updated image every 5 minutes. This is a great spot to see wild flow­ers, ground squir­rels and ptarmigan. It then con­tin­ues on to the Mid­dle Fork Gulka­na Branch Trail and anoth­er half mile to Alpha­bet Hills Trail. Look for the Denali High­way ori­en­ta­tion sign on the south side of the road. Live Webcam. North Side of Road, Lake & out­let excel­lent for large grayling. Denali Webcams. British Columbia. Many of the pullouts are in such sublime locations, that you’ll want to pull out your camp chair and take in the scene for hours.  ...more, MP 124 Excel­lent views of North America‘s high­est peak for the next 6 miles. Come here when you want to know the current weather and for winter snow and trail conditions. There are so many adventures here that a lifetime wouldn't be enough to โ€ฆ The south­east trail goes about 5 miles to a view­point of the upper Tan­gle Lakes and the south­west branch goes on 8 miles to Osar lake. four lodges along the highway: Tangle River Inn (MP 20), Maclaren River Lodge (MP 42), and Alpine Creek Lodge (MP 68) and Clearwater Mountain Lodge (MP 82.2). Facebook Link to Facebook in new window. Dur­ing clear weath­er, there are excel­lent views of North America‘s high­est peak on this six-mile sec­tion of the Denali High­way. The road was opened in 1957. Campgrounds, RV Parks & Public Use Cabins. Weather Underground provides local & long-range weather forecasts, weatherreports, maps & tropical weather conditions for โ€ฆ Home; Contact Us Get in touch. Access during the winter months to the lodge is via snowmobile, dog team, or air transportation. It’s 3 easy miles, with very lit­tle ele­va­tion gain or drop. You are now at an ele­va­tion of about 4,000 feet, just a short dis­tance from Maclaren Sum­mit (4,086’), the sec­ond high­est high­way sum­mit in Alas­ka. Welcome to the Webcam Multiview. MP 46 Formed by the Actions of Ice & Water. Address: 14212 E Second Street Talkeetna AK 99676. Denali Overlook Inn 29198 S. Talkeetna Spur (Mile 8.5) Talkeetna AK 99676 Local : 907-733-3555 Toll Free 855-733-3555 Your host Tim Costello Driving directions Webcam We perform more glacier landings than any other company in the world. Mount San­ford (16,237’) is the promi­nent peak on the left, Mount Drum (12,010’) is on the right. Self-drive vacations. Worldwide animated weather map, with easy to use layers and precise spot forecast. MP 95 side road to inter­pre­tive sig­nage of Alas­ka Range. Look east across the Susit­na Riv­er and you’ll see the old Valdez Creek gold mine in the foothills of the Clear­wa­ter Moun­tains. Three of our favorites are: If you choose this route, there are many scenic viewpoints and trails along the way. Alaska Department of Fish and Game P.O.  ...more, MP 24.7 8 mile trail that branch­es in two directions. The trail starts in Maclau­ren Sum­mit and trav­els south to the north­west shore of Osar Lake. BLM Camp­ground with 22 sites avail­able on a first come, first-served basis, There are sev­er­al spots along this stretch of the road where you can take in beau­ti­ful views look­ing down at the Nenana Riv­er. MP 37 tun­dra trail with fan­tas­tic views. Travel on a set itinerary with lodging and tours booked in advance. MP 0 Denali Hwy, MP 188.3 Richard­son Hwy. Live off-the-grid, Alas­ka-style, at this fam­i­ly-run bed-and-break­fast lodge off the Denali High­way, in the heart of Alas­ka.
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