The city campus has great facilities right in the town center. Other than that, the campuses is lovely and great facilities. What I will say is that I've definitely got the skills to start a career and go into self employment now - absolutely, categorically have those. amazing uni, social aspect is amazing, and great facilities. At our first meeting, where I laid out the issues I'd been having related to my disabilities, she patiently listened to me and then led with the opening question of "so, why did you come to university?". Not a shabby place to be. I like my lecturers and the content of my course however it’s a shame that we don’t get to experience the other campuses more often. This uni has everyone anyone could want from a uni and to the highest standard! From a motivational chat when I felt down to disability support. I don't think I've ever seen a feedback/marking chart I've ever understood - you know the ones, they have squares from red to green, they explain the criteria to get certain marks - and this was no different. It has lots of study spaces, good clubs, and the su is fab, really enjoy it, very well ran and lots of resources. Least: some lecturers aren't interested in teaching and are the polar opposite of the best ones (found 2 or 3 so far). I was a member of a sports society for three years and on committee playing at a high level, all clubs are extremely inclusive and friendly with a very large variety of different abilities. If you do not allow these cookies, then some or all of these services may not function properly. Clifton Campus is a modern, ever improving campus which offers quality facilities and the best working environment, whilst the City and Brackenhurst Campuses too have some of the best facilities going. This lead to me living at home during second year as I didn't have enough friends similar to me to house share with and couldn't afford the prices of private accommodation again. I've falling in love with my course and love being at the uni. If there's a book you want that they don't have, they'll typically order it in from another library for you, or even buy it for the library at no cost to yourself. They were knowledgeable, willing to listen, wanted to help you however they could. Unfortunately some course entry requirements are more stringent than others. Is amazing too, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Such a good university, helpful people and teachers are amazing! I could not tell you - you were expected to know. Trent has such a good Students Union! Great uni, very friendly staff, with great technology and interactive lectures. Sports facilities here are second to none they have a broad amount of sport teams which means what ever ability you are accommodated!! As any person who teaches, you will find that they have their own style and will probably want things done one way over another; and that requires flexibility from the student to adapt to teaching styles. They are concerned with the overall wellbeing and progression of … Now, I have ADHD and autism - I can't pull freshly-done work, mental energy and stability out of my ass all in one, and acting like it's "easy" to work around these things and their symptoms /does not help/. Nottingham Trent Student’s Union (NTSU) boasts over 160 societies and clubs and the venue itself is the perfect place to socialise with friends in the day and party by night in the buzzing 2,000-capacity club. I am really happy with my choice of university because I fit very well here. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. This was a phenomenal workload and just a really bad idea. There are a lot of services available however I haven’t used them yet.
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