The extent to which households respond to changes in the real interest rate is controlled by the parameter σ: As σ increases, households become less willing to shift their consumption from today to the future in response to a given increase in the real interest rate. The Notice also explains that providing the information as indicated in the Notice is important so employees that have self-employment income can properly claim FFCRA credits on new IRS Form 7202 (currently unreleased). This is a more common experience as state and local governments issue or enact their own laws related to stay-at-home orders, the wearing of face coverings, paid sick leave requirements, and other provisions of law. An employee’s family will also appreciate this courtesy. That does not mean, however, that an employee whose salary is reduced cannot have a reduced workload – this is permissible. For those that may have an exposure to bodily fluids as part of their job, you should provide proper training on blood borne pathogens. “. You should follow this four-step plan when addressing a confirmed COVID-19 case in your workplace: UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (April 21, 2020)What if we have an employee with a suspected case of COVID-19? Begin supervisor training as soon as you can to ensure consistent enforcement of performance standards, grievance processing, and lawfully responding to protected concerted activities. On June 17, 2020 the SBA released the Forgiveness Application and the EZ Forgiveness Application. Yes. Our state/locality has a paid sick leave requirement. If you continue to have employees present at your operations, and barring the new-hire being subject to COVID-19 quarantine or lockdown protocols, you should conduct the in-person document review, either by having the new employee come to the facility to complete the I-9 process or having them go to an authorized representative designated by the company. The pandemic has only heightened those concerns because it has greatly increased the amount of work that is performed away from your facility and often outside of your systems, devices, and accounts. It is likely that former employees might take more risks now than they would under normal circumstances. UPDATED ANSWER (July 14, 2020)What are “payroll costs”? Combat COVID-19: Innovation and Technology. All other things held constant, the output gap is larger today the larger it is expected to be next quarter. In some cases, discussions on risk mitigation, inventory management and capital may be necessary so you can prioritize accordingly. eep cleaning and disinfection after a potential or confirmed exposure. career, you may have dealt with several crises. If you are … [Editor’s note: The final study listed in footnote 2 was not included in the original version; it was added on 9/19/2019.]. UPDATED ANSWER (July 7, 2020)Can employers in the United States refuse an employee’s request to wear a medical mask or respirator? This protection extends for 180 days following periods of service of 31-180 days, or for a year following periods of service of 181 days or more. Your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) likely has the method of recalling employees to work. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding other protective measures recommended on the product labeling. A few things to remember when reducing salaries: (1) make sure the salary still meets the federal ($684) and any applicable state minimum salary levels; (2) communicate the reason for the change (e.g., “We are able to bring you back, but we cannot afford to bring you back at the same pay rate you had previously…”); and (3) do not repeatedly change the salary levels – exempt employees should not regularly have their salary levels adjusted. You also should continue to encourage telework whenever possible and feasible with business operations. 12 The combination of a low neutral interest rate, underlying trend inflation below 2 percent, and the low responsiveness of inflation to resource slack embodied in a flat Phillips curve reduces the amount we can cut rates to buffer the economy, weakens … State laws also have new hire and rehire reporting requirements. However, you will want to avoid any indication that this bonus is really the employee’s pay that was held back, which can have a multitude of implications. Voluntary attendance policies allow employees to voluntarily cease work and stay at home during a temporary period, without the fear of traditional consequences (i.e. “, Roberts, John M. 2006. Skills Are Bridges Not Gaps: A Skills-Based Approach for Transitioning Workers to Higher-Paying Occupations, 2020 Financial Stability Conference: Stress, Contagion, and Transmission. What are the 4 components of GDP? You must record instances of workers contracting COVID-19 if the worker contracts the virus while on the job. The expected forgiveness amount is the amount of loan principal the lender reasonably expects the borrower to expend allowable uses during the eight-week period after loan disbursement. The steady-state value of a variable is the one that will prevail in the long run, after business cycle influences have died out. The reason why the statistical Phillips curve flattens in this case is that, when prices become more flexible, the output gap becomes less volatile and less correlated with the output deviation. Taking a few precautions allows employers to refuse entry to customers without masks. Once again, this guidance is general, and you must determine when this unusual state exists in your workplace before determining whether it is permissible for employees to refuse to work. Unexpired household bleach will be effective against coronaviruses when properly diluted. Facebook. Expectations of future output, inflation, and interest rates play key roles in determining current economic outcomes. The Fisher Phillips COVID-19 litigation tracker has been following closely the number of lawsuits filed with COVID-19-related claims. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (May 5, 2020)If we are not required to do so, should we take our employees’ temperatures? For example, an amount paid by the employer toward an employee’s retirement account is not included in the $100,000 cap. Many observers have been surprised that inflation hasn’t risen more than it has in the past few years as the economy has continued to strengthen. H-1B or L-1 visa holders may not qualify for unemployment in states where they are not considered able and available to work because their work visas are tied to a specific employer. Therefore, if an employee requests EPSL or EFMLA at a time you have 500 or more employees, they would not be entitled to leave. WHD investigators will consider whether there is evidence of a plan for the child to attend the camp or program or, short of a “plan,” whether it is still more likely than not that the child would have attended the camp or program had it not closed due to COVID-19. Like cloth face coverings, surgical masks and face shields can help contain the wearer's potentially infectious respiratory droplets and can help limit spread of COVID-19 to others. OSHA standard 29 CFR 1904.31(b)(4) provides that companies and their subcontractors, including staffing agencies, must coordinate their efforts to ensure that each injury and illness is recorded only once on an OSHA 300 log –  by the employer who provides day-to-day supervision. Should we participate in a shared work program instead? From no restrictions … UPDATED ANSWER (July 14, 2020)During what time period can the loan funds be used and be considered for forgiveness? 2018. What types of claims should we expect if one of my employees became sick or died during the pandemic? Will Phillips - Nov 20, 2020. During a crisis like this, people generally want to know how it affects them and their jobs, what they need to do at home and at work, and how the organization is impacted by and handling the crisis. Can we challenge this? Can we increase their pay back to the original levels? No. Yes. Reps. Garamendi and Phillips introduced the UNITE Act and the Utilizing and Supporting … Additionally, a questionnaire asks entrants to the premises questions about whether they have COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. Case 2. You should confirm whether state law imposes any specific requirements and should avoid the forfeiture of any pre-existing benefits prior to the layoff or furlough. You may submit a loan forgiveness application any time on or before the maturity date of your loan. Cleaning staff should wear disposable gloves and gowns for all tasks in the cleaning process, including handling trash. Depending on how the program is structed, the employee and/or the employer selects the charity to receive all or a portion of the cash equivalent of the foregone leave. Many unions have already begun the process of exploiting lingering anxieties by crafting messages that resonate with returning workers. Yes. 15/20 = .75 x $500,000 = $375,000 (eligible for forgiveness). When can I change it back? It does not impact individuals entering in another status, such as B, E, TN, O, and P; individuals with valid visas as of June 22, 2020; lawful permanent residents and spouses or children of US citizens; or individuals whose entry is in the national interest as determined by the Departments of State or Homeland Security. UPDATED ANSWER (May 8, 2020)After shelter-in-place orders are lifted, how should we decide when to reopen? Case 1. If the slope is positive, inflation tends to rise above its previous-year average level when output is higher than its steady state, and inflation tends to fall when output is lower. Diluted household bleach solutions can be used if appropriate for the surface. § 826.100(e). Work share programs provide a good alternative to layoffs. The Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) recently released guidance to assist employers in making decisions regarding reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (July 7, 2020)Can a child summer camp or other child summer programs be considered a “place of care” for purposes of the FFCRA? The short-run Phillips curve (SRPC) In a model of the long-run Phillips curve (LRPC), what is the shape of the Phillips curve and where should it be placed? Consumer spending investment spending The regression coefficient, b, is the slope of the Phillips curve. We will consider two cases where the Phillips curve flattens for different reasons. Visa categories such as H-1B, E-1, E-3, E-3, TN, L-1, O-1, and H-2Bs have a 60-day grace period for a loss of status. 2018. For Covid-19 recession: CEA, "Evaluating the Effects of the Economic Response to COVID-19," August 12, 2020 For ... For Phillips Curve section: Bob Arnold, "How CBO Produces Its 10-Year Economic Forecast," Working Paper 2018-02 (February 2018). The SBA has clarified that “a service for the distribution of transportation refers to transportation utility fees assessed by state and local governments.” These are the only “transportation” costs eligible for forgiveness. This is an evolving and largely untested area of law. Dollar Dominance in … These statutes not only impose notification requirements in the event of a data breach, but some also impose requirements for maintaining the security of this data, and potential penalties and private rights of action for failure to do so. Most of the parameter values are set to align with those commonly used in research that is based on the model, but a few are simply set to illustrate the main point of this article in a clear way.5 Armed with the model equations and parameters, I assess the Phillips curve by using computer simulations of the model to generate artificial data on log-output and inflation.6 A final detail worth mentioning is that results about the output gap and output deviation are reported in percentage terms, while results about inflation are reported in annualized percentage rates. We lowered the pay rates for our hourly non-exempt employees because of the financial strain caused by COVID-19. First, you should post a notice at your entrance and on your website that you require patrons to wear a facemask to enter your place of business, and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not complying with the requirement. Provider-directed at-home testing is covered. USCIS field offices will send notices to applicants and petitioners with scheduled appointments and naturalization ceremonies impacted by the extended temporary closure. Possible questions for the employee may include: (1) how the disability creates a  limitation, (2) how the requested accommodation will effectively address the limitation, (3) whether another form of accommodation could effectively address the issue, and (4) how a proposed accommodation will enable the employee to continue performing the “essential functions” of their position (that is, the fundamental job duties). Consider maintaining any documents related to the following: Include key elements, dates and responsible parties identified. Second, if the work you are performing is still under the contract that issued during the NIE period, then that work should continue to be subject to the exemption. The dynamic IS equation, which results from the labor-consumption-saving choices of households, relates the current quarter’s output gap, ỹt, to the output gap expected in the next quarter, Et ỹt+1, the current nominal interest rate, it, the expected inflation rate next quarter, Et πt+1, and the current natural rate of interest, rnt,: ỹt  = − (1/σ) (it−Et πt+1− rnt) + Et ỹt+1. Our future financial circumstances are shaky. No. “Even if motivated by benevolent concern,” the EEOC says, “an employer is not permitted to single out workers on the basis of pregnancy for adverse employment actions, including involuntary leave, layoff, or furlough.” You may also have an obligation to accommodate a pregnant worker under the ADA (if a pregnancy-related medical condition arises) or through the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (which requires you to treat women affected by pregnancy and childbirth the same as others who are similar in their ability or inability to work, which may entitle them to job modifications including telework, changes to work schedules or assignments, and leave). For example, employers may require medical testing that is “job related and consistent with business necessity.” The EEOC does not object to temperature checks or COVID-19 virus testing during this pandemic, as long as the screening or testing methods are safe, accurate and consistently applied. You will want to document the restoration or rehiring of employees by providing employees with a written acknowledgment that they were returned to the same the position/level of pay held before staffing reductions occurred in response to COVID-19 conditions, and that your previous policies remain in force as those in place immediately before the reduction in force when the employee was employed previously. This seemingly reduced sensitivity of inflation to economic conditions is commonly referred to as a flattening of the Phillips curve. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (July 7, 2020)How do you determine whether a child would have attended a summer program but for COVID-19-related reasons? What spatial changes should we consider making in the workplace? Employees voluntarily elect to forego vacation, sick or personal leave. Innovative programs such as crowdsourced babysitting among employees can also help employees return to work faster. Some provide credits, exemptions, or “offsets” for employers that already provide generous leave benefits. We have provided information to help you in evaluating whether Fisher Phillips is the employer of choice for you. Plans must cover without cost-sharing, “facility fees” and “related items or services” associated with furnishing or determining the need to furnish a COVID-19 diagnostic test. Not necessarily. To be sure, “summer school” or other academic work during the summer required and provided by the school attended by the child during the academic year is treated as the child’s school for purposes of the FFCRA. We are concerned that we might lose some of our best employees to other employers who are now resuming operations and who are offering higher pay. Additional PPE might be required based on the cleaning/disinfectant products being used and whether there is a risk of splash. The Phillips Curve is one key factor in the Federal Reserve’s decision-making on interest rates. Signs should include a statement about requests for accommodation to avoid ADA-related violations. 2013. These policies and screenings may also address travel from domestic and international areas that have been identified as high-risk or COVID-19 “hot spots” by federal, state or local authorities. The agency recommends that you should ensure your managers understand how to recognize harassment and know how to quickly identify and resolve potential problems. When employees trust that you are being honest and transparent in your communications, and that you are taking every step possible to ensure their safety, they will be more likely to return to work and perform their jobs as required. What should we consider from a human resources standpoint to ensure there is continuity in critical businesses processes? Federal law requires employers to report newly hired employees to the National Directory of New Hires, which includes rehired employees who have been separated from employment for at least 60 days. UPDATED ANSWER (June 15, 2020)Can an employee refuse to return to work if a shelter-in-place order is lifted? virtual town hall or webinars, and while at work. See 29 C.F.R. However, while operations were closed, an employee requested pay for FFCRA leave. Inform employees of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the workplace. You will need to implement measures to ensure the health and safety of your employees but may also need to change other policies and practices to accommodate the new normal. For information on federal and state pay equity laws and resources on how to conduct an effective pay equity audit, visit our Pay Equity resource page. By having an established starting point, you can focus on other critical matters that demand your attention. Most state and local laws have restoration provisions for employees who were terminated within a certain amount of time. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (April 30, 2020)Is it possible for our organization to hire an H-1B worker that was laid off by another employer? Can we dismiss some or all of our local employees in a certain country? The behavior of households, firms, and monetary policy is captured by three equations: the dynamic IS equation, which pins down the determinants of aggregate demand, the New Keynesian Phillips curve, which characterizes the dynamics of inflation, and the monetary policy rule, which describes how the central bank sets the interest rate. COVID worries and a presidential election year appear to have hindered Medicare Advantage (MA) consumer shopping during the opening weeks of the Annual Election Period (AEP) … First, confirm whether the NIE has been further extended past the original June 17 date. OSHA is now taking the position that employers in all industries should determine whether employee COVID-19 illnesses are work-related and thus recordable. No – the EEOC has indicated this would be improper age discrimination. 10/20 = .5 x $500,000 = $250,000 (eligible for forgiveness). If so, what should we consider in determining how this information should be maintained? If you choose, you may treat an employee as terminated for absences shorter than 13 weeks by using the Rule of Parity. This is an evolving and largely untested area of law. His recent research has focused on monetary policy, fiscal policy, and the macroeconomic effects of financial distortions. We generally recommend keeping an exempt employee at their “new” salary level for a quarter or even longer. : Implement a structure to ensure a high degree of preparedness for every possible scenario to ensure a safe workplace and the ability to deliver products and services to your customers. The second safe harbor for FTEs cures any reduction in FTEs if you can, in good faith, document that you were unable to operate between February 15, 2020, and the end of your covered period at the same level of business activity as you were before February 15, 2020, due to compliance with requirements or guidance issued by HHS, the CDC, or OSHA, related to standards for sanitation, social distancing, or any other worker or customer safety requirement. Human resources, front-line management and labor counsel should be closely involved in their development. OSHA has clarified that day-to-day supervision occurs when “in addition to specifying the output, product or result to be accomplished by the person’s work, the employer supervises the details, means, methods and processes by which the work is to be accomplished.” This could be a host employer or staffing agency, depending upon the circumstances. As θ increases, κ decreases, so the New Keynesian Phillips curve becomes flatter when prices are stickier. To be clear, employee complaints about perceived safety issues should be taken seriously and investigated, and you should not take any retaliatory action against employees who make such claims in good faith. “How Has Globalization Affected Inflation?” World Economic Outlook, IMF, Chapter 3. In this case, captured in figure 2, the statistical version of the Phillips curve becomes close to flat, so inflation changes are nearly unrelated to output deviations. Individuals will receive a new appointment letter in the mail. EEOC guidance states that employers may require employees to wear personal protective equipment including gloves and masks during a pandemic. En janvier 2016, Olivier Blanchard publie un article de recherche économétrique sur la courbe de Phillips [3]. If you terminated employees and wish to re-employ them, the best practice would be to put the “applicant” through your company’s normal application screening process, even if you forego formal interviews. We have a question specific to a certain foreign country. Some employees may have a real preference for working from home, but you can refuse remote work so long as the employee is not seeking a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Phillips Curve is a tool the Fed uses to forecast what will happen to inflation when the unemployment rate falls, as it has in recent years. The interactive process should use a medical questionnaire to the person’s treating physician asking about other options or whether the condition precludes the person from wearing any kind of face covering that would achieve the goal. More specifically, the model implies that household welfare relates to measures of the volatilities of inflation and the output gap: As the standard deviations of either or both inflation and the output gap increase, household welfare decreases.10 Then, if a policy generates lower standard deviations of both inflation and the output gap, it improves household welfare and is, therefore, preferable. The path chosen for responding to those challenges may ultimately determine whether employers emerge with their union-free status intact – or as unionized casualties within a rapidly evolving labor relations landscape. Sometimes. You must make an individualized assessment for each employee and should consider the duration of the risk, the nature and severity of the potential harm, the likelihood that the potential harm will occur, and the imminence of the potential harm. If rehired, the original employer must file a new petition if it has notified USCIS of the prior termination. The recently amended New York SHIELD Act similarly defines “biometric information” as including “data generated by electronic measurement of an individual’s unique physical characteristics, such as a fingerprint, voice print, retina or iris image, or other unique physical representation or digital representation of biometric data which are used to authenticate or ascertain the individual’s identity.” These definitions would not appear to include testing results or the results of a temperature test performed by an employer, which is used to screen for possible illness and not to authenticate an individual’s identity. What is the time period in which we must report rehiring an employee? Finally, you will want to consider whether they were appropriately classified as exempt in the first place. More specifically, let’s consider the effect of adopting a new monetary policy rule where the interest rate stops responding to output deviations (φy=0) and responds slightly more aggressively to inflation (φπ=1.6). Should we continue to engage in social distancing? UPDATED ANSWER (July 7, 2020)Is U.S. During the pandemic, some employers provided enhanced benefits like weekly appreciation bonuses, hazard pay, insurance continuation, and assistance with childcare costs. In addition to workers’ compensation claims, an employee may attempt to bring claims via a tort claim of negligence or wrongful death in civil court. How can we safeguard our workplace against this risk? Instead, inspection of documents can be conducted remotely (e.g., by video, fax, or email). UPDATED ANSWER (June 18, 2020)What kind of measures can we adopt to ensure a safe and healthy workplace? The SBA has not yet issued any guidance as to whether Common Area Maintenance (CAM), property fees, or other ancillary rental charges may be included in the “rent” calculation. In the case of leave to care for the employee’s child whose school or place of care is closed, the employee must provide the name of the child, the name of the school or place of care, and a statement that no other suitable person is available to care for the child. During the pandemic, many employees have been furloughed – enduring some aspects of being unemployed (no job duties or paychecks) while enjoying other aspects of being employed (still receiving health insurance and other benefits, as well as being listed as an active employee). However, you should recommend that the employee use a cloth face covering, as suggested by the CDC, instead of a surgical mask. However, the specific information considered by the public to be revealed is not clearly understood. Similarly, 29 CFR 1904.39 provides that “within 24 hours after the in-patient hospitalization of one or more employees…as a result of a work-related incident, you must report the in-patient hospitalization….” The standard does not define “you.” Presumably, it refers to “employer,” based on the preceding use of the term “employee.”. “As we’ve seen around the world lockdowns are a difficult, but necessary step to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks and bend the curve in the number of new cases,” she added. What testing should we be ensuring our plan offers covered employees? If a furloughed employee rejoins your company, is it necessary to have them execute a new restrictive covenant, and if so, is additional consideration required? According to the historical relationship known as the Phillips curve, strengthening of the economy is commonly associated with increasing inflation.
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