Tried that with as much strength as I could. I can't seem to find it? PistonHeads » Gassing Station » Other Marques » Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda. We offer a huge range of all kinds of A3 Convertible (8V) Heater matrix… The Haynes manual procedure looked a knightmare, I removed it in 20 mins without disturbing any major component or removing the aircon evaporator. All in, I think I put 20 hours into it. When i run the car standing still after about 15 mins i lose coolant about half a pint. thank you for this guide, just did this over the last couple of days, just wanna make a couple of points though. I've got a Passat B6, will i need to tear out all the dashboard or just wiggle it out from the footwell? It was the final step that I needed to remove the motor. Last Updated: January 12, 2018. Now I'm wondering whether your procedure for matrix removal / replacement / repair will work for me? Audi A3 8V (2012 to 2018) – Fuse Box Location and Fuses List; How to replace remote fob battery in Audi A3, A4, Q3, Q7, R8, TT ; Audi A4 Audi A4 B5 – 1994 to 2001. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Audi A3 Heater Parts. heater matrix to fit audi a3 q3 tt seat leon skoda octavia vw beetle golf passat (fits: audi a3) 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - HEATER MATRIX TO FIT AUDI A3 Q3 TT SEAT LEON SKODA OCTAVIA VW BEETLE GOLF PASSAT Could you email me it if you have it? It has been leaking a bit of coolant for about a year but topping it … could you mail it to me please thanks. Someone siad this is a common VW/Audi fault and to do with the heater matrix. I got 45% of the way through it (just before I revealed the matrix) and started to panic, and wonder what the bloody hell I'd started. You would have thought it would be similar. I removed the bung/grommet things. Golf 2013 no heat inside, blocked heater matrix, any ideas . Forcing the old matrix in and out a few times smoothed everything off and the new one slid in fairly easily. I know what u mean tho, I little persuasion required! That's not what I wanted to hear [emoji24]. how to remove a dash parts, under steering column of a new audi A3. This is really good news, what i can't work out is why the vw ******** want £500 + to take all the dash out when it just pops out in to the drivers side foot well, are they just blatantly ripping people off or just not worked out the quick way? Many thanks to Nevo for supplying the document and to Prop for the original work.Will give it a go tomorrow. We have to to be able to move the box back far enough from under the scuttle to allow you to lift out the matrix. £14.97. From what I understand I will need to disconnect the two pipes at the engine bay so once I remove the pipes in the footwell, coolant doesn't spill everywhere, is that correct? Thursday 7th … The last car I estimated on this job ended up being scrapped, it was just not worth it. I already have a new matrix purchased from Ebay (£33.00). Not great when the temp is reading -12 on the clocks!! Remove the damaged heater matrix. They're simply like a tension clamp thing? I've got a Passat B6, will i need to tear out all the dashboard or just wiggle it out from the footwell? It is held in place by a few clamps. It is very very tight but possible. If it's pulled down hard enough the side of the old unit will bend inwards a bit, which helped. August 26, 2017 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the feedback. Reply Reply Author. X. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. There are 18 recall actions in UK related to AUDI A3. I also have another issue of their always is cold air coming in at the passenger footwell regardless of position of the blower. In really cold or raining conditions, all my windows steam up very quickly. Glad this is still heaping some people! The switch bracket catches on the crimped join on the matrix quite solidly. Questions & Answers Tips and Warnings Things You'll Need Related Articles Author Info. It was working fine on Saturday morning but this morning to work it just wouldn't heat up - just blowing cold air. 2013 Audi A3 8V 2012 To 2016 A/C Climate Heater Control Panel Assembly 8V0820043. I did the job in a few evenings with 1 full day too. They said wet carpet (drivers side) was drain blocked under battery. If its just a o ring you should be able to access them by removing the panel up by the clutch pedal.if the matrix needs to come out the pedal will need removing.Ive got the doc you want but I dont know how to send it. I'll report back! Don't whatever you do damage the pipes, they are awful to change. I think I need to replace matrix in 04 cab 1.8. After lots of investigation and trying different things, I bit the bullet and looked at replacing the matrix. Okay I understand. I've got so far, but now I'm stuck - I can't get the matrix to slide out past the bracket for the clutch and brake switches (I've really tried hard!). Comments: Many thanks for your article on "Removing Audi A4 Blower Motor and Resistor". This is easy to fix when driving as the air con de-mists quickly, but after parking up and returning to the car an hour or so later, all is misted again- a pain in the backside when you then have to wait and demist. As luck would have it, I bought a new one ready to fit. Just to update. I feel of the carpet and everything clicked! was - £29.95 | 50% OFF + £21.06 postage. If you buy a new matrix, make sure you also buy this gasket set. Audi Connect services make operation of Audi A7, A8 and other models of the German manufacturer, even more comfortable. The surrounding air then also cools, and in turn keeps you from melting. thank you for this, my wife is saying we need to replace the car as it is so cold, hopefully this should please her and my wallet?! 7 left . EUR 55.23. GENUINE 2000 - 2005 AUDI A2 HEATER MATRIX RADIATOR 8Z0819031. My car is a 2002 A4 B6 1. View Full Version : How To Replace the heater matrix the easy way. An air conditioning system, using several components, includes a compressor to pressurize a chemical called freon, and drastically lower its temperature. Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.4 Copyright © 2020 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. - While the seats from any Audi 8V A3/S3/RS3 physically will bolt straight in, they are NOT plug n' play with the MK7. Thanks for reply I think they meant the sensor flange on the rear of engine, but I can't see how my carpets would get wet. A good tip is to buy the matrix genuine so that if it fails within the next two years, VW will do the job under warranty. I guess so, you'll have to take the shrouding off and see if it will come out - only a 10 min job. £21.99. On a journey, no demist at all, a/c on, everything. Why else would you disconnect from the engine when you can disconnect the pipes at the heater matrix. The issue I have is it blows very little warm heat. If you use an Android based phone, you can now upgrade your Audi MMI to more fully integrate with it thanks to innovations via the aftermarket. The gen-1 Audi A3 first arrived in Europe and the United Kingdom in 1996 as a sportier alternative to the VW Golf. There is a small amount of metal you could remove from the lower left curved area of the switch bracket but if that's not enough, the only solution is moving the pedal box a little to the right and up but that is a lot of work. The details of the recall actions that are related to AUDI A3 are shown bellow: Click on a AUDI A3 recall Action number to see the detail of the retail action and the affected VIN (Serial) numbers. It's a good tip to try putting the old matrix back in first - there were a few ridges or pips in the inside of the plastic housing and the top left corner of the new matrix was catching on them. EUR 8.91 postage. You may have a leak.A very common problem that occurs is the air conditioner stops producing cold air. It is a fiddle. Thanks to Props Forward for the guide and everyone else who has contributed. well that wordpad doc gave me some daft coded ****, There is only one way to do it and use a carpet vac to remove the coolant or oil extracter, what i ment b4 is the link u posted does not work for me it just gives me a daft code not anything else so can you copy and paste in to the thred also did you do the wordpad doc or find it on another site. The interior is heated up and the … £29.95. Steps Other Sections. AUDI A3 SPORT 2.0 TDI AUTO 2004 HEATER … Thanks. My new heater matix did not come with the rubber gasket around the top, so i re-used the old. Audi A3 8l Dashboard Removal Car Audi Audi A3 8v Heater Matrix With Wiring 5q1819021b 2 0 Tdi Quattro 135kw Lhd Brief Guide To Removing Your Heater Matrix B5 1997 Pics Heater Cores Problem Diagnosis Inspection Pressure And Audizine Forums Audi Heater Matrix Help And Guidance Required Heater Core Replacement Audiworld Forums The Audi Tt Forum View Topic Misty Windows And … I had real problems and spent a lot of time looking into why I was getting no heat at all. It was also in this year that the 210-BHP S3 performance model arrived with Quattro AWD (not available in US markets), then boosted to 225-BH… The comments and all the rest © 1997-2012, You can syndicate our news using the file backend.php. Type 8D is complete dash out so you can pull the heater box out to get at the matrix, takes my chaps a day but they have done quite a few. Hi, can you send me the 20 min quick heater matrix exchange details .. Audi S8 D2 A8 Facelift 2001 4.2 Heater Matrix 4D0898030A (x1) GWO. After lots of investigation and trying different things, I bit the bullet and looked at replacing the matrix. I have no idea on the traction control issue, sorry. Steps. So do you know that this will be the same for the passat? in which case, be careful not to damage the existing gasket on removal. Interior lighting package for audi a3 2005; audi a3 2006; audi a3 2007; audi a3 2008; audi a3 2009; audi a3 2009; audi a3 2010; audi a3 2011; audi a3 2012; audi a3 2013. Discussion. If I had to do it on another car again, I'd definitely grind a bit off the bracket first. That's how far behind the day it is!!!! Heater core (heater matrix) for AUDI A3 Convertible (8V7) 2018 inexpensively available at our online store. Specially created Audi MMI application helps to get information about the car and to remotely control its immobilization. See more Audi A3 8p Heater Matrix Heat Exchanger 1K0819... Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. The issue I have is it blows very little warm heat. 1.8T Top Coolant Hose Pipe Distributor Flange A3 TT Golf Leon … How to Remove and Replace the Heater Core (Matrix) in a '92 '98 Audi C4 (100/A6/ S4/S6 ) Explore this Article. gio6500. The 2 pipes sticking through to the engine bay are on the back of the heater matrix. I have an 2005 A4 B6 Cab 1.8T RHD Manual. AUDI A3 8V MK3 2013-2020 HEATER ELEMENT FOR ELECTRIC AUXILIARY HEATER 5Q0963235E. Remove the corrugated hose cover (it’s split on the back) to expose the lines running into and out from the heater core. Also, thanks to modern technology, this job is only slightly harder than installing a car stereo system used to be, before the advent of smart infotainment systems. I think I can bypass it in the engine bay so the car's still driveable. EUR 16.74. Did it in Word 2003, can't upload 522kb, too big?! 2 sold. AUDI A3 2005 2.0TDI RHD / CLIMATE CONTROL SWITCH PANEL / 8P0820043M . Audi A3 8V – 2012 to 2018. 31 posts. I'm now wondering if I have to take the pedals off (doesn't look easy) or if there is any way of loosening the heater assy to get a bit more play without degassing the aircon. :biglaugh: You have to take out the whole dash, disconnect the cross member, disconnect the heater box from the bulkhead (including degassing the air con) and then pull the heater box back fr enough from under the bulkhead cross member to allow the matrix to be drawn out of the box. Caused a bit of damage to the old one in the process, so ground about 2mm off the switch bracket with an angle grinder before putting the new one in. I didn't have to remove the batt. Coolant level is OK. ( i found water - coolant inside the heater unit, from the leaking heater matirx). Add to Watchlist | People who viewed this item also viewed. thanks in advance ! If only Audi had made the matrix 5-mm lower or the switch bracket 5-mm higher it would be so much easier. If the system fails to be properly pressurized, such as if there is a leak present, the air will not be able to b… 9 left. Hi did you manage to get the guide? But by 1999 a 5-door variant hit the market. If cleaning the old matrix, make sure you get yourself a gasket set from Audi/TPS first as the rubber seals can split. You may find that your problem is the heater units plastic body interfering with the clamp fitting, sometimes you have to gently lever the matrix forward slightly to give you room to get the clamp on and I also find I have to gently pinch the pipe towards to matrix with some grips or the two lips of the pipe and matrix will not be close enough together to get the V band around. Water Heater 1; Remote Starter 1; Recording Equipment 1; Types . Is that cos air is leaking out or because the blower is located there?Yes. Audi A3: How to Install NaviTouch Android MMI. Distributed by Raven PHP Scripts New code written and maintained by the RavenNuke™ TEAM, PHP-Nuke Copyright © 2004 by Francisco Burzi. I had real problems and spent a lot of time looking into why I was getting no heat at all. Also used an old credit card between the matrix and the switch bracket to prevent damage when pushing back in. Parts catalog Audi - ETKA Search Parts by original number Audi, market EUROPA #7zap or Best Offer. When I put the blower on there is always a lot of blower noise coming from passenger side. We offer a huge range of all kinds of A3 Sportback (8V) Heater matrix… Audi A3 Heater Matrix S3 Audi Heater Matrix How To Remove And Replace The Heater Core Matrix In A 92 Repair Guides 2000 Audi A4 Heater Core Replacement Video 1 Audi Cabriolet Heater Matrix Audi A3 1 9tdi Actuator Motor Replacement Auxiliary Heater Access Heater Core Replacement On A B3 Izzo Google How To Remove Heater Panel From Dashboard Audi Sport Net Heater Core … All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner(s). Having removed the dash on a number of 8E's to replace faulty flap motors I can assure you that it would not help until the heater box had been removed from the car which is another huge step, it would be easier to remove the pedal box which would also avoid breaking into the A/C circuit. The retrofit solution from Audi Genuine Accessories enables you to control both the heating function and the fresh-air supply by timer and a separate remote control. It's an 2004 Audi A3. :). Heater core for AUDI A3 Hatchback (8V1, 8VK) 2018 inexpensively available at our online store We offer a huge range of all kinds of Heater matrix AUDI A3 8v, car accessories and car spare parts Initially, it was only available as a three-door hatchback, in both FWD and AWD variants. Audi A4 blowing only lukewarm air via climate control . Shop with confidence on eBay! Thanks for your help! 8t Quattro manual transmission, I wonder if anyone has any ideas? God no! Service centre said leak was from rear flange ( o ring things) prob split. Tilt down and pull, it can be done. Glad we could help. Not it won’t, it requires the entire dashborad to be removed from the car. PM me your email address, i'll email it to you. £13.99. £20.00 + £10.00 postage. The latest recall action was on August 9th, 2019. When I put the blower on there is always a lot of blower noise coming from passenger side. £29.99 + £21.30 postage. - aside from the airbag harnesses, nothing else is physically compatible as-is, and even then there are differences. or hints? Can you get it out with a manual without taking the clutch pedal out? Firstly I would like to thank relevent peops for link. I've attached a couple of photos of the damage done to the old unit getting it out and also of the modified switch bracket. Obviously it doesn't matter damaging the old matrix on the way out but you don't want to damage the new one. I cant seem to see how I would get pliers in there otherwise? Audi A6, S6 (C7-4G) 2013 Diesel … VW Audi Forum - The #1 Volkswagen (VW) Forum Dedicated to the whole Volkswagen (VW) Group. This procedure also applies to ausi a4 on the b6 and b7 models. On the original guide it mentions an auxiliary heating element which should be removed, but I don't have one of those - I wonder if removing that gave a bit more "wiggle" room and if that is my problem. Use your flat head screwdriver to remove the screw holding the intake tube to the box. 2003-2008 MK2 Audi A3 8P HEATER CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY 8P0820043K. Remarkably, the warranty covered it and the heat exchanger has been replaced. My Profile My … 404 Not Found ( The part number is 8E0 898 380 and it costs about £7. Meant to close this one out, turns out the wee motor that moves a 'flap' was busted and only internal air was being blown about, no external air at all. I wish it was, the entire dash has to come out. One of our mechanics, Matt, has it down to just under two full days on a car with A/C, half a day less for one without. Audi auxiliary heating affords comfort in a class of its own. The warranty company didn’t use Audi specialists so I think they found it quite a struggle. I had an issue i had a year ago with the blocked heater matrix. AUDI A3 Recalls in UK. Well they did that on purpose so they could charge a full days labour and just use a hammer!! Then pull off the whole cover. You should now be looking at this: You should now be looking at this: Slide your tubing over the inlet side and run the other end down to a bucket of some sort. VW PASSAT GOLF MK5 AUDI A3 1.9 TDI WATER COOLANT PIPE 038121065CL. Think I'll try to slacken the pedal mounting to see if that helps, otherwise I'll remove a little metal from the bracket with an angle grinder.

audi a3 8v heater matrix removal

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