5DsR still lags, true. Would it help, to be on Nikon’s or Canon’s payroll? You can’t swap the front and rear dial functions either, but you get used to that fairly quickly. In the end Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Ricoh, Hasselblad, etc. I remember you’ve had reservations in the past. The weather-sealing is incredible, so you’ll never need to worry about shooting in dust or snow. It’s just like a JPEG in some ways, but larger: you have 14 bits of information to stuff into an 11 or 8 bit container; some of it is going to overlap. Maintaining an additional system for vanishingly small returns – and carrying it on assignment or during travel – is another challenge entirely. Thanks Gerner. your work will stand up either way. And actually it’s a love-hate relationship to both of the big makers. You have no choice but to dance a jig with your fingers over the back button.”. Should I upgrade to milvus? I’d second what vcarlo says – the 85/2.8 is a great little lens but the 100/3.5 is also a very sharp short tele. Thankfully, with time, that price has steadily dropped, which left us wondering if the Canon EOS 5Ds R would be a wise purchase in 2020. Maybe there is another single camera body option or a better combination option, I could dust off my RZ67 and get a back for it or would a Cambo, Hasselblad or Alpa be more suitable? I would say that with the exception of trying to pull critical focus at f1.4 on off-centre moving subjects in low light handheld at the Hanoi Cinematic Masterclass – a tall order under any circumstances, much less with 50MP – I enjoyed the experience very much. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review Nikon D850 Review Canon EOS 5D Mark IV vs. Nikon D850 Specs Comparison Posted: 2/11/2019 7:09:34 AM CT Posted By: Sean Posted to: Canon … The images shown and printed at the local Malaysian launch were equally disappointing; diffraction, CA and camera shake everywhere. Fear you not of Nikon future releases.”. K – understood. Wide open there is some variance in performance especially at close distances, though this appears to be a focusing issue rather than an optical one. In this review, learn all about its specs and capabilities. I placed the camera on a tripod in the dead of night, pointed it at a famous hotel in Dubai and took the shot with the timer (this camera is notorious for all sorts of image-blur problems though I am not entirely sold on the “shutter shock” theory that has made its way around the net (equally, I am not denying that there is a problem – perhaps the latest version has solved it???). Plus you don’t know how it will be handled in transit, either. Out of the thousands of frames you shot, how many times did you see moire? M mount on the A7 series is pointless because the lenses need offset microlenses on the sensor to work without corner shading and hue shift. Here in there State of New South Wales, Australia where I live I’ve been a Nikon user for 30 years+ and have never had an issue with any Nikon I’ve had, from my old FG, Nikons 5, D100 right through to the D810.Service first class, quality 1st class. I guess i will be the only one with both D800E and 5DsR and Zeiss lenses which fit both! Hi Ming comprehensive review as always. you also run into something which is central to much of photography: how much of the response to an image is due to the subject of the photo (an attractive and/or famous woman for example) /stunning tourist-y vista at magic hour vs the skill, talent of the shooter OR the brand/type of camera. Sadly, what you want doesn’t exist. The 5DSR has the highest resolution but visibly less distance is in critically sharp focus because the increased resolution also differentiates planes of critical focus more distinctly. What I’m saying is that perhaps Canon and other manufacturers do not need skilled photographers to demonstrate whether or not their gear can deliver tack sharp, detailed images – the trouble with using technically adept photographers is that their results / findings may show up the camera’s shortcomings. I saw some sample images for this camera months ago on Canon’s Japanese website and must say that I was not impressed with the level of detail. Really? I’m missing it already. Masterclass Chicago (27 Sep-2 Oct) and Masterclass Tokyo (9-14 Nov) now open for booking! I’d try to rent one first if possible. I think in your D810 review I read that it was the camera that needed the least color corrections from all the cameras you tested so far. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares his long term review of the Canon 5D Mark IV after using it extensively for two … First sentence in the review may help explain the choice of words. If my understanding is wrong, I will appreciate your comments. But, despite some impressive specs, the image quality that you can get out of the Canon 5Ds R is really all about what types of photos you’re taking with it. He’s getting his information from me, and I’m getting it through my own examination of 7RII test files captured under controlled/known conditions and cross-referencing with Lloyd Chambers. The E-M5II has the most accurate color, but the poorest acuity, slowest capture time and worst dynamic range. You need to decide how important that is. So mine never goes on the camera without a ‘FlareDinkum’ show mounted lens shade these days. Hi Ming, At 50.6 Megapixels, it's the highest resolution sensor in the history of EOS. We all thought the DF was going to be a proper digital F2/3…instead it turned out to be a retro-geek exercise with bad function and poor form. 2) Still 1/2x-1/3x. Why should I do that when your conclusion is quite clear: if it wasn’t for logistics and the lens lineup, you would have switched to Canon, right? -Again, use the Custom Controls to swap the function of the top Main Dial and the rear Quick Control Dial for shooting in Manual Mode. I just got a used A7 for use with Zeiss ZM lenses and find the EVF quite natural and easy to use. (In your D810 review you stated that for D800E you “could use down to perhaps 1/focal length at best; everything else was 1/2x (borderline) or 1/3x + (consistently sharp)”, and that for D810 “without changing anything in the way I shoot, I’m finding myself with an extra half stop to full stop of shutter speed before I see camera shake creeping in”. optimal exposure/ISO/tripod etc. There one of the factors you mention is the use of a tripod (and hence not using the camera handheld), regardless of the shutter speed. I had one such problem with the 2.8/35 PC: it sang on the 50MP 5DSR, but was very soft on the A7RII – almost as though I was getting free tilt in addition to […], […] pro or the reasonably affluent amateur. I give up something at the extremes of the performance envelope, but under those conditions I can probably stitch to close the gap. I take some Zooms and some primes into my arsenal and the select my 7 kg Hand carry. I knew from the start that the 5DS/5DSR wasn’t for me. Just get one of the engineers to take some snapshots’. And on top of that, Nikon has made it clear to me they are not interested in working with anybody who isn’t Japanese or Caucasian. The left-hand of the camera hosts the power switch, menu and info buttons, while the right-hand of the camera hosts the major control points. I’ve seen the same sort of “hue/tone flattening” when comparing some Bayer and Foveon sensor foliage shots. There are tons of Black Friday photography deals available this year. .cls-99{fill:#000;fill-rule:evenodd} Help Center. They’re so consistently bad that the Evil Conspiracy side of my brain suggests that choosing bad sample photos for camera ads is done purposely, to entice us to look and say to ourselves; “This is junk! Now, I am sure that evaluative metering combine with one of the semi-automatic exposure mode can fail you every now and then. Maybe the general level of technology service in Australia is better? In any case, insurance is not going to fix the problem if your alignment gets out on a critical part just before a job…simply too risky. and I thank you for that. Did you get rid of yours or have you stopped using it? Overall, yes – not very much, though. The ability to employ Zeiss optics and share them with µ4:3 bodies is extra gravy. -If you use the Custom Controls to set the Shutter Button Half-Press for “AE Lock (while button pressed)” you can then use the Shutter Button for AE lock in all of the exposure modes. But if any one of those stars fail to align, then you’re going to land up with something slightly soft-looking and just a tad disappointing: as though somebody slipped an AA filter back in the optical chain somewhere”. Stuff that has no equivalent like the 35/2.8 PC-Distagon and the 100-300/4-5.6 Vario-Sonnar. Ask yourself: would anybody still visit this site if that was the case? I can’t think of anything else except Camera RAW would have difficulties de-mosaicing the blue channel? The Nikons can be reversed in all modes – both assignment and direction. Lenses not in the Nikon system at all – the 17TSE, 70-300/4-5.6 L, all of that vintage Contax Zeiss goodness that isn’t F-mountable because of flange distances. Not DXO measurements, which don’t always agree with the real world. and don’t normally print above 13×19. I don’t know if that much testing has been done, but the correlation amongst my own lenses is undeniable. Unfortunately, it … For example, you can set the top Main Dial to control the aperture setting (set for Av) and the rear Quick Control Dial to control shutter speed (set for Tv). There is very little latitude for recovery, but at the same time, you don’t have to do very much work at all to the files if you get it right – the tones and colors somehow just look ‘right’. Moreover, I am entering a new world and even a bit strange for me: when am able to light up the shadows to that extent, with no visible noise increase, I am getting more of a “plastic”, “unreal” or “CGI” feeling…Therefore, I am sliding back the shadows, with no real gain from that great dynamic range. There’s a lot to like about the 5DSR, even relative to the competing Nikon flagship D810: But there were things that I didn’t get along with, too: By far my biggest headache with the camera was that it tended to be a ‘fair weather friend’: under ideal circumstances, on a tripod, or in very good light, with critical focus obtained with the very best lenses, the files are pretty incredible. While the camera is relatively heavy, this means that it is large enough to allow for a full range of manual controls. I can quickly sum things up for you: the Canon … For my photography I want to maximize sharpness and NOT bokeh! Incidentally, per Ming’s earlier comment on the first 5Dsr I believe the same may apply to the Zeiss PC Distagon too. Photography is just a hobby for me after all. Thanks for your hard work in putting these free posts together. That’s about it , Both the 5DSR and the D810 present focusing problems for the Otus lenses. 2) Leaving all the constraints due to ISO, dynamic range and metering, in terms of the reciprocity rule, i.e. As Ming mentioned, great shots in camera ads are rarely seen. I was close to jump on the Sony A7R2 system until I learned that Sony still didn’t address their crippled and awful lossy RAW and neither have dialed in their color algoritm so an easy profiling would be possible. Nikon having a 24 MP sensor in an APS-C advocates for the possibility of 54 MP FX. That’s the short of it and what follows is the long. Not formal ones. I would love to shoot the camera, but what I saw I cannot unsee. Canon is only interested if they can dictate 100% of what you say and write, even if it makes you look like an idiot. Should be incredible. Check this list of Adorama Black Friday deals, Amazon Black Friday deals, and much more! Custom shooting settings on the mode dial, easily accessible. I suspect that finding somebody with skills at the necessary level in both disciplines might be tough. I get decent service because I know the guy who run the service centre here, but that’s about it. Thom Hogan assiduously covers the Nikon beat over at his blog and has been very critical of Nikon’s quality control and customer service in the US. Always look forward. i would be scared to guess the ratio of cameras (including the ever more capable camera phones) sold per year as vs high res fine art prints. After all, the Canon 5Ds R handling should be as high-quality as its specs. I tend to do quite a bit of night landscape photography (always on a tripod, and bracketing again if necessary), and am planning to do a pano of the milky way during the summer of 2016. Is moire an issue with the 5DSR? In total, I shot three assignments, one workshop and north of 10,000 frames with it. Ming, considering your D800/E, D810 and this review, it seems to me that it is not advisable at all to use this camera hand-held despite its better mirror/shutter mechanism leading to less mechanical vibration, but, one can -at least occasionally- use D810 and with more care (due to its inferior mirror/shutter mechanism) D800/E hand-held. (Canon 5DS, 50mm/1.8 STM, f/3.5 at 1/60 at ISO 100.) An very good report, but the results of this review were forseeable! Although it’s a different focal length, I personally recommend the Contax 85/2.8 if you can find one. I can only tell what I saw at my fellow photographers: Nikon has a real issue with WB, colors rendering etc. Doesn’t that defeat the point entirely of having access to my audience?”. For many and unfortunately we have to buy the things to know if the overall needs are met and the camera actually delivers where we felt we missed a bit with the present. A slightly larger and slightly clearer viewfinder. (Optical formula seems to be identical on this lenses) thanks in advance and sorry for my english, it is nos my native lenguaje. The Zeiss Otusses are the best lenses money can buy. What is the point of high resolution if the level of detail / sharpness in the shots leaves a lot to be desired??? Mirror/shutter vibration is worse in portrait orientation because the movement of those elements becomes perpendicular to the axis of where the camera is held (hand-holding) or mounted (tripod) – rather than the vibration being absorbed at the bottom of the camera as it would in landscape mode, in portrait mode it resonates back into the camera. The first and LAST time I sent the camera to Sony, it took them 4 months to acknowledge the problem and then repair it. This is the first time I have read a review by you. 100% are not possible, but the better, is the good enemy! I have done enough work to convince myself it isn’t an issue, and I probably work under a far wider variety of conditions/subjects than most. If you are on mirrorless, the Contax G fit 90/2.8 is also reasonably priced and sharp. That is not their purpose. “Feelings of loss of 50MP, could back to it lead you. It’s far more likely to be ‘we have no budget to hire a photographer. Beyond that, not only the difference does not increase (as per your statement), but they seem to become practically the same. Because they never implement into their gear, what they are able to, but do their tactical maneuvering of what they do now and what they reserve for the next model to buy respectively for the model one step up in their lineup. Excellent, informative, and unbiased review. it’s a bit a a maze…and i honestly think if camera makers were able to determine that the technically best shots indeed helped sell the most camera they would use only those. It’s just confusing: having had two of these affairs now, first with the 645Z and then with the 5DSR, I’m left more uncertain than ever. I polled the rangefinderforum folks about the number of *framed* prints amateurs had done the previous year. I’m now in the position of knowing what I’m missing in every case, and coming to the only sensible conclusion that from an opportunity and ROI maximisation standpoint, the Nikon still remains the sensible choice. And that gap increases as you go up the sensitivity range.”. Visit the Teaching Store to up your photographic game – including workshop and Photoshop Workflow videos and the customized Email School of Photography; or go mobile with the Photography Compendium for iPad. Thanks for the article. You can’t push the shadows that much without noise – that I agree with. On the other hand, it’s fairly cheap (I bought mine for $220 including an adapter) so that can be forgiven. It is both very rewarding and extremely brutal on those who are sloppy on technique or cheaper out on their support gear, perhaps the most unforgiving I’ve ever used. Better AF acquisition and tracking – only one of my lenses required fine tuning, and even then it was by a 1/20 amount at one end. While the noise of the sensor should not really increase if two exposures were the same duration and the same temperature, if one exposure has the ISO set higher you will see the noise getting more obvious in that exposure, because the amplification spreads the tonal values of the noise over a wider swath of the shadows, and more of the higher luminance value pixels produced by noise will become visible as their contrast with lower luminance value pixels will increase due to the signal spread. A further 10m words in 95,000+ comments below the line. A camera remote, often called a remote trigger or wireless shutter release, is a device you typically use when you want to avoid camera shake during a long … Great honest review Ming! 9especially when you are vacillating between 2 extremely high performances examples of such) The commercial side of my photography requires both studio and location work and whilst I currently use my 5DIII for natural light/editorial content and the 5DsR for studio or on location artificial lighting situation, I feel like am condemned having two different systems for those applications but perhaps I am mistaken. It is a great point toward your thesis that no taking risks is a path that ultimately leads to stagnation, then loss. Long term review: Canon 5DSR (19 Aug 2015) Review: The Canon 5DSR, part I – solo (2 Jul 2015) Fresh off the boat: Canon 5DSR and some early … Having run a 645Z/D810 combination for a while, I’ll say it’s worse than two same-manufacturer bodies – you can’t carry ALL lenses for both, and the weight penalty is significant, plus having a field backup becomes costly and heavy. Moving to Nikon will only gain you dynamic range. Thank you very much!! I’ve also read a few reviews mentioning the higher than average noise in the shadow areas of a 5DS-R photo. Nope, sorry. So it’s more of a choice of what do you prefer – you can’t have both for now… , I had the same issues with ergonomics. In practice, whilst this works, it’s very clunky and means manual focus with live view on sturdy tripods all the time. eli may have found the problem behind the (way) less than stellar images used by almost all manufacturers in their ads; … the images are most likely chosen by the marketing department rather than photographers. Bottom line: the grass is always greener and all that…. Apple for it, they need it !!! You would then have to remember things go back to front again in Av or Tv, which will eventually cost you a fumble and a shot. What kind of proportion of your keepers were from the Otuses? If you’re looking for something – might I suggest a search? Or would the profiling process in the video result in one that is available to other programs? Great job people. Canon 40/2.8 STM pancake B&H Amazon Further to that, your review does help to clarify why Canon remains a popular choice among so many pros, however, despite their sensor architecture lacking the high ISO performance or DR of Nikon’s. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Long Term Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares his final verdict on the Canon 5D4 after using it for the last two and … I don’t think we are many who haven’t had an affair with a system that is different and better in some fields than what our present system may muster. And a full 5DSR mirror/shutter vibration test: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/56099564, Thanks – the direction of travel of the shutter would explain why we see that when using the optical finder, but it doesn’t explain why it still happens in live view with EFC…. Canon released two new full frame cameras, the 5DS and 5DSR, in the last half of 2015. High ISO noise may also reveal some non random pattern noise, which on Canon cameras and the Leica M Typ 240 may look like cloth texture or “tartan” patterns. Yes, but grass is greener and all that. Based on my experience with the camera to date, I think you might be right. The 5D Mark IV is barely more than a year old, and considering that it debuted more than four years after the 5D Mark III, Canon fans may have a long … Again, a great read. Given that it may not be such a challenge to do so. Thanks. Doug Klostermann I can’t speak more highly of them. Increasing the ISO. Please see the DXO graphics: http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Canon-EOS-5DS-versus-Nikon-D810-versus-Sony-A7R___1008_963_917. Canon is only interested if they can dictate 100% of what you say and write, even if it makes you look like an idiot. The ability to move the magnified point quickly in live view, hit 50 or 100%, and return to centre with single button presses – again, not possible on the D810. The D810 does quite a bit better because it has a smoother highlight rolloff that both looks more natural and is closer to the tonal response of film…. Didn’t investigate that one as I have the 2/135 APO. the thing is…under the right circumstances i’ve heard this about iphone and point and shoot photos….which kind of turns the whole conversation on it’s head from a camera marketing POV. resolution is around f 4) Besides 2.8 and where necessary 3.5 would give more headroom for corner sharpness, flat field and microcontrast. I suppose if one never tried the other side, you wouldn’t know what you’re missing. I actually liked it a lot but in square mode; it reminded me a lot of the Hasselblad V/80mm combo…. Personally I much prefer the Zeiss approach…, Ming – “No amount of money can buy honesty. The Sony a7 II might be five years old, but it still has features and specs that are well worth the price in 2020. I just want a modern, digital equivalent camera system for usage with real estate, landscape, & macro photography. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100 might be four years old, but it still packs a punch for photographers looking for a feature-rich point-and-shoot camera. As I don’t do billboards, I bet until I can master ultraprints, Nikon will have a camera above 36 MP. Great review Ming, thanks a lot! Not a professional camera, I think. Furthermore the less photography can serve as a frequent source of income, the higher weighs the amount of investment in gear. Great, Canon offers 50 MP, so does the 645Z. Keeping in mind the base line reality: camera ads are about selling gear. I’ve shot samples for Zeiss and Leica, but remember Nikon and Canon refuse to work outside a certain small pool…(though I believe McNally was one of those for Nikon a while back). If I desperately wanted that resolution, which one gives me more advantages? The 810 is slightly crisper than the 800E, but it isn’t always noticeable (dependent on subject and lens). Neither Nikon nor Canon implements the UHS II standard for SD cards to name just one of many, many things, where both are not up to the possible standard. It’s still just a small niche. You’ll fondly look back at the good times once in a while, maybe even with a pang of regret at what might have been. Canon 5DS and 5DSR: Hands-On Review Just Announced in 60 Seconds: Canon 5DS, 5DS R, T6i, and T6s DLSR Cameras Introducing the Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R The EOS 5DS DSLR Camera from Canon is the long … Any first hand experience or just reporting the usual web myths? For some reason unknown to a technically challenged person like myself, this is most noticeable when shooting green vegetation. absolutely. It isn’t that great in the corners even stopped down and unshifted. Thank you Ming. There is a difference in color rendition between N and C – whether it is an issue or not depends what you shoot. By the way, I just discovered your site, and in a very short time I’ve grown to respect both your knowledge and your refreshingly honest review methods. As usual, is refreshing to see that there are still people like you that likes to test things IRL instead that repeating heard assumptions , Because we have to make a living from using them, not advertising them . I didn’t find it to be a good solution at all and dropped the 645Z. Could have had a bad sample; being a not-so-popular bit of glass they only had one in the shop for me to try. La Paz Village, 11 November 2015. The only thing I’d watch out for is some loss in performance when the lens is in portrait orientation – I’ve seen this behaviour on many IS/VR lenses and can only surmise it has something to do with the suspension of the stabilising elements and the way this is done to allow for compensation in one axis and not another when panning. But I agree: sooner or later. Maybe you have a great Nikon support team. (WW can make up for the risks with higher dof) And the Sigma Art 1.4/50 – if not reaching the IQ of the Otus- is still far better than anything Nikon or Canon has to offer. (But Sigma and others?) of the same generation – required almost no exposure compensation; the newer ones tend to be a lot more variable. It turns out there won’t be a part two for a simple reason – I don’t see the point. Two 5Ds is really the same system, no? I was initially going to do a comparison between the D810, E-M5II in high resolution mode, and 5DSR – I don’t think there’s a lot of point, because they all each have some fundamental weaknesses, and some strengths – what is ‘ideal’ depends very much on your own needs. But your lenses are likely to leave something to be desired, and you’ll probably have to go Zeiss Otus – which aren’t AF. Given the use of a tripod and bracketing, is this good enough to overcome the DR limitation of the 5DS-R? I landed up buying a 24-70/4 IS L, 40/2.8 STM and 70-300L, and carrying these in addition to the manual focus lenses and a Nikon body for backup. Choose the delay and trigger it with a cheap IR remote, or just hit the shutter once. Somehow, the jump from 36 to 50MP magnifies the visibility of a lot of things: operator shake and critical focus/focal plane being the main ones. The lens lineup is only a problem for any system if it doesn’t contain what you need now – the speculation of what might come is a bad reason to buy any hardware. If there is a bright light source anywhere nearby then the lens absolutely MUST be flagged. Yesterday Lloyd were flabbergasted when he found the IQ of a correctly exposed ISO 100 shot of a mountain lake strongly compromised. I’d obviously pick up an Otus (55 for sure, probably 28 as well when its available) if I made the jump. I prefer the Nikon for product and architecture, because it seems to be more accurate under controlled light circumstances; the Canon does much better with landscapes. K7 – we’re still looking for a used printer to sacrifice. But then, NO, I won’t go for it. Do you think that the 645Z and D810 would be a good combination and would it be superior to a 5DsR/D810 combination? Canon has been long rumored to be interested in entering the medium format market. Everything appears normal from this side. GoPros are highly capable cameras, but with these GoPro video accessories, you can turn your GoPro into an even better option for photos and videos. It works with ACR only since that is the process I use…. Would that be Adobe Camera Raw workflow only? The EOS 5DS R camera features Canon's newest full-frame CMOS sensor. The D810 is linear. And yes, due to the air travel hand carry limitations I also integrate Zooms. There’s no question that if I were a Canon shooter, I’d be very happy at the moment: you have a tool that’s miles ahead of anything else in the system, can hold its own against the competition most of the time, and can pull ahead if the conditions are right.

canon 5dsr long term review

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