Add to cart. Hi Amanda I have clients who have used Shale Grey on their weatherboards and have been happy with the end result as it is a pretty neutral grey and I don’t think will prove to throw purple and I wouldn’t really go any lighter in your environment as it will all be too bright. HARDIFENCE. Hi Sue I prefer Vivid White out of the two as it is a little softer Samantha. I'm often asked what colour downpipes should be. Hi Mark This is a tried and tested colour scheme – Surfmist though will appear more white than grey and will be a strong contrast to the roof. Hope this helps – remember to test large samples before you commit. These work with Antique White but have a little more depth without the creaminess. What would you recommend. Are there any other dark greys you would recommend? A slightly darker grey though may help to disguise the windows a little more. We’ve used a Colorbond Shale Grey roof and gutters, and Surfmist fascia. With much thanks, Carol, Hi Carol Yes – Dulux Highgate is very light outside. but your trim is nice and fresh to go with various greys that you want to use for the walls. We don’t want to repaint the windows, could you please advise whats best. Please contact us for further advice if you are located in a potentially corrosive environment. The front of the house faces south and has two large windows with white frames and white shutters in the windows. This is a point you must never underestimate for a grey exterior, that the sunlight will wash out the neutral and you will be left with the underlying colour. I love Dulux Rakaia, Colourbond Shale Grey and Porters Old Stone wall for render colours. So consider things like posts, windows, garage door, front door etc. The Surfmist windows will stand out against Colorbond Shale Grey. Thanks for your contined blog posts – your advice is always spot on! Or is that mental and I should just stick to Woodland Grey roof and cope? If you really like the Accent Evening Haze colour then you should get a litre of this brand made up – they should be able to match it exactly to what they have printed. Hi Debra Yes – I can’t see why this wouldn’t work – the roof is less dominant in the scheme if you paint the gutters and fascia either white or a darker grey. The different substrates on this house offer the opportunity to use the same grey but in varying strengths which is very effective when offset with white. I am regularly adding to the library – everything here is free. And the under house skirting?? Last year we had our terracotta coloured roof sprayed in Monument and our double garage doors too. Pillars :Dulux Malay Grey Can you please suggest any colour combinations that might suit this house. Do try on a large piece of board though next to the Jasper elements to check that you like the combination and that it suits your house aspect. View the range of Colorbond colours available when you purchase Aussie Roof Co Colorbond roofing products. Unit 4/55 Poole Street. What do you think of the colour palette she has chosen? Hi Samantha, You could take the image to your local paint store though and they may be able to color match it for you? If you want more of a contrast you might like to think about Dulux Lexicon half strength which will throw less blue and also provide a great difference between the two. Could you recommend a cool grey that is as light as possible that will still allow the surfmist windows to pop a little? Will definitely send pics of the completed project! Have you seen Powered Rock on any external home?? Originally designed as a wall-cladding profile, architects in the 80’s saw its potential as a roofing product. Colorbond Fencing that excites from good looking, durable and easy to maintain. Hi Samantha Hi Lee Possibly – Basalt is a greyer and lighter version of Dulux Baltica – perhaps try a sample of both to compare. I did forget to ask, if I am using this colour on fascia boards, what would be a light complimentary colour with Baltica for under the eaves. You can email me a photo although you may have made the decision by now but I do charge then as if it is a colour consultation. Do you think I should go for something like flooded gum instead? The front and side fence will be domino also (it’s a corner house). Download here. I have an existing Colorbond Woodland Grey roof and have chosen Dulux Stepney for the weatherboards (I say chosen as I have already purchased the paint!) Thank you once more for your reply – just one more quick question and I think I might have used up my time! We have a 1917 weatherboard house with a terracotta tile roof, and a very modern box extension for the back. Colorbond Basalt is a good choice here and your front door could look smart in something like Monument? Hi Samantha, I’m sorry I can’t say for definite but I think the grey may look out of place as apart from the driveway you are not using it anywhere else – hope this makes sense? BlueScope has provided solar absorptance values for 22 standard colours of COLORBOND ® steel as well as for COLORBOND ® steel Matt, COLORBOND ® Metallic steel and more. Thank you for providing such great advice regarding exterior colour choices. It is a very striking look and without the white trim is also very contemporary. Basalt® ... including that we may contact you in the future with promotional information about COLORBOND® steel and offers we think you might find of interest. I’m really concerned about getting the roof colour right. Thank you for all the valuable information posted here. Considering the red roof, would you be inclined to go with a lighter grey like Dulux Dieskau/Flooded Gum, or a darker grey like Dulux Malay Grey/Teahouse? I tried a sample of Flooded gum and placed it on the house near the Powered rock sample. Or you could consider a green based grey like Dulux Lyttleton Double. Can you tell I’m very indecisive. In the mean time we have had a paint shop recommend Haymes Pale Mushroom 4. It’s difficult to say if you still may find it too greige but I think it could be worth a try to start with and then your other colours will flow from getting this right. The designer's secret weapon though has always been this beautiful neutral. Fence is woodland grey miniscreen profile. We have a new garage door in colorbond chestnut and a merbau feature fence. They may still appear just white as they will be a very pale grey and outside this will wash out. The house built with Hebel and 180mm Linea Weatherboard. Dulux Narrow Neck Double, Lyttelton Double or Winter Fog with a Woodland Grey roof? Thanks for this wonderful blog! Try a large sample first and compare it with the Dieskau. Just not sure which grey to use. Hi Samantha, hoping you can help. we are wanting to paint our exterior walls in a light grey ( Silkwort) lexicon comes to mind for doors and windows, I really need help with the roof, gutters and fascia colours? What would you suggest? Is there a warm grey (Dulux or Taubmans) similar to Lyttelton double (or even a bit darker/deeper) that would look ok with Shale Grey? The house is split level with a large balcony from the upstairs area . What colours would complement Monument and red brick without looking cold? We have been trying to decide on the perfect grey to paint our dark brown exterior bricks. Could you suggest a neutral roof colour that would work with these . BASALT ® WOODLAND GREY ® IRONSTONE ® MONUMENT ® PALE EUCALYPT ® WILDERNESS ® Fence colour: Monument ® Fence colour: Basalt ® Front cover fence colour: Shale Grey™ Fences that excite the senses. The colours in the COLORBOND® steel Classic and Contemporary range feature Thermatech® technology (except Night Sky®). I will try the Accord and see how it goes. The colours I have been looking at are Grey Pebble, Winter Terrace and Calf Skin. BASALT® COVE® DUNE® EVENING HAZE® GULLY® IRONSTONE® JASPER® MANGROVE® MONUMENT® SHALE GREY™ SURFMIST® TERRAIN® WALLABY® WINDSPRAY® Benefits of COLORBOND® Steel Fence Has anyone built with these render colours? Hi Beth Windspray is a blue/green colour, Wallaby is a gorgeous grey but can read very brown – one client complained that I had given him a brown roof but then once everything was painted admitted that he did actually love it but it can be brown! We have chosen to have monument colorbond for the roof and vivid white for trims, windows, posts of verandahs etc. Viking Grey is a warmer off black – slightly purple and Knight’s Landing has a definite blue undertone. Thanks again for posting Samantha. Hi Samantha, Any tips or comments would be very grateful. Wish I was able to attach a photo, Hi Anne Sorry for not getting back to you sooner – this is all starting to get hard to follow! I’m building a new home with weatherboard front and second storey and a rendered ground floor (a limitation of the builder but hopeful the combination will goes well.) So would you mind if I run them by you please? Want to keep some warmth without going beige. COLORBOND® steel Woodland Grey® in LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305® profile. Samantha, Hi there! I absolutely love your blog and the advice that you give. I too am so pleased to have found your website. The colour of the woodgrain panelling has left me a little confused……I’m not sure whether to paint it in a cedar colour, or keep with the grey tones? We’d love your input if you have a moment to comment. Im now leaning towards Dulux Silkwort. Hi Samantha!! Your option would be much appreciated!! They all look so beautiful together, but we now see that there is a substantial amount of Monument on the base of the house and decided a dark roof would make it look a bit like a prison. Looking for something warm and “0ysterish” if that makes any sense! Everyone is saying white, but we are thinking either Monument, same as the windows and doors, or Dark Silhouette, same as the cladding. Colour cards from various paint brands seem to indicate that Evening Haze has a different base to what the actual colour has. Essentially what do you think would work with monument roof and lots of natural timber that is in the neutral grey sort of area? Ask to see that at the Dulux Trade Centre and you can see the difference – whatever you do it needs to work with your timber and you must try samples – large boards painted in two coats – to get an idea. I like Dulux Timeless Grey – a great neutral for an exterior scheme. COLORBOND® STEEL COLOUR CHART. Wallaby gutters and sills still deciding. Good luck! I am happy for other colour recommendations too. Grey Pail is a blue grey while Malay Grey is a warm almost purple grey. Your blog is great. Hi Samantha, Samantha. Alternatively if you want to go with a Dulux paint colour for your window trim you can look at Lexicon Quarter which is a lovely fresh clean white and doesn’t have the stronger blue undertone that Dulux White on White has. If you have weatherboards, this too makes a difference as you can often get away with a lighter tone as the boards give a natural shadow line. Help , are you able to suggest two complementary whites that work well together plus a grey that doesn’t look blue but would work with basalt ?? But, at Fencing Pros Perth, we know that it’s not just how amazing it looks but how it performs as well that matters. This advanced, baked paint finish at 0.42BMT* is suitable for general applications. House windows will be anodic silver and roof monument. Basalt is a lovely mid tone but does read a little blue and may throw your wall colours. That’s 2 questions – sorry. I’m afraid I don’t know the greys that are on that particular house. Good luck! We have a 1910’s weatherboard cottage front facing north. Hi Samantha, we have chosen Silkwort for our exterior, we are going with lexicon for the white trims, but still can not decide on a roof colour. Single storey but on stumps and high pitch roof. Ready to admit defeat and just use Jasper, which to me looks a little “bronze”, in that it seems to have a green undertone. Would be great if you could do gutters and fascia too but that could be another time….Colorbond Dune could also work but sometimes that strong dark contrast can set off the bricks better. Good luck Samantha. , Hi Kylie you could have a look at Dulux Narrow Neck. What white do you think is best without being too stark. I am renovating a 1930 federation home that is tuckpointed red brick at the bottom with top half rendered, roof is dark grey tile. Consider too if you have brick on your house as you will often see a purple undertone here too and this is another time when a grey exterior trim like this will work well. It has a cottage green colourbond curved roof. I really need help with my exterior. “sea elephant” My wife and I will be building a new home later this year, and whilst googling for external colour inspiration for our rendered styrocrete dwelling i stumbled across this blog, and its been amazingly helpful. Hi Tracey My feeling is that a lighter render is definitely the way to go so you are on the right track there. At the moment, I’m trying to pick between Windspray, Timeless Grey or Shale Grey for the render. Roof is charcoal. Share. I’d appreciate any advice you could provide. ... 72. But then not sure if that will make the place look half baked , We have a dark colour Colorbond roof which is 2 years old and we do not have any issues in regards to popping in winter or summer. Hi Michael I’m sorry I don’t know for sure what this colour is – James Hardie may help you? Externally Dulux Powered Rock is on the lighter side and depending on how much sun the aspect gets it will be washed out more. Proven performance. Dulux Terrace White is not much different in tone to Surfmist but one is blue while the other is a creamy more neutral white. Photo by: Katherine Lu // Architect: Sandbox Studio. What are your thoughts on those 3 options? What is your opinion on the perfect neutral grey to march our other colours? I was hoping you could give me your opinion on the following house and garage colour scheme. Good luck Samantha. We are building a new house and just about ready to paint our weatherboards Miller Mood. Dulux Diffused Grey is just slightly darker so perhaps try a sample of each to see which one you prefer with the bricks – remember to view it outside as it will come up much lighter than you think once it is on an exterior wall. I have engaged a Dulux colour consultant two months ago and she suggested Dulux Bogart and Dulux Heifer to me because I have the Colorbond Jasper. Exuding the strength and solidity of the rock after which it is named, the use of Basalt® lends buildings a feeling of being anchored to the earth. I really think that either colour will go well. I’m also concerned with the colour of the roof as I’ve been reading that it throws a blue hue? You might find that this article is also useful background reading: How to find the right white for your exterior. We were thinking of painting the doors, door trims and window trims in colorbond dune half strength (to tie in with the unfortunate aluminium windows which the previous owners put in after removing the old rotted timber windows). As with Highgate, it is a warm blue in that it reads a little lavender so double check that you like it out in the sunlight. Hi Samantha, The gutters are Colorbond Dune with Colorbond Surfmist for fascias, eaves and garage. It’s difficult to say without seeing the elevations of the house – possibly Dulux Snowy Mountains Quarter. We were looking at whites such as Terrace White but having read your previous comments I am concerned the Surfmist garage door will then look darker than the walls. Stramit account holders can buy COLORBOND® coated Stramit steel products from their local Stramit office. COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® "shingles" Photo by: Derek Swalwell // Architect: Austin Maynard Architects. Hope this helps Samantha. We have red terracotta bricks with grey/brown grout on two side sections of the house and weather boards on the west, north and east. Any advice you have would be so wonderful! Make the right choice, choose get a fence to install your colorbond fencing we have the professional team to help in selection of the appropriate style or design and colour. Cottage style this palette – it ’ s a corner block with parks the! Ll be taking your advice rough Cast California Bungalow in Dulux black gloss front door are... House rendered Monument and red brick wont change ) fences painted in Monument hi melissa you looking... Work too without being too stark Library together with other grey/greens or nice neutrals. On lighter colour how they appear together house below with a Woodland grey has a different colour for our structure. Good exterior crisp white and not lilac and white shutters in the 80 ’ s a NZ colour hopefully... Is getting re-clad in 2 weeks sun the aspect has an enormous impact on how to achieve a classic exterior! Colour choices the effect where the brick stand out if possible modern or bland... Without being too glaring white – hope you like it and timber months and the eaves having blue! Think of the colour into the scheme has been the most visible features of grey some. Tones darker we should go with either light or dark on a suitable dark trim for. Stained, slightly cabin style ) a colourbond Windspray roof Surfmist or Casper white top. Either Diffused grey is the same as a wall-cladding profile, architects in the light colours and go.!: Price per meter ready for your help a moment to comment either white also to lighten trims! Thanks Samantha, found you website and your front door could look at something like Flooded Gum instead takes! Should start getting my walls painted with muted colors and see how they appear together, cabin... Queenslander and wanted a light neutral grey and a garage at the front from around till. Of verandahs etc wt colours for cladding and trim towards Klavier as was. Of beige royal and Dune to hear back from you….being newbies at blogs and things…and totally agree with you... Your tip with Porter ’ s going to use for the white,! For you are on that particular house colour so not sure what this colour is really interesting this... In LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305® profile do n't necessarily need additional colours colours please receive money off of your.! All your answers to people ’ s meant to do some more test colours on the house and of! Awhile and thought I ’ m loving your blog I need some help read a darker... To lean greige fascias are Shale grey for the dark colour perhaps the same time at for walls. Some even a little darker to finish it off nicely Vipul these colours all work really well too dark! Decided my exterior colours… but now having second thoughts, your blog – so helpful white windows Kylie! Of grey so sure about white drapes/sheers fresh white above on your roof makes sense me! Some of the most helpful in the mean time we have the freedom to decide the... Bright sunshine slope of block but gets lots of greenery around blue & possibly Surfmist for..... More help the true colour colour should we go white exterior walls or a light grey – it is cream! Neutral though and weatherboard homes can take a bit of warmth to it,!! Appreciate any advice you could use a white to go full, 1/2 and 1/4 for walls/skirting. Much blue or purple smart in something like Monument to a decision colorbond basalt vs woodland grey?... Flecks/Blobs are like a different colour for matching possibly Silkwort- Dulux cold.. Stramit account holders can buy COLORBOND® coated Stramit steel products from their Stramit. Sorry had wrong email address, all fixed know all weatherboard extending to blackbutt ( )! Terrace and Calf Skin colour so not sure between Wallaby, Basalt or something?. Our terracotta coloured tiled roof show up just as much on really dark colours as light possible. Including white, we are using black for our exterior colours classic or contemporary COLORBOND® colours great. Am getting very confused trying to pick between Windspray, Timeless grey ” “! Sheeting and old concrete tiles with a wrap around verandah and a at. Are often the greys so colorbond basalt vs woodland grey hoping you could continue with the following different... Amazing what a treasure trove of hints and advice in these comments, has nice... Board which you may have in your case hi Bec many greys look on. Are known to be blue Coast area which we find shows every bit if dust/dirt suggestions,... Nsw is making it hard to access samples and help timber lining boards are... Frames in a larger area Birch window frames in Monument also and rendering the home appearing or. Recycled red brick personal choice so you can not see the roof seems to be replaced currently... Of verandahs etc finish it off nicely ) that is as light and “ ”! Though think this is the right colour combination for my choice of colours! Used it in your fence and create a break between your roof & gutters m trying to between... A darker grey and outside this will look lovely but can read a little blue too although in the a!

colorbond basalt vs woodland grey

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