If a butterfly has ever landed on you, it is not because it likes you or because you look particularly like a flower; actually, it is because the butterfly was attracted by the smell of salt in your sweat and blood and it want to eat you. The fly tells the butterfly “do you drink blood?” The butterfly says yes, and they now meet for blood sucking club every Tuesday. Little is known about this behaviour, but there … The answers ranged from totally scientific to purely philosophical, but they were all pretty damn disturbing. Butterflies delicately kiss away the tears of their little turtle friends. Do butterflies drink blood from dead bodies? “””” Blood contains all manner of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for most living organisms. Flowers alone do not provide enough sodium for butterflies, so they are attracting to salty things. Comment deleted by user 1 year ago More than 1 child. level 2. A butterfly might be attracted to an opened wound because of the salt and the iron. Well, that is the fairy-tale version of events, anyway. It also contains a significant amount of sodium and glucose, two essential dietary blocks for most butterflies. Do butterflies drink blood? They're always trying to get minerals into their bodies. It’s called mud-puddling, and it’s very common butterfly behavior. I don't understand how they pay no mind to human expectations in their dietary choices. It doesn’t have to be dung, although that’s always nice; you may see flocks of butterflies having a nip of a dead animal (as depicted in this diorama of butterflies eating a piranha), drinking sweat or tears, or just enjoying a plain old mud puddle. They don't suck blood like mosquitoes. But if given access to the stuff, butterflies have been known to settle in and slurp it right up. If they have the possibility to do it, butterflies can drink human blood March 4, 2019 / in Animal Facts, Butterfly Facts, Cool Facts, Crazy Facts, Horror Facts, Insect Facts, Interesting Facts, Strange Facts, Uncategorized, Weird Facts / by Admin A fallen log was oozing fermenting sap, and while a fluffy pile of butterflies was sipping and slowly getting drunk, the two white-barred butterflies showed up and started a bar fight. But did you know that all butterflies, given the opportunity, will happily drink your blood? Butterflies and moths regularly congregate around mud, dung and even blood, tears or decaying flesh! Butterflies will drink any liquid (especially if it is high in sugar or salt), but they primarily drink nectar from flowers or juices from fruits. Butterflies drink blood. Rest easy, there aren’t any butterflies capable of inflicting a bloody wound on a human. A butterfly needle is a popular choice for drawing blood, getting IV fluids, or receiving certain medications.

do butterflies drink human blood

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