Without prejudice to all of his statutory rights, a worker may leave his job without notice in any of the following cases: 1. Resignation may be given by the employee so long as it is done so in accordance to the provisions of the Labour Law. Recurring monthly commission payments specified in your employment contract (eg. 57.Termination for Cause(1) The Employer may terminate an Employee's employment without notice for cause. The basic wage shall be calculated taking into consideration the total number of days in a year; Check out the various FAQ sections under the Info menu. 31.Termination for excessive sick leave See the info icon for more detail. It is intelligently designed to cope with all private sector workers under the different employment laws including: - onshore companies under the UAE Labour Law Federal Law No.8 1980- freezones (including DAFZA) with rules in-line with the UAE Labor Law - DIFC Employment Law No 2 2019 (NOTE: Our reports are updated as of 28th of August 2019 when this law came into force. We have incorporated this calculation in the end of service calculator … End of Service FAQ. Gratuity Payment (6) Subject to Article 66(7), Article 66(1) does not apply to an Employee who agrees in writing to receive contributions from their Employer into a pension scheme, retirement savings scheme or any substantially similar scheme, whether located in the UAE or elsewhere, instead of a Gratuity Payment. API for Business Date Calculators; Date Calculators. Go Back to All Topics. (c) ninety (90) days, if the period of continuous employment of the Employee is in excess of five (5) years including any period of Secondment. End of Service Reward Calculator Home The end of service benefits of worker’s rights on the employer in the case of termination of the employment contract, and it is obligatory on the employer to pay the worker at the end of the contract of employment, whether it is a fixed-term contract or indefinite. The wage of 21 days is considered for five-year service and wage of 30 days is taken into account for every additional year. Should the rules of the fund not stipulate that the amounts paid by the employer are in return for his legal obligation with regards to the end of service gratuity, the worker shall receive the amounts due to him from the saving fund in addition to the statutory end of service gratuity. ------------------------------- Depending on whether your termination was the result of your employer summarily terminating (firing) you for one of the reasons in Article 120 of the Labour Law, or not, it may affect your payout. 8. Apply. (b) committed a repudiatory breach of a provision of the contract of employment; or Subject to Article 66(6), an Employee who is not required to be registered with the GPSSA under Article 65(1), and who completes continuous employment of one (1) year or more with their Employer, including any period of Secondment, is entitled to a Gratuity Payment on the termination of their employment. Generally only if you can provide proof of recurring monthly commission payments can they be considered as part of your basic wage for gratuity calculations - using an average of the the past few months and applying that to your basic wage figure. Final calculation … DIFC 'Basic Wage' is defined below. (765) of 2015 (Article (1) II 2) says this should not exceed 3 months maximum). Gratuity Calculator: This tool will help you estimate how much gratuity you will get when you retire. Number of Views 189. Employee Name:* Joining Date:* Left Date:* Basic Salary:* Note: This is an electronic form for calculation basis only. The End of Service Gratuity for the fraction of a year will be calculated on a pro rata basis. Please note that you are not eligible for End of Service Gratuity if your service is less than one year. 66. If the worker fails to perform his essential obligations arising from the work contract, or to obey legitimate orders, or if, in spite of written warnings, he deliberately fails to observe the instructions related to the safety of work and workers as may be posted by the employer in a prominent place.

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