Haha. My current 645 is nowhere near as optimistic, obviously has nothing to do with being five years older or lack of fitness! Firstbeat Factette: The first Garmin device with Recovery Time was the Forerunner 620 (2014), I’ve had 65 in a lab a couple of years ago and sometimes Garmins give me as low as 50. Instead, Firstbeat Factette: The first Garmin device with Anaerobic Training Effect was the Fenix 5 (2017), What are the numbers? Usefulness? GPS Running Smartwatch with Music and Advanced Training Features. Muscles use oxygen while fat is simply stored energy. The fitter and more active you are, the harder you need to work to improve. Training Load is super-important to me. If you are not so fit then you might be able to maintain this for about 40 minutes but the fitter you get the longer you can maintain it for ie WELL over an hour. Does the chest belt you want for Lactate Threshold need to be the Garmin one or can any other HR sensor can be ok? How should my load be split over the coming few days? yup The more oxygen your muscles can get, the more nutrients you can aerobically transform into the molecular fuel (ATP) that your muscles use to contract and perform. Body Battery combines All-day Stress data, physical activity, and the restorative power of sleep into a single & easily understood metaphor. Similar VO2 max results can mean different things for different people. And it is clever. One popular misconception regarding Recovery Time feedback is that it should hit zero before your next session. 9/10: I really like these screens and the data they give. ), Main goal is to do Half Marathons (only half as I do weightlifting and don’t want to lose too much size ). Firstbeat’s Training Load reveals the combined physiological impact of all your activities in the past 7 days. To progress and improve, you need to challenge yourself in the right way and at the right level. The Fenix 6 features a special heart rate variability-based analysis capable of revealing the presence and intensity of the stress you experience. For the sake of a 5-second glance at the end of your workout, this is 5 seconds well-spent. A higher VO2max makes sport AND THE PHYSICAL RIGOURS OF LIFE easier. Been out of the garmin game for some time but got back in with the F6. Full adaptation to these conditions will take you at least 4 days. 10% discount (the5krunner10) at Power Meter City (USA). . 5/10. The altitude readings are triggered by your Fenix 6 but the temperatures are triggered from weather services via your Connect app. Here a different run is taken from CONNECT. First, mixing letters, numbers and abbreviations together makes things look scary and complicated. Read around to understand it, then Google XERT and switch on the lightbulb. I’ll stick with the 645’s image as the one the Fenix 6 shows isn’t as flattering Being more honest, I would say that the newer predictions appear more accurate to me. You will not normally see temperature acclimation or altitude acclimatisation unless you stray above 22ºC (72ºF) or an altitude of 800 m (2625 ft.) – 4000m. ... Fenix 3 HR: 9.8: Fenix 5/5S/5X/6: 9.8: Garmin vívoactive 3 & 4: 9.7: Garmin vívosmart 4: 9.8: Pairing your Garmin device with Garmin Chest Strap HRM will make it a very accurate and serious tracking device. You can also see when your body is in a state of rest and recovery. When values at the start of a run/ride are more extreme, say +6 or -6, then for me, they clearly reflect my feeling about my own readiness. Max Battery mode (the new name for Garmin UltraTrac) ups tracking to 50 hours on the Fenix 6S, but reduces GPS accuracy and should only be used for long hikes or ultra marathon distances. As humans our peak fitness potential is usually around the age of 20. Let’s skip past that problem for a moment. Recovery Time estimates have been updated for the Fenix 6 based on the latest sports science. VO2 max is the number that describes your cardiorespiratory fitness. You might choose to monitor PC during a run or ride and ‘go for it’ when PC values are positive. These elements combine to improve on the more traditional, less personalized predictions that relied solely on your current fitness level (VO2max) and general references regarding the sustainability of various intensity levels over time. The first thing to understand is that a higher VO2 max is generally better than a lower VO2 max. At the same time, many people find VO2 max difficult to understand on their Garmin smartwatch. In the case of Garmin’s wearables like the Forerunner 945, your VO2 Max score is represented on a colour coded gauge and is designed for runners and cyclists. My idea is to just buy a plan on TrainingPeaks and because AW5 has great integration with TP and it gets power based alerts (audio & vibration) it seems idiot proof for an amateur like myself. Similar VO2 max results can mean different things for different people. I’ve got to like this dashboardesque feature the more I glance at it. Here is the method that FirstBeat uses to estimate VO2 Max according to their white paper on the subject. I use power and FTP a LOT but don’t be taken in by the glitzy catch-all it seems to be. That’s the real challenge. I've tested between 75 and 81.5 ml/kg/min across a number of tests over 18 years. Maybe higher for those who are well-trained. compound that with your VO2max capacity (as you the human), then that DOES decline every year as adults get older but you might never see that decline if you don’t ever operate at your maximal limit, even if your vo2max and mine are the same then, so what? Improving it should indicate you are potentially faster but, critically, it does not take into account the economy of your technique. Your Training Load is ‘simply’ the sum of the EPOC values of your activities. Distance running isn't really going to heavily improve VO2 max I thought and its interval type training that would be geared to VO2 improvement. This is important because your aerobic metabolic pathways are by far your most efficient source of energy for your body. Like the thousands of athletes and explorers it was inspired by, the fēnix 6 … I got a Series 6 this week. Sorry, excuse my error below… firstly, a really great article. A lot of the confusion surrounding Anaerobic Training Effect comes from the fact that it doesn’t necessarily have much to do with how much time you spend in what some people refer to as the anaerobic heart rate zone (>LTHR/AnT/LT2/Z4). Firstbeat derives estimates of FTP from your routine efforts, which is potentially less hard on your body than some of the FTP testing protocols that exist. Instabeat Review – Smart Swimming, Heart Rate, AR and H.U.D. So, perhaps, what Fristbeat/Garmin are showing is my effective performance stated in VO2max equivalence terms??? The higher it is the better prepared you are for mental and physical challenges. Once your device has detected your lactate threshold, you have a chance to use this information to personalize your heart rate zones based to match your personal situation. Variation in physical performance between men and women mostly come down to differences in body composition. This looks at how you have invested your time across the training ‘zones’ (Anaerobic, high aerobic, low aerobic) AND it puts a little oval to show you the goldilocks zone – the OPTIMAL area. Privacy Policy: Cookie and Data Sharing Info. EPOC is used to describe homeostasis disturbance and when placed into the context of your fitness level (VO2max) and activity history also provides the basis for your Training Effect. TE can also be shown as an accumulating metric throughout your workout. 4 hours seem to mark a turning point in performance as fatigue sets in. I get stressed out just thinking about these things. You will need to have run outdoors with GPS tracking or cycle with a power meter for several minutes to produce the estimate. The VO2 max can be good fun, as I had a 620 that was happy to write a cheque for a marathon time that my body couldn’t cash! Using your VO2max as a baseline, Performance Condition tells you how your current run is stacking up to expectations. You can’t generally do anything with VO2max. You are sometimes prompted with your Performance Condition about 5 or 6 minutes into a run but you can also display it continuously as a data metric and/or analyse it afterwards. Firstbeat Factette: The first Garmin device with (Aerobic) Training Effect was the Forerunner 610 (2011, TE). Maybe I’m biased or blinkered in that respect. Usefulness? What? Tubolito Review | lightest fastest smallest strongest?

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