Abstract In most of the Rodinian reconstructions, the eastern margin of India is juxtaposed against East Antarctica with the Rayner complex being correlated with the EGMB (e.g., Yoshida, Funaki, & Vitanage, 1992). The origin of high temperatures during regional low-pressure granulite facies metamorphism within the Proterozoic Broken Hill Block, Australia, has been reinterpreted to be the result of burial of anomalously ... tectonic setting, and its relationship to other similar Australian … Origin and evolution of FeAl-granulite in the thermal aureole of the Chilka Lake anorthosite, Eastern Ghats Province, India. . Dehydration‐melting reactions, in which water from a hydrous phase enters the melt, leaving an anhydrous solid assemblage, are the dominant mechanism of partial melting of high‐grade rocks in the absence of externally derived vapour. Gansser (1964) marked a tectonic contact at the locale of garnetiferous amphibolite between sillimanite-bearing gneiss and metasediments (see Golani, 1964, p. 97–98). Harald Fritz, Veronika Tenczer, Christoph Hauzenberger, Eckart Wallbrecher, Sospeter Muhongo Hot granulite nappes — Tectonic styles and thermal evolution of the Proterozoic granulite belts in East Africa, Tectonophysics 477, no.3-4 3-4 (Nov 2009): 160-173. Mount Isa) during the Proterozoic. Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) U–Pb isotope analyses of zircon from a charnockite and a charnockite-hosted leucosome reveal that the felsic magmatism occurred at 2.53 Ga, which was followed by high-grade metamorphism and anatexis at 2.48 Ga (Clark, Collins, Kinny, Timms, & Chetty, 2009). Palinspastic (pre-rift and -drift) fit of India and conjugate Antarctica and geological connections across the suture. 8.3). Thermal gradient and geochronology of a Paleozoic high-grade terrane in the northeastern Cathaysia block, South China. To reveal the petrological characteristics, metamorphic evolution history and tectonic setting of the pelitic granulites from Ailaoshan Orogen, West Yunnan, China, a comprehensive Contradicting the traditional usage, the recent studies help to reinterpret the ‘Fermor Line’ as a metamorphic isograd boundary marking a transition between the upper amphibolite facies and the hypersthene-bearing granulite facies metamorphism in the south (Janardhan, 1983; Srikantappa et al., 2003). Melt segregation rates in migmatites: review and critique of common approaches. Garnet occurs sporadically (Golani, 1995). Isotopic constraints on fluid infiltration from an eclogite facies shear zone, Holsenøy, Norway. This contribution comprises a brief review of recent findings in the Dharwar craton north of the terrain affected by Archaean granulite facies metamorphism. Melting of the continental crust during orogenesis: the thermal, rheological, and compositional consequences of melt transport from lower to upper continental crustThis article is one of a selection of papers published in this Special Issue on the the theme Insights into the complexity of crustal differentiation: K2O‐poor leucosomes within metasedimentary migmatites from the Southern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo Belt, South Africa. The boundaries between facies (and corresponding areas on the tempera… Metamorphic facies. Granulite Gallery Petrological features of granulites, charnockites and migmatites. Variations in fluid activity across the Etive thermal aureole, Scotland: evidence from cordierite volatile contents. Fig. Chinese Journal of Geochemistry, vol. In mafic rocks, the presence of orthopyroxene, which forms at the expense of hornblende and/or biotite, is considered indicative of granulite facies conditions. 4.4. what is the tectonic setting of burial metamorphism? Harley, S.L. Metamorphic rock - Metamorphic rock - Pressure-temperature-time paths: Interaction between metamorphic petrologists and geophysicists in the 1980s led to the realization that each metamorphic rock follows its own unique path through pressure- (depth-) temperature space during metamorphism and that these paths bear little or no resemblance to steady-state geotherms. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. [1995, 1998] used geochemical and geochronological data to argue that an Early Cretaceous magmatic arc, chemically equivalent to parts of the Median Tectonic Zone, was thrust beneath western Fiordland … Kyanite occurs in muscovite-rich parts of the schists. The Grenvillian Provinces including the EGMB skirting east Antarctica were reworked, truncated and offset by Pan-African mobile belts, there by implying that east Gondwana underwent significant reorganization during the Cambrian, unlike in many models where it was assumed to have stabilized during the late Mesoproterozoic (Fitzsimons, 2000). Roy, Ritesh Purohit, in Indian Shield, 2018. A variety of mechanisms for generating low aH2O fluids have been proposed, including infiltration of connate brines or fluids equilibrated with metaevaporites, loss of H2O to anatectic melts leaving behind residual fluids enriched in salts and CO2 (Fyfe, 1973; Philippot, 1993), release of brines and CO2 from deep crustal intrusions (Hansen et al., 1995), and loss of H2O to retrograde rehydration reactions (Markl et al., 1998). Melting, carbonic fluids and water recycling in the deep crust: an example from the Limpopo Belt, South Africa. Granulite facies amphibole (pargasite) in the olivine gabbro is distinguished from the amphibolite facies amphibole of dykes and gneiss by sodium content that reaches 4.2wt%. Minor quartzite bands and few-meter-thick layers of amphibolite are reported to occur at different tectonic levels of the Naspe Formation. Furthermore, commencement of Red Sea-type spreading resulted in rapid heat discharge via spreading ridges and cessation of the high-grade metamorphism in the adjacent continental crust.

granulite facies tectonic setting

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