When an nfs alias is replicated to the target, the initial create leaves Job in Error state with  related alarm " Alias already exists on this zone". Supported releases are for Isilon OneFS 8.x . This validation must be disabled if any other DNS server is being used. 3) vi /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json and write "" as a value in the "plain_text" field and then save it.4) Copy and paste the following commands: str=$(sudo cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z' | fold -w 12 | head -n 1), echo -e "$str\n$str" | passwd screenshots, sed -i "s//$str/" /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json. Following features will no longer be supported as indicated below: What’s New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.6, What’s New! Workaround: SyncIQ Policy failover with manual client redirection. If the Target Reachability validation fails, the overall Failover Status is correctly in ERROR and failover cannot be initiated. As a result, the Job may have an error for these share/export/quota due to path not found error. Work around:  Before failover ensure a cluster report has been generated (cluster reports icon), or an existing emailed cluster report exists. In this state the Eyeglass GUI allows you to Enable this Job, but in fact after the next Configuration Replication Job the Job is correctly displayed with the Policy Disabled state. Eyeglass API now can be used to retrieve DR readiness information - please refer to documentation here. It will also cause an issue after failover as the target hint (for example “igls-8a”) will not match the source hint (for example “igls-8”). 2. Please following Technical Advisory #17 and Technical Advisory #22. Workaround: Add Authentication Provider to the Access Zone manually. It is deleted on the next replication cycle. This can be done from the Eyeglass command line using the command: igls adv readinessvalidation set --dualdelegation=false, Known Limitations for Eyeglass Configuration Replication, T1359  Update NFS Multi-Path Export path(s) may cause transient Configuration Replication Error, Export cannot have multiple paths that span multiple Eyeglass Jobs, T1743  Multiple export with same path and same client do not show Configuration Replication Error, T1847  OneFS 8 Overlapping Access Zone Replication has error, T1972  Snapshot schedule replicated with offset. For example, because MR release notes are cumulative, they can become quite long. After failover, the Quota Requests History will show state for all processed quota requests as error instead of showing the status of the request as it was when the request was processed. Eyeglass User Roles Default Roles incorrectly provide the option to be deleted when in fact they cannot be deleted. Workaround: None required. Workaround: Use fully qualified domain name for SyncIQ Policy target host and in the pool SmartConnect Zone name. OneFS or later Install the latest drive support package using the non-disruptive (NDFU) instructions in this document. Release 3.4.6 of the Isilon version of Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server provides the new features and fixes listed below. All OneFS release notes are available in PDF format from the EMC Online Support site. Should the share/export subsequently be deselected from Job B it should then also be manually deselected again from Job A. Release Notes Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server 3.4.6 for Isilon OneFS. Resolution: Permissions no longer duplicated for AD Group Run as Root SMB Share permissions. In the case where they have been provisioned with same client, Eyeglass Configuration Replication will only show error for this condition on the second configuration replication cycle. In a multi-pool setup, the failover log may report an error related to executing the post failover script even though the script succeeds. In maintenance release notes, the Enhancements and Resolved issues topics are cumulative and organized by maintenance release number. With OneFS 8 there is an entry in Zone Readiness with appropriate error. Workaround: None Required. It will display only the first time the alarm is raised. T4289  Delete Share or Export may result in temporary Audit error, After a share or export is deleted as part of Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job, the next Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job Audit task may incorrectly expect that the object is not deleted resulting in a alarm such as “, Replication job audit failed" - "objects not found on source or target cluster, hence audit fails”. does not indicate error when PowerScale node is not reachable, T2289 Backup Archive Job is not always displayed in the Running Jobs window, T2908 Renamed SyncIQ Policy does not link to RPO Reports from original SyncIQ Policy Name, T16729 Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Known Limitations, Failover with SyncIQ Encryption (Access Zone, SyncIQ, DFS, IP pool failover modes). After creating a Custom Job, it is removed from the Job list after the next Configuration Replication cycle runs. Workaround: Manually remove the extra Snapshot Schedule from the target. Access Zone does not affect Policy Failover and Access Zone Readiness and Failover correctly assign policy to correct Access Zone. Workaround: None available. Under certain conditions the Log View may not be able to Fetch logs. Eyeglass Inventory, NFS Alias audit and Cluster Configuration Report always have the NFS alias health property set to unknown. If a policy, dfs, zone or pool readiness alarm occurs multiple times, the Alarm time will not be updated with each occurrence. If a change is made to a Configuration Replication Job to deselect a file sharing object from the job, the parent node where there still are selected objects is no longer selected in the Edit Configuration window. Workaround: Review the Eyeglass logs at the time that the inventory alarm occurred and search for the string “Another instance of Inventory Task is still running. Starting with OneFS 8.1.0 and Gen6 models, Isilon again offers Ethernet back … SSH to Eyeglass VM (user: admin, default password: 3y3gl4ss). Workaround: Login to the Eyeglass GUI and open the DR Dashboard to review readiness. 649: Export sync where source and target path on each cluster is different is deleted and recreated in each config cycle (affects onefs 7 to 8 or 8 to 7 replication), 1462 - Export max_file_size cannot be replicated. A Backup & Restore does not restore the Ransomware Defender or Easy Auditor settings. Instead of reporting Pool Readiness alarms per Pool they are reported against the Access Zone that is configured for Pool Failover. Target reachability alarms related to Inventory or Configuration replication would have been sent. Email addresses in Eyeglass do not support special characters. Quotas associated with a Local Group (for example wheel) are not displayed in the Quota self serve portal when logged in as a Local Group User for that group. Please contact support.superna.net for assistance. All OneFS release notes are available in PDF format from the EMC Online Support site. Some versions of vmware vcenter HTML user interface have a known issue with OVA properties being read correctly post power on, leading to first boot issues. Resolution: Default concurrent failovers allowed is 5. As of 2.5.6-20258 build OneFS 9.1 is supported. Some fixes and known issues that affect OneFS code under-the-hood, and don’t have a known customer impact, aren’t included in the release notes. The Job is started but does not complete. When Run Now is selected for an Eyeglass Job which is disabled, the handling is different depending on Job Type and state: For Job which is “Policy Disabled” - Run Now is blocked for all Jobs, For Job which is “User Disabled” - Run Now not blocked and all enabled Jobs run. For smaller values such as, T2757:  Access Zone is not replicated from OneFS 8 to OneFS 7.2, T1976 - Eyeglass Jobs Window Edit Configuration does not show related Snapshot Schedules, T2920:  Access Zone Authentication Provider is not replicated to the target cluster, T3629:  Renamed Snapshot Schedule leaves original Snapshot Schedule on the target, T14803 Set Job Type AUTOSKIPCONFIG does not create associated jobs until configuration replication runs, T15321 DFS share name custom suffix may be doubled, T15884 Some scenarios in networking API failures during Configuration Replication may not block deletes, T16888 Configuration Replication fails if SyncIQ Policy source and target path are different and SyncIQ policy path contains special character, Workaround: Configuration objects such as SMB shares and NFS exports must be kept in sync on the DR cluster manually. Workaround: Create a file sharing object at or underneath the SyncIQ Policy path and in the Access Zone under which the SyncIQ Policy falls. Failover API does not validate source cluster reachability and will allow a controlled failover to start even if source cluster unreachable. The initial release notes contain information about functionality changes between the previous major/minor OneFS release and the current one—for example, changes in the formatting of CLI commands. New Configuration Settings for aspera.conf This issue does not affect SmartConnect Zone rename during failover. Workaround: In the above conditions these messages can be ignored as they do not apply. After failover the DR (target cluster) value will be synced back to the source (Prod cluster). Workaround: Use CtrlC to exit the command. For the case where Eyeglass is managing OneFS 7.2 and OneFS 7.1 clusters, an Access Zone failover between OneFS 7.2 clusters will fail as OneFS7.1 linmap command is attempted and fails. r readiness warning or error are not sent. Steps to do this are on the target cluster apply "igsl-ignore" hint on the pool which has the SyncIQ Policy Target Host. A config only migration job to a Destination Access Zone with existing shares and nfs exports, will delete any shares or exports in the Destination Access Zone which fall at or under the Migration Path of the migration job such that at the end of the migration job shares and exports on source and destination are an exact match. Workaround: Check which cluster has enabled SyncIQ Policies and then verify that other cluster is read-only to confirm which failover direction is active. For multi-site failover configuration the AD Delegation validation is not supported as it runs in parallel for both the A -> B and A->C resulting in conflicts and errors for both the self and cross AD delegation testing. DR Status of INFO does not affect / block ability to failover. Workaround: Do not use DR Rehearsal mode for policies which have different source and target paths, spaces in paths or special characters in paths. Using the isi alarm settings set command to customize settings for SCA0080 or SCA0081 alarms results in "Invalid alarm code" error. Unlock My Files now executed on selected cluster. Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL 11.0.01 1 Changes - … Looking ahead, we plan to combine the initial and MR release notes into a single document. When you have an unreachable cluster, Access Zone Readiness may take a long time.