(2013) Mangrove management in Solomon Islands: Case studies from Malaita Province. The study revealed that local communities in the area had positive attitudes towards conservation and that their demographic and socio-economic conditions influenced people’s attitudes. 0000007052 00000 n In 2018, MAP staff were asked to consult on 50ha of mangroves that had been enclosed and cleared in the Balikpapan Delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia…, In 1998 the Gulf of Fonseca was devastated by Hurricane Mitch. 0000006308 00000 n Mangroves Restoration in Response to Climate Change: A Case Study in Xuan Thuy National Park, Vietnam . A historic case study is useful to show how a situation has played out – giving the benefit of hindsight to draw lessons. 0000184857 00000 n 0000625191 00000 n \)/瑵S^���0ނ���]��xg�Vɲ�#k��5[�X��ʄ}��%ē���� ���C�C&c�1�Kv^�y��Kp&s&8�9����d��;d�C��Í͍����pcsc���1�w�v�k['��U|П���� There is growing interest in innovative ways to minimise the environmental footprint of port developments. 22 144 0000302693 00000 n 0000190395 00000 n In many cases, data on local‐scale environmental tolerances of mangrove species used in reforestation efforts is lacking, and failure of restoration projects has been attributed to incorrect species selection in plantations. 0000185645 00000 n 0000285285 00000 n Mangrove Action Project offers workshops on our award-winning ‘Community-based Ecological Mangrove Restoration’ (CBEMR) methodology. 0000191995 00000 n 0000190929 00000 n The case studies of mangrove rehabilitation and restoration in Singapore and Belize that we presented above illustrate these ideas and provide directions for future work. 0000035709 00000 n We documented all agencies and locations, involved in mangrove planting efforts, along with the major drivers of these planting initiatives, their extents, and the possible causes of the success or failure of planting. 0000287810 00000 n Resilience Thinking Applied to the Mangroves of Indonesia. The financial estimates in mangrove restoration projects are reported for 0.01 km 2 rather than for the area of the study site. 0000191195 00000 n Restoring mangroves is possible but challenging . The tropical nation of Singapore is used as a case study to investigate the various drivers of urban mangrove rehabilitation and the current and future status of rehabilitation … Lessons From the Restoration of a Mangrove System in Point Lisas, Trinidad and Tobago. Case study 21 March 2018 Corredor Azul 0000030854 00000 n 0000194468 00000 n 0000004739 00000 n The Guidelines also feature case studies from around the Western Indian Ocean region, highlighting best practices and lessons learned. startxref Thesis Report Lugas Lukmanul Hakim Wageningen University and Research Centre . 0000191728 00000 n The Mangrove Action Project (MAP) has adopted ‘Ecological Mangrove Restoration’ (EMR) as developed by Robin Lewis of Florida. Mangrove forest restoration projects undertaken globally to date have had significant issues and limitations and "most attempts to restore mangroves often fail completely or fail to achieve the stated goals" (Lewis, 2005). For many coastal communities, including those in the Western Indian Ocean region, mangroves are critical to economic and food security. See Case Study. endstream endobj 23 0 obj <>>> endobj 24 0 obj >/PageWidthList<0 595.276>>>>>>/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 25 0 obj <> endobj 26 0 obj <> endobj 27 0 obj <> endobj 28 0 obj <> endobj 29 0 obj <> endobj 30 0 obj <> endobj 31 0 obj <>stream In this paper, I first examine goals of existing mangrove restoration projects and determine whether these goals are clear and adequate, and whether or not they account for the full range of biological diversity and ecological processes of mangrove ecosystems. 0000188617 00000 n ISME/ITTO, Okinawa, pp 36–51 Google Scholar 0000010891 00000 n 0000040839 00000 n Restoration in Indonesia CASE STUDY 1 Community Based Mangrove Rehabilitation on Tanakeke Island, supported by Charles Darwin University and Blue Forest. CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems. 0000003176 00000 n Without project, the man- grove degradation process trend will carry on, down to a 80% degradation level. He started out by observing healthy mangroves around Tampa Bay as a graduate student in the late 1960s. In most cases, they approach mangrove restoration as if they were planting a forest on land. Herein we present results of a mangrove planting trial along an artificial tidal creek at Port Hedland, Western Australia. 0000194734 00000 n xref 0000005271 00000 n 0000018947 00000 n 0000193858 00000 n 0000185120 00000 n �A��P�$���=@i �4�*�o? Herein we present results of a mangrove planting trial along an artificial tidal creek at Port Hedland, Western Australia. 0000187300 00000 n Mangrove Restoration - Case Studies. Local communities valued those functions of mangrove forests that were directly linked to their wellbeing. The Mangrove Action Project’s second CBEMR training session in Honduras brought together government officers, NGOs staff including Goldman (Environment) Prize winner Jorge Varela Marquez, members of NGO Consultores en Desarrollo y Ambiente CODA, and local people as well as experts from the region to learn about the CBEMR technique and work on a demonstration project together…, In 2009 the Mangrove Action Project collaborated with IUCN and Mangroves for the Future to implement CBEMR Training Workshops in Ban Tale Nok, Ranong Province and Krabi Town, Krabi Province, Thailand…, On behalf of Wetlands International Africa, the Mangrove Action Project (MAP) undertook a second two-part training on Community-Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration (CBEMR) for 28 participants in Kibiti and the Rufiji Delta, Tanzania….

mangrove restoration case study

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