So I must say that I have to drop this kdrama on eps 12. The web drama will be first released Tiktok app in July and then will be released on tvnD Youtube channel, check the link at the end of the article. Female Lead should looked mad, but her face was like having a normal conversation. Cast Its not easy for you to forget someone, even jon soo 'the perfect man' can't make woo yeon forgeting soo. Darkeyes28 Nov 25 2020 2:49 am i know what it feels, i feel lee soo and also kyung woo yeon pain. I don't recommend this kdrama. partnered with Male Leads who are good in expressing emotions through their eyes. YesAlwaysAfterallthistime Sep 26 2020 11:25 am One is her. Not a fan of ong seong-wu before, i dont know him either, but when i watch this drama, wow superb im hook with him. Also known as Number of Cases Friends Become Lovers, the new Korean drama will also be available on iQIYI. I like it, I like the new episodes! SSS Oct 08 2020 9:57 pm Suzy plays Seo Dal Mi, who dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs, while Nam Joo Hyuk co-stars as Nam Do San, founder of Samsan Tech. 'At Eighteen' was also almost a melodrama. Dysphor Oct 05 2020 5:24 pm Shin Ye-Eun is a South Korean actress and model who is born on 18 January 1998 in Sokcho, Gangwon Province, South Korea. More Than Friends cast: Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Dong Jun. ever since Black with Goo Ara. i really hope KWY not end with lee soo or depyo. He is successful in business and real estate. Sementara itu, Kyung Woo Yeon (Shin Ye Eun) bekerja sebagai pembuat kaligrafi. I repeat it lee soo is a jerk for being like that. Ong SeongWu debuted as a member of Wanna One after "Produce 101" Season 2. The shoots and scenes are really pretty especially in ep 2. Liana went Nov 17 2020 2:51 am 2019 Brand of the Year Awards: Rising Star 2019 12th Korea Drama Awards: Star of the Year Award (He Is Psychometric) 2020/04/09, Source. ThreeStarsToTheLeft_WELO❤️ Aug 07 2020 5:25 am He has established himself as an actor, notably through his participation in various television dramas such as "The Fugitive of Joseon" (2013), "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-Ho" (2016), "Black" (2017), and "About Time" (2018). wooyeon's character here is the worst oh my god im so mad tbh, and her friends too. window.W4GRB = new Object(); The series is about a working-class girl who gets tangled up in the lives of a group of wealthy young men in her high school. Im sorry but i really cant tolerate this. Looking forward for a nice story.?? 1 star Sep 27 2020 2:00 pm it is a romantic comedy so don't expect the story to be really deep. Young K ? Densaturn Nov 18 2020 12:01 am Boys Over Flowers (Korean: 꽃보다 남자; Hanja: 꽃보다 男子) is a 2009 South Korean television series that is based on the Japanese shōjo manga series Boys Over Flowers (花より男子, Hana Yori Dango) written by Yoko Kamio. I prefer Joon Soon than the lead. It is very nice specially i love the drama plot and ofcourse shin ye eun the second lead was also handsome! Wow that was such a good series! The "bad" boy comes from a dysfunctional family? Why i always fall on the second male lead, i feel so bad for him. The story started frustating since episode 11, na shiro. We all waiting for you guys <3, Heliotrope Aug 07 2020 7:13 am More Than Friends | A Korean Drama Cast and Synopsis. she need love her self before love other people (and stop blaming lee soo for everything she has done). More Than Friends (2020) is a South Korean TV series premiered on September 25, 2020, on the original network JTBC and also distributed by JTBC network. The celebrities here wasted their talents because of the ugly script and the worst plot ever. Channel: JTBC. Title: More Than Friends (경우의 수) Director: Choi Sung-Bum. This is 10 stars for me. First, I really like Shin Ye-Eun's acting abilities. its plainly obv that ppl made LS the bad guy when KWY herself was so so so selfish and frustrating. } I don't know, that's how I feel. Just because you have a really handsome face doesnt mean you can control one heart when you want. He has since tested negative, but is in quarantine per government regulations. This drama is so cliche judging by early episodes and trailer. Anyway thanks for good cinematography. I hope she keeps on acting in more kdramas, definitely enjoyed watching all her dramas? Despite the fact that they have been friends for over 10 years, they hadn't spent more than a few months together and actually don't know each other very well. I have never felt as much aversion to a character as I do from the photographer / friend (Lee Soo), so I wish with all my heart that Kyung Woo-Yeon finds love for herself, at the very least, and that it doesn't end with Lee Soo (he's doing a great job of making me hate his character, congratulations Ong Seong-Wu, your character must suffer and not be with the girl, go ahead!). Woo yeon already loves soo for 10 years, she trying hard to forget him but she can't. Stopping at episode 2 because her childish behavior is annoying. Much of the story is realistic-hurt people hurt people. Curious how the 2 will end up together because CEO is really good for woo yeon. I think their relationship as friends gave them an edge over the other relationship because they are comfortable being together. I am waiting for next episode. It's awkward! First drama of ML and FL, very impressed with their acting. MilkyStar2950 Sep 16 2020 11:45 am No matter who female lead choose, one of them will be hurt especially second lead. m Nov 30 2020 3:35 am He filmed … Kim Dong-Joon is cute. Both male leads are acting exactly the same right now (only past is diff) so how's one justified but the other isn't? He previously acted in web dramas "Room of Romance" and "Mood Maker". One can learn many things about a complicated relationship. I do think that the writer wants us to get irritated by KWY, I feel like KWY is suppose to be really irritating in the drama and I think that is the point of the story. This story is about two characters understanding more about the complexities of having relationship from friends to being a lover. She has had a crush on Lee Soo for the past 10 years, since she was 18 years old. Second lead syndrome on 100...!!! woo yeon being a stupid because she can't forget soo, and jon soo being a pathetic man. Genres: Drama, Korean Drama. FGGG May 10 2020 1:27 am lmao its so cliche. She's playing her character so well! OJS? Production Credits. Lee Soo works as a photographer and he is attractive. They just didn’t get the right timing. Pathetic. Status: Ongoing. I like both main leads' acting and their chemistry is good! coming to the 2nd lead OJS, he was a good character at the start but it become very uncomf when he kept following her everywhere. YGKPLUS model and rookie actor Son HyeonWu is part of the cast. @Rose couldn't agree more. I think this was the reason why he rejected her. But, I can't sit through anymore of this!! I will watch it! Wow … As expected .. Fighting! Those puppy dog eyes are killlllling me. I love elephants Oct 11 2020 8:59 pm But i agree to other comments that say they lack chemistry. Released: Sep. 25, 2020. If you are here to check whether the drama is worth watching or not by ratings then don't do it.....just watch it.....Idk why the ratings are so low. Just because he has a handsome face doesnt mean this a right thing to do. Ong SeongWu, Shin YeEun, and Kim DongJun are the lead actors. If this a realistic drama lee soo should really have left alone. Thats why, he reject her. He is known for his participation in the survival reality show "Produce 101 Season 2" where he finished in fifth place and is a former member of the show's derivative boy group "Wanna One". Doreza Oct 14 2020 7:33 am Main Cast. wanna one jjang Aug 31 2020 8:22 pm If i were KWY, i would do the same. She is determined to get over what she considers this curse of not being able to experience love. Alina Furtado Nov 09 2020 6:14 pm The male lead is not a jerk for rejecting Woosyun. Toxic with more topping on toxic. Synopsis. 1004 Oct 04 2020 4:02 am Ye eun and ong fighting!! Great romantic drama. Jen spry Nov 09 2020 9:39 pm can't wait... because this drama will release on my birthday yeay!!! This is something that I never expect from Kdrama. Seong wu aaahh I love the way you smile. Ong SeongWu, Shin YeEun, and Kim DongJun are the lead actors. I support OJS & KWY together! i like this drama, it gives me cozy feelings. Major second lead syndrome here!!?? I am only on episode 6 but i know he wont get the girl in the end. She keeps blaming her heart and her feelings but it has been TEN YEARS. Hope it gets better. But not everyone have happy endings, life is unfair you have to deal with it. But the fact him acting cold to woo yeon is seem to be "romantic" when it isn't is so cliche. Although its quite obvious that Lee soo behavior is due to his childhood, I sense his character as a very sensitive person. If shes not good enough for you in this drama, then its up to you. So important! Joanne Nov 17 2020 10:24 pm But the writing are good. For me, even if the plot is cliche, I don't mind at all because I just like the plot as it is, and I'm sure there are people who like to watch this kind of story. Ughhh the stereotype that woman likes to be ignored or given a cold shoulder really does tick me off. This drama is so good ...act ,chemistry and story ... onge...good job your act is improve so much. It is toxic love or destiny or true love ? The only parts I really hated was when she was with the CEO; it really was kinda annoying even though it was part of the plot. so far i've seen two. Dee Dec 02 2020 2:40 pm On ep 8 and I’m so sad as to how they will manage to twist the story to make the ML and FL end up together. Due to a misunderstanding, Lee Soo and Kyung Woo-Yeon have held a crush on each other for over 10 years. It's actually good! Aisha Oct 10 2020 9:59 am So now SYE what to binge watch... Oct 31 2020 3:29 am Hope more viewers watch it. This is seriously hurt. So its the same with her, cause she doesn’t know what LS did in high school, he did sweet things only towards her. I hope they will be together again in a drama with similar plot. Jowahae, Mei Maftuchah Apr 10 2020 5:46 am I also watch at eighteen and travellers 2 and i can say that hs really good with his craft and charming. Her husband is Joo Dan-Tae (Uhm Ki-Joon). Yy Oct 18 2020 9:44 pm Its not cute or lovey, its pathetic. She is a grown taxpaying woman. I don't get why she has to be in a relationship. She Oct 05 2020 12:46 am @chuchu osw is great with expression tho, i don't see where he's stiff.... not only me but many kdrama lovers/experts who are mot his fans said so.... for sye it's because kwy's character, her acting is good. I get why a lot of people's blood is boiling while watching but I personally like the story line. Note: This is an opening week review only. Smiles Apr 25 2020 5:01 pm Episodes 15 & 16 have been postponed by a week due to Kim Dong Joon having crossed paths with a COVID-19 patient. Ong seong wu & shin ye eun fighting!! I can't wait for the subs of ep. It is such a coincidence OSW and SJH appear together on variety show a few months ago, so I compare both of them since they play character with same name. The dialogues are very well-written though. With dreams and ambitions and a heart ready to love, it was only a matter of time before she fell for someone. Supporting Cast. And somehow you still have some feel left for him. I was really surprised while reading comments and seeing how so many people didn't like it. Walking nerd Oct 13 2020 2:43 am OMG latest ep just toooooo goooooodd, exactly my cup of tea. I have watched all of her dramas and she has different roles from "A-Teen, He is Psychometric, Meow the secret boy, and this More than friends." Starring Ong Seong-wu (At Eighteen) and Shin Ye-eun (Meow, the Secret Boy), More Than Friends tells the story of two people with secret feelings towards each other who have stayed friends for ten years because of a misunderstanding. I love how the writer complicates the story but it’s moving and makes you want to think which one really is the best choice. I don’t think he is. Outstanding casting members bringing alive each character of this romantic drama for fist or 2nd time around seeking that perfect someone to be with, even seeking "reasons why not"- beautiful & well balanced chaos with a very "small misunderstanding"- the writer & director "two thumbs up" on a drama's tittle well named - let's Ace this one for many young adults to view & enjoy watching - I did at age of 65. for this drama episode 3 will air next week due to chuseok day? Supporting Cast. I'm so delighted and glad Ong Seungwu is the main lead! Now that Kyung Woo-Yeon has shown some weak resistance, he wants to be with her? It’s just simply loving the person for who he/she is. Jams Oct 26 2020 8:13 pm Some people think of him as abusive. And fall she did; for her friend, Lee Soo (Ong Seong Wu). Then lee soo realized that he really really like woo yeon. He didn’t believed that love can be lasting and real because of his painful memories of seeing his parents fighting all the time. The main couple is adorable-both flawed by past hurts. Early working title was "Chingueseo Yeonini Dweneun Kyungwooui Soo" ("Number of Cases to Go From Friends to Lovers"). From my point of view this drama is good. They all need to stop pining after eachother and "just live a good life" as WY said. I chose to watch this drama because of Shin Ye-eun and Ong Seung-woo but I stayed because of the second lead couples. @ok I think SYE is a great actress. I don't like the male lead, he has not facial reactions. Leave woo yeon alone! The director saved it a bit by making the settings pretty. Ong SeongWu debuted as a member of Wanna One RHS Nov 07 2020 4:13 am Potata Nov 30 2020 10:45 am I really wanted to watch for dong jun:(. Really hope this Lee Soo (Ong Seung Woo) have a happy ending. The drama showing us, love its not easy. If he wasn’t so convincing in this role, I don’t think the drama would be able to carry its construct as far as it does. never have i felt such frustration towards the main characters (and sometimes the side characters too) but i keep watching it hoping it will make sense in the end. I would think that LS suddenly wants me because he was jealous and didn’t want me to date anyone. accept plsssssss, © I dont like lee soo acting. I love the cast, but the story is just another thing. Basic Profile Details of More Than Friends (2020) Name of Drama: More Than Friends; Other Names: "Number of Times A Friend Becomes A Lover" In this condition, its very normal for KWY to act like that. Aisha Oct 16 2020 1:44 pm because of P.O haha. So proud of Actor Ong ❤️ His acting is improving and he's doing so well now, i'm falling in love with the plot too can't wait for the next episode to air ?❤️. Second lead here?? Ceonim Oct 18 2020 8:47 am But could you please change the title...I worried some people might not watch this. <3, Carrie Sep 08 2020 10:50 pm Only my opinion. But why Shin Ye Eun again? All rights reserved. Another Lee Soo from JTBC Drama. Other Name: 경우의 수. But because of his family problem, he built a wall against her and eventually realized it when its too late. Ong Seong Wu will be seen as an extremely handsome photographer. the chemistry of the leads so far is really good. Goodluck. It tells the beautiful love story of a man and woman in their 20s. I believe they will get awards soon wif the hardwork. I also love the casts❤. lol Sep 27 2020 10:32 am So I would't really call him stupid. aaa can't wait for your new drama seongwu ! Aakanksha Rathore Sep 28 2020 5:56 am SERA Oct 03 2020 1:59 pm So Wooyeon’s current conditions can also be understood. I love to see her more in drama. First still images for drama series "Number of Cases." Array(); Friends-to-lovers stories never get tiresome. Hope that Wooyeon still ended up with Joonsoo, otherwise it's just stupid, frustated and wasted plot. dishuxx Nov 10 2020 10:32 am Dont watch it makes your blood boiled!!!!! Unlike the others, i am loving this drama. Shin Ye Eun was good in acting. My first drama watching ong seong woo! cant wait for new episodes. I can't wait ep 3!!! Wie Oct 19 2020 11:29 am Except for O Seong Woo fans. I've seen her other two dramas too.. She's new so please cut her some slack.. M here still waiting for a turn of events tho. Abigail Apr 22 2020 2:38 am I will continue to watch because of Shin Ye-Eun and throw a soft sponge at the screen whenever the "bad" boy shows up. diana chan Sep 28 2020 12:10 am I know you do too. Savanna Sep 28 2020 6:28 am Shin ye eun is the best! I'm not a fan of lee soo either. manalr Oct 10 2020 5:46 am Vivk Oct 02 2020 3:07 am I also can't understand how many of the audience dislike Joon soos behaviour but always justify Lee soos. Onge is real good at acting, i hate his character even tho iam a fan. I just waited to see how things were gonna turn up for them.. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); She has had a crush on Lee Soo for the past 10 years, since she was 18 years old. OFC He Wold Reject Someone Who He Doesnt Life. Rejecting someone that sincerely in love with you two times and somehow fall in love with her when she is finally move on and having a good life. [CDATA[ @Aisha, agree with you. I love the dialog so far. Seven years later, she tries her luck again only to be rejected again. No emotion. I love her friendship with the ML guy and I love that now both of them are truly honest with their feelings. I like the chemistry between all the friends. hanna Dec 22 2020 12:18 am gusta Oct 28 2020 8:53 pm I need Kim dong Joon to be the male lead in his next drama stat. but i still love Lee Soo. Its so frustrating to watch her pine and cry over him for 10 years. I cant decribe how much I luv it. Racheal Nov 25 2020 2:21 am I think the main lead pushes the girl away and says he doesn't like her because of his parents. Mustwatch Nov 07 2020 12:19 pm Biasismine Oct 17 2020 8:30 pm Very good in delivering the characters, scripts, and emotion. gak suka pokoknya :(, Rose ann Nov 09 2020 9:52 pm universe Sep 28 2020 8:36 am Nomnom Sep 06 2020 10:36 am LS is really annoying but considering his upbringing you also somewhat understand him as well. Huhuhuhu I need a sign to finish or just officially drop this drama. I like this drama. Ema loma Sep 28 2020 4:18 am Continued watching because of the two leads. I just hope through the middle episode we will get a real climax that will keep people interested in this drama. LoveThisDrama Oct 28 2020 7:59 pm I prefer the love stories and acting of their friends than them.

more than friends kdrama cast

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