Oh, What a Night features Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the hit series Sherlock going on a date together. It took her a few seconds to realize he was laughing. "Okay, yes I will stay. He was just what she had always wanted. Civic Hall, Lee St, OL3 6AE Saddleworth, UK. She pulled the phone from her purse. Your favorite comics, but in a shirt form. "I told you last week that key was not strong and that the lock needed to be replaced." clock. It must be shock she decided. Shenanigans ensue. :D. The day had started out well. I owe you one." Murder had been attempted and it had taken Sherlock Holmes to deduce what was going on. It contains major spoilers. They were her friends, she had explained, but he had replied that John was merely someone she worked with occasionally, and that she didn't know Mary at all. She was not going to cry she told herself firmly as the tears began to fall. Mrs. Hudson tutted softly. Sherlock pushed the coffee table the side and scooted furniture until a clear space was made in front of the sofa. She asked incredulously. He looked down and gently brushed a lock of hair from her face. Molly thought of the beautiful music Sherlock had played for the happy couple. This is the story of what takes place after Sherlock leaves John and Mary's Wedding Party. Sherlock Fandom Sherlock John Bbc Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Moriarty Watson Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock … Oh, What a Night: 14. Sherlock wrapped his tall frame around her small body and they swayed together hardly moving at all. Are you sure? Do you really want to face unnecessary harassment? "I do know how to make proper tea, you know, and for your information, you will find the beverage to be exceptionally potable.". Why go? The sound made her think of a bullfrog at the bottom of a well, but she decided she liked it. your own Pins on Pinterest She stopped and looked at Molly in concern. "Yes," Molly said simply and the two began to sway down the hallway to Sherlock's room in time to the music. Directed by Eric Till. I'm so sorry. Are you going to deny me the chance to return the hospitality? sherlockedit 10yearsofsherlock bbc sherlock sherlock john johnlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman ASiP they really changed my life mine my edit idk when i'll be able to listen to oh what a night … "Don't be ridiculous! Tom hadn't wanted to attend the wedding and couldn't understand why she insisted. Rose. ", Molly stayed where she was. no copyright infringement was meant with the use of the song, all rights belong to the artist Molly sighed. I really love Tom. She watched him gazing at the energetic dancers; then he turned and walked away. "If you don't know how, I can teach you," Sherlock said. "Do you want to talk about it?" Molly easily fell into the nuances of his moves and they soon were dancing as if they had practiced together for years. Why was he staring at her neck? They sat in companionable silence as they finished their tea. "Hello Sherlock. Molly's fingers trembled beneath his touch. "Oh, I haven't decided. 2017-12-28 - Oh, What a Night - Chapter 4 - penumbra - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own] Więcej informacji Tego Pina i nie tylko znajdziesz na tablicy Johnlock użytkownika PurpleGirl 96 . she groaned in frustration. It's not important. His hand rubbed the third finger of her left hand where the engagement ring had been. ", Sherlock rolled his eyes. She was shocked at how easy Tom was going about this. "I would never poison you, Molly," Sherlock said as he took a sip of his own tea. What a lady. He wasn't Molly's first, but she had been his. Show Map. "Oh, What a Night" is a song first recorded by the doo-wop group the Dells and released in 1956, originally under the title "Oh What a Nite". "Do you realize how much you talk about him? In a small Canadian township two lads start to investigate the world of women, with some advice from the local Scottish shop and garage owner. Molly had only seen Sherlock's flat a couple of times; once at the fateful Christmas Party from hell that she would rather forget. Thank you to everyone who came along to see us on our 2019 tour - we had an absolute blast celebrating the … "I know the basic steps," Molly admitted. Oh, What a Night features Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the hit series Sherlock going on a date together. 2.4m likes, Comic Sherlock didn't say anything. Things between them had been rather strained recently. I brought your violin. Could you look and see if you can get the door open?" 83.8k likes, Hello! Molly bit her lip. One of them tries to impress his girl with his dad's various cars while the other takes an increasingly serious interest in an older woman. Oh what a night // JohnLock \\ - Duration: 3 minutes, 31 seconds. I drew this comic 2014-2016. He looked like someone who had lost his best friend. The ceremony was beautiful. Romance "There you go again, defending everything the man does!" I did not realize you were such a jealous man. "Dance with me," he said to the astonished pathologist. 221b was a cluttered mess. Molly stood still, she should be devastated but a curious sense of relief flooded her.

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