******************************************************** After it went through a few start up routine the “5 alarms” message would come up. Help keep your pool safe. Kindly help. Troubleshooting the stacked exchanger type of heater is not much different than other electronic or digital pool heaters. PENTAIR MASTERTEMP ELECTRICAL TROUBLESHOOTING . For most homeowners you will be using the Pentair SuperFlo VS to replace your existing pump connected to a standard time clock. The exhaust pipe is leaking water. The valve has to allow enough water into the heater, not too little, not too much. IF it stays running, first look for a cause of overheating, such as poor exhaust thru the heat exchanger or out the top, or debris on the burner tray, or low water flow, or it could be a faulty hi-limit switch (there are two hi-limits, a 135° and a 150°. Thank you. Frank. Pentair 78418100 AmerLite 100W, 12V pool light with stainless steel face rings, 50' cord. The 2nd is after modified the 3-port valve to the return lines. The variable speed pump that started an energy-savings revolution is back, and better than ever. Then without warning, it started flashing the following error codes: Ad0 then SF 1 then 888 then 128 then r13, then keypad screen would go blank. Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC referred to herein as “we” or “us” manufactures its products (“Products”) and parts (“Parts”) under the highest standards of workmanship using quality materials. It is old and a bit rusty and loud. The burner is located in the center of the combustion chamber, wrapped by the circular copper heat exchanger tubes. Heater will not turn off and a 5F code with a flashing 1. Hours. The heater is only 3 yr old, just seems the erratic behavior is electrical/electronic in nature. Might charge under $500 to install. INTELLIFLO 100 swimming pool pump pdf manual download. Gas and air are mixed and ignite in the cylinder, which warms the tubes that are wrapped around the central burner chamber. when temp is down it kicks on as soon as it goes over setpoint it shuts off. External power to the heater is disconnected. Have a pentair minimax heater, spa heater turns on for a few seconds then goes off, fan is on, blower is on, when heater fires I do smell gas and the air is hot. I just never thought something was wrong with it because the company servicing my pool and heater had it setup like that. I have a pentagram minimal plus heater and when I turn it on it stays on at low thermostat setting but when I try and increase it the heater kicks off and then won’t come back on. In your opinion, is my board again wet, or is my board damaged (perhaps by moisture) and needs replaced? My heater also powers up, displays lights, without anyone touching it. I sent the following on May 23, but received no reply/advice. I should’ve tried harder to learn how the pool works. Thank you for your time and response. Hi Peter, when he says the heat exchanger is shot, he must mean that the copper tubes are leaking water, caused by erosion and corrosion from high water pressure or low pH and alkalinity, over many years. I need a RESET....Alarm: Power Out Failure. Leaking heat exchangers are often confused with sweating or condensating heat exchangers. I run the heater and this time it did something different. we have a Pentair mastertemp 400K; We just had it installed last fall. What should I do? I only own a pool. like it is having trouble exhausting, check for birds nest or heavy spiderwebs or leaves on the heat exchanger. This multi-valve system controller expands the current capability from four to eight valves, decreasing installation and set-up time. As part of its separation into a new pure play water company, a new Pentair website has launched. I have a Pentair intelliflow pump 354605 p/n 353251 s/n 0399325110003c. Hi,e repl I installed a Ta60d sand filter three weeks ago and it worked fine with it until two days ago. Normally you can smell a little gas when it kicks on but it does nothing. We have a Pentair pool heater that all the sudden kicked off Saturday. We have a Pentair minimax 100 Dsi. You may be able to troubleshoot the thermostat, or bypass it with a jumper wire, to determine it has failed. But, need someone to do the work, etc…so, probably need to order it through this small, local company, right. Above, the discontinued Fleck Twin-Flow 100-E Water Softener, cited below. Can you give some thought? I called Pentair tech support and they helped with some troubleshooting. Extensive control, monitoring, alarm, communications and protocol gateway capabilities; Supports Modbus® protocol and includes an RS-485 communications interface; Enclosure: NEMA 4X, FRP; Reliable during long life: 2 year product warranty available, maintenance free ; Specifications. Pentair Pump: Alarm: Priming/Dry. Home Pentair. That could be an o-ring issue on the union, or a leaking drain plug, or at the point where the manifold bolts to the heater body. When I hold it, the temp slowly went up to 90. It’s a fun combination of plumbing, wiring and gas. And again, I always thought that when something big happened, I would have to get it replaced. I have the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump. Just another way that Sta-Rite built a radically different heater. It is a sfs code, but with no e05 error code. So you could save $1000 by buying online and having a company install. Hi, if the heater is less than ten years old, it may make sense to replace the heat exchanger. I have a MasterTemp 200. I am looking for a users manual for a water softener labelled: Elite 6700. This is a very rewarding learning experience for me. Locate the pressure switch on the front header, and test run the heater with a jumper wire connected to both terminals (or held in place firmly by hand), to ‘jump-out’ the pressure switch. 2. There are two. Hot Tub Covers & Year-Round Outdoor Spas – Cover Smart. Page 4 Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics 13 Revision 2 = Second version 14 Heat Exchanger B = Glass-lined CI / copper / brz trim (std. Specifications. http://www.haywardnet.com/pdfs/uhs-heater-troubleshooting-guide.pdf Page 37. So far I have replaced the thermal regulator, igniter, thermistor and the bypass valve in the manifold. It calls for heat, heat starts for maybe 5-10 seconds, then stops, temp raises rapidly to 124 then slowly back down to 75 and cycles again doing the same thing over and over again. Take a closer look at where the water originates. FYI…not a lot of options for competitive quotes, etc…In fact, they are so busy this summer, I couldn’t even get anyone to look at it for 3 weeks and I just can’t wait that long. I do not have it connected to a spa. Hours. Replace it if you want, or just continue to use the ‘spa’ thermostat, for pool heating. Ask the Pool Girl, Ask the Pool Guy, Case Studies, Products, Service Guides & How -To cell, chlorine generator, ic20, ic40, intellichlor, pentair, salt, salt water pool, troubleshooting Post navigation . Hello. Although, there’s strong water coming out of the 2 return lines. Also could possibly have circuit board problems. ALARMS ON AEROBIC TREATMENT SYSTEMS. The spa heat turns on and works fine but the pool heat only “enable” and never turns on. I have 20×40′ in ground with a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm that is probably 15-20 years old. any hel … read more Tech, Pentair Posted Thu, 06/18/2015 - 12:09 This may be an issue with power supply and possibly a motor issue as well as the drive was acting as if it was controlling the motor at first, 218 volts is a low end of the required voltage for the pump, this would need to be addressed as well with an electrician. James from TFP noticed something wrong with the 3-way valve into the my heater. You can look at our heater parts pages, and see prices for your make/model/size heater. A high level alarm will not indicate when a tank needs pumping, and while pumping the tank out may resolve the alarm in the short term, once the tank fills back up the alarm is likely to re-occur because the main problem with the system has not been resolved. Three-year limited warranty. The next day I powered “pool-on” and it registered the correct water temp. Greetings Mr. Merino – I opened pool 2 weeks ago, but only started heater last weekend. You may need to replace them if you don't. It sits in a pool shed, with decent, not great ventilation. UPDATE. The water circulating through the copper heat exchanger tubes absorbs the heat, and exits the heater a few degrees warmer than when it entered. Amerlite®, the world standard of reliability for underwater lights, features a stainless steel shell, 8-3/8" prismatic tempered glass lens, and stainless steel face ring with uni … Today I saw that the multiple error codes i noted above are back, and heater controls seemed to be disabled (it rained all day yesterday, but I could hear the heater cycling on and off yesterday as water temp dictated, though overnight it was damp and foggy). I’m not sure where to even begin. It continuously bounces between pool and spa. 1 Answer Active; Newest; Oldest; Ask the Pool Guy Posted May 2, 2018 0 Comments HI – if you have a … Hello, I have a Pentair Mastertemp 400 that starts heating the spa but then shuts off and on every few minutes. Looking like might be bad control board? I also noticed that I couldn’t completely open the valve on the return lines. I have replaced the Stack sensor thinking that it was the problem. I have an overcurrent alarm. As part of its separation into a new pure play water company, a new Pentair website has launched. News and Events. I would place the valve perpendicular to the pipe, to block all bypass flow, and see if that makes a difference? It should remain on at all times. The sticker says model: 7813 ET6745, Date code: AF07, Serial number: 404000, made in Canada. There is no error code or red service heater light on. Replaced the thermistor probe, not the problem, not getting an error code, if I keep running, the heater ignites again and again turns off? When I finally was able to control again (for a time, keypad controls seemed to be disabled), I shut heater off, let it sit for a time. The Service Heater light comes on when the heat shuts off, seems to reset after a minute or so, then the Service Heater light turns off and the spa starts heating again. The wires need to ge pretty high up in the back of the motor, so make sure you have enough slack on the wires. Of course you can attempt to reset the power by turning the breaker off to the pump for about a minute but if you are receiving this alarm constantly, the first thing to check would be the actual voltage to the pump. Gentlemen, Curt could be a short in the thermostat wire, or the thermostat could be going back, check the wire connections for rust/corrosion. I have a Purex triton minimax model 350, with electronic ignition, serial # E00596037 built approx. I have an alarm on my Pentair Heat Pump that say “5 Alarms”. Trustpilot. Did you replace both Hi Limit Switches? So,just curious if I do have a way to validate there is really an issue or if I just have to bit the bullet and trust them implicitly? The Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed pump is a great choice for a Variable Speed Pump. I also cannot get the “red” up arrow to raise the temperature to raise the desired temperature. I have a Pentair intelliflow pump 354605 p/n 353251 s/n 0399325110003c. we had a close lightning strike a few days ago. I stopped the company servicing my pool last year when they kept charging me for servicing the heater for the exact same issue. When an alarm or warning condition exists, the corresponding LED will be lit on the display. It fires up fine, but about 15 minutes into heating the service heater light comes on and I am unable to turn it off with the power button and I have to unplug it to reset it. 1st one is the initial issue. It doesn’t sound like the heater is even trying to kick on. Joe, Also check that the blower comes on. Hello, I have a Mastertemp 200. It does heat the spa about 1 degree every cycle. Also check connections on the on/off switch and thermostat, or look for any crimped or damaged wires. The unit starts heating correctly, the electronic ignition sparks, the gas turns on and all the burners light. Pentair has owners manuals and troubleshooting guides on their website, here are a couple for quick reference! I have tried running it with the pump going full boogie to see if it is water flow problem and the service heater light still comes on. It kept doing this several times and then sometimes the temp will start counting up rapidly and slowly counts down to the current temp and cycles again. Back. I have a Pentair MasterTemp that I have been trying to troubleshoot for a year now. Of course, there is also an internal bypass in most gas pool heaters. Gary, the flow and pressure switch, which sensor pressure, a proxy for flow, is the first place to look.Make sure the pump is pushing as much water as possible, into the heater. In 2004, Pentair acquired the Sta-Rite company and it’s Max-E-Therm heater technology. A couple of things to note. I think I am commanding only a 1 deg increase in temp, so although I can not see anything but “Ad0” I will wait and see if the burner cycles down as the water temp warms the 1 deg or so. Maybe that is it? Pentair pool heaters come from the legacy of the Purex-Triton Minimax heater, when Pentair purchased the Purex company. Even the new MasterTemp aboveground pool heater has the same design, and the same troubleshooting procedure. As of now, I’m at the mercy of my pool company? Brands; Solar Heating. The LED on the back panel indicated HLS. This may cause the required filter volume to be achieved earlier. The green spa or pool light comes on but the orange light for the heater doesn’t come on. 1930 g (4.3 lb) Probe rod material 316 Stainless Steel, PTFE (insulator) Beyond that, look thru this troubleshooting guide and consult your pool heater owner’s manual, as I cannot troubleshoot your heater from here. Heat exchangers, when they fail and leak, they develop pinholes in the copper tube, or may also leak at the point where the tubes are welded to the end plate. Hello The heat exchanger tubes can be replaced with you using the existing front and rear headers (aka manifold), and hi-limits, and all the rest of the parts. The controls and circuit boards for the Max-E-Therm and the MasterTemp are fairly identical. Pentair MasterTemp pool heater parts are arranged into 3 ‘parts buckets’ – Burner System parts, Electrical System parts, and Water System parts. So I’m very happy. I look forward to your advice. Page 26: Using Filter Mode With Features Mode Filter Mode (Continued) Using Filter mode with Features mode IntelliFlo will start and stop at programmed filter cycles 1-4. Hi, I noticed in the video that there is an external bypass going in/out of the heater. Is enough water getting into the heater? Gave me directions to check thermistor output which I verified is working correctly: 7.7K ohms for 89 degree water. Addy: Please write your question/comment here: Customer Support: Phone Us: 1-888-992-9952; Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 4:00pm EST; Friday 9:00 - 3:30pm EST; Weekends* 10:00 - 2:00pm EST * Tech support only; Helpful Links: View Orders; Cancel an Order; Start a Return; File a Warranty Claim; View How To Guides; To The Top. we had a close lightning strike a few days ago. Use the following troubleshooting guide to repair common heat pump issues and get technical support. With this alarm it is recognizing that the proper amount of voltage to the pump is not being supplied. 9.15K views May 2, 2018 Pentair Pool Pump Products. Decoding the errors on your pump 21 - Communication link between HMI and motor control has been lost 21 – Communication Link between the HMI and Motor control has been lost: Check the jacketed wire on the backside of the keypad inside the drive top cover. Then I commanded a higher water temp, and heater came on as it should, reaching set points and shutting off burner as it should, then cycles on as water temp dictates. Alarm levels • Alarm Level 1: adjustable from 2 to 10,000 units • Alarm Level 2: ‹xed (50% of Alarm Level 1) Alarm delay period 1 or 2 minutes Data smoothing One-minute data averaging FFD SENSOR Sensor variants Standard sensor: 0–200°C (up to 390°F) Weight approx. The error codes below can get you started with understanding what your heater is trying to tell you. How to Reduce Pool or Spa Chlorine Levels, http://www.haywardnet.com/pdfs/uhs-heater-troubleshooting-guide.pdf, Energy Awareness Month – 7 Ways to Save Around the Pool, Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Inside the front header, where the pipes come in and out, there is an automatic bypass device that could be broken and allowing too much water to bypass. High-water alarms sound when water level rises, order "L" models for low-water alarm. With this alarm it is recognizing that the proper amount of voltage to the pump is not being supplied. Your Postal Code. Be sure all connections are clean and tight. Heater is Pentair Mastertemp 200, installed May2017. Product Code: 011056. A completely redesigned pool heater that allows the Pentair MasterTemp and Sta-Rite Max-e-Therm heaters to be over 50% smaller in size and footprint. Heat pump troubleshooting guide for Pentair pool heaters. This can cause cycling. I don’t see my trouble addressed. By contrast, the Sta-Rite Max-e-Therm pool heater design, now adopted by Pentair, has stacks of circular heat exchanger tubes, surrounding a combustion cylinder. They said the 126 display was an error code. I’m so glad I didn’t have to buy additional parts. any hel … read more An HVAC company would install it as well, or an Appliance company. Qty: Description Warranty Pentair IntelliFlo VSF Variable Speed Flow Pool Pump 011056 230V Up to 3HP. Thank you – Frank It was installed where one return line is completely open and the other one is only slightly open. Medallion Energy 151 Baywood Ave. Longwood, FL 32750 407-786-0000 . About Codeline. The leak can be verified by you, if you lift the lid and inspect inside. Hi Lance, those are good ideas, first let’s think about flow rate. This light indicates 24VAC power is being supplied to the control circuit. When problem started happening last early last year, one of the thing I did was replaced a broken Jandy check valve between the heater and chlorinator. Along with the fluctuation the heater cycles. Now, we make a living selling to DIY people, who like to save money. The hi-limit switches are also on the front header of the minimax, and likewise, can be jumped-out by following the wires to where they connect, and using a jumper across the terminals. Product Components. Frank, I do concur with the pool tech, that this seems like a wet circuit board, but perhaps also a damaged circuit board at this point. Still have the power light lit but no other lights are lit. All are 115V with 6' power cords. For use with screen doors to offer the same level of safety. The filter cycles can be overridden by “Feature” (3-9 only) as shown in the example below. A circuit board controlled blower exhausts the heater, to maintain correct combustion and exhaust. Also for: Intelliflo 4 160, Intelliflo 4 100. Advice? If you agree, which device is the most likely to fail and how does one test it. I reset numerous time but still have alarm. Also, make sure you connect the bonding wire to prevent potential electrical shock. The board may be ‘fried’, but do a complete power down, at the breaker, pull open the control panel, and inspect, clean the area, and look for signs of water intrusion. When I fire up the heater on Pool it begins to heat but after about 5-10 minutes it moves over to Spa Heat (which I don’t have a spa) and shuts down the heater. I replaced the HLS twice to no avail. Filter By: Filters. My Pentair 250 heater will not stay on the pool setting. Ecoline products. They have a have an SF code for Sensor Failure. Please visit the new Pentair.com to learn more about our exciting new company and your favorite brands! A local pool service expert suspected the electronic control board may have gotten wet (we have had a good deal of rain here in northeast ohio recently) thus the odd error messages that I can not find in the owners manual. Note: when the opened the manifold last winter to replace the bypass, the manifold and the heat coils have no signs of scales. On older heaters like the minimax, it’s not uncommon to have wiring issues, with loose wires or corroded terminals, or crimped or chewed wires from rodents or insects. A second major problem with heat exchangers is scaling water conditions and poor combustion could lead to build-up of lime scale inside the copper tubes, which renders the heat exchanger useless and requires a replacement. Pentair rebate when picked up in-store and professionally installed ends 12/31/2020. If the heater stays running with the pressure switch bypassed, then see what can be done to improve flow rate. Please help. Back. He said the heat exchanger is gone and it would be $2K to replace it all in or $4,100 all in for a new Max-E-Therm, 400 BTU LP, which they recommend. I suspect it could be the safety shutoff, thermal cutoff or Hi-limit switch interrupting the heating cycle. It fires up fine again then the same thing happens. So I thought that was causing the problem. Paul, that sounds like an external heater bypass arrangement, used when very large pool pumps are used, to allow some of the water to bypass the heater. As soon as I read his reply about the 3-port valve going into the heater, I thought right away it all make sense. If you have questions about ordering Pentair Water Pool and Spa (“Pentair”) replacement parts, and pool products, please use the following contact information: Customer Service / Technical Support Customer Service (8 A.M. to 5 P.M. — Eastern and Pacific Times) Phone: (800) 831 … Typically to clear an alarm on the VS pump you would hit enter and then reset but the power out alarm is a little bit different. Products. Hi Davy – I live in Maine, so very short pool season. No code is present. Thanks for the help. Ecoline products. Please visit the new Pentair.com to learn more about our exciting new company and your favorite brands! Could the problem be with the flow or pressure sensors? Pool Owner May 2, 2018 0 Comments I have a pentair pump that has an alarm that says : Alarm, priming dry? [Click to enlarge any image] Browse Heaters. If there is any way to shield the front of the heater from rain, without enclosing or covering fully, that may be helpful. Check service panel circuit breaker, or fuse. 2 PENTAIR CLEAN AIR SYSTEMS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Goyen | Mecair FFA provides you dependable and pragmatic filter monitoring through an easy setup external unit and clear, simple and language independent full-color LCD display. TTC-1 Alarm Module Download Specifications nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek TTC-1 module is designed for use with any TraceTek sensing cable, up to 76 m (250 ft) and leak detection is indicated via red LED and relay contacts. Is there a bypass valve open? PENTAIR … Ryan, start with water flow, make sure that the filter and baskets are clean and the filter pressure is normal, and water is not bypassing the heater, externally, or internally from the internal bypass, located in the front header. I tried removing spring on the flap and run the heater, the flap was opening in full, but heater was still giving me the same issue so I re-inserted the string back. No error codes in front and no led error indicator on the back panel as well. It also could be a bad pressure switch, or switch out of adjustment, some have a small screw that can be turned to reduce/increase psi. Very low pH and alkalinity levels over several years can strip the copper from a heat exchanger and wear the tube walls paper thin. About Codeline. I just didn’t trust them anymore. It is ideally suited to be easily integrated into centralized monitoring systems for large facilities. Pentair Fleck NXT2 Advanced System Network Controller features new user-friendly upgrades and first-in-class connectivity. Older style heaters use a low horizontal manifold supplying dozens of individual burners across the bottom of the burner tray, shown at left. Free shipping. in 1995. The IntelliFlo displays all alarms and warnings on the control panel display. Variable Speed Programmable Pump (Compatible with IntelliTouch, EasyTouch and IntelliComm). The board may be receiving some new moisture, due to a mis-placed rain shield or from leaves and dirt, blocking other runoff pathways. I reset numerous time but still have alarm. The biggest fear about the heat exchanger is that corrosion can occur to the relatively soft copper finned tubes, causing them to develop pinhole leaks. I know I can buy for much less through you guys or elsewhere online. Check the wire going to the sensor and the sensor itself. Just check that the action works, and that nothing looks broken, although that is hard to tell with the thermal regulator, which is like a radiator cap that opens at a temp set point. It worked well for the last 3 days. Mon-Fri: 8am – 7pm Saturday: 9am – 5pm Sunday: By Appointment Products. Compatible with Pentair Automation; WEF 6.1 THP 3.95; Find out where to purchase online or in a retail location near you. The single glowing burner is aided by the blower fan, which regulates the correct amount of exhaust and is plays a large role in correct combustion. Rust or red spiders can clog these up. This is accessed thru the end cap, two bolts on the side of the header. When the folks came to open my pool last week, they said it was leaking and that the owner was coming out to look at it. Here are the video links. Menu. Bought the house 2.5 years ago. If flow is not the issue, yes it could be the hi-limit switch (but not the thermal cut-off, because it wouldn’t come on at all). Installing a pool heater is not simple, but is done DIY all the time. Mon-Fri: 8am – 7pm Saturday: 9am – 5pm Sunday: By Appointment Today’s post is specifically about the not-so-new style of pool heater design, used in the Pentair MasterTemp and Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm heaters. This can mean 2 things: 1. If you have questions about ordering Pentair Aquatic Systems replacement parts, and pool products, please contact: CUSTOMER SERVICE / TECHNICAL SUPPORT Customer Service and Technical Support, USA (8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. — Eastern/Pacific Times) Phone: (800) 831-7133 Fax: (800) 284-4151 Web site Visit www.pentairpool.com or www.staritepool.com for information about Pentair products. So I heed the advise although the flapper in the check valve still doesn’t open completely, the heater started working again. Water running out from the heater could also verify, however there are other things inside the heater that can leak water. Be sure water flow is good (inspect internal bypass assy). Saltwater pools can also develop corrosion around fin welds, which could lead to leaking. I connected my old termistor and got a reading of 85 degrees. I sincerely hope that this post has helped you solve your pool heater problem! We have a Pentair 300 for both spa and pool heating.

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