The association, led by David Kaplan, had launched its class action lawsuit in 1986 when it found cracks were developing in aircraft that had received Gulfstreams wing mod. A turbocharged version, dubbed the 112TC, arrived in 1976 with a carbureted 210-horsepower Lycoming TO-360 engine. Daniel DiFrancesco. Early attempts-the Lark and Darter, and efforts to revive the Meyers 200-didnt work out as the company hoped. Flying the 112A revealed an airplane with very nice handling qualities. Contains stainless hardware to replace worn rusty hardware in non structural areas such as inspection plates and fairings. Volunteered one attorney: It made good sense from the standpoint of avoiding future exposure to catastrophic events. With the Hot-Shot turbo conversion, Commander 112s can cruise 164 kt at 16,000 feet at 75-percent power. The Hot-Shot turbo conversion adds $9,000 to the value of a 112, according to Vref. If youre buying a used Commander, make sure all ADs and SBs were done correctly (true for any aircraft purchase). A fix-for $2,500-was mandated by AD 88-05-06. Pete Bedell is a pilot for a major airline and co-owner of a Cessna 172M and Beechcraft Baron D55. For takeoffs and landings, the 114 feels heavy in its control inputs. It has always been possible to load four real people and reasonable baggage, commented one owner, to top the tanks and fly four and a half hours without CG or weight problems, and with IFR reserves. ... Rockwell Commander 112, 114. When Rockwell sold off the general aviation division the agreement was terminated. Will a bigger engine finally make this comfy, good-flying airplane fast enough? Other than some irritating oil leaks and a major problem caused by an improper overhaul, the IO-540 has been a real gem. Summary – I feel the 114 has an absolutely undeserved reputation as a problem airplane (almost all known shortcomings have long been fixed). 112 B. Thats because it sprouts out of the upper corner of the seatback and is not fastened in any way to the cabin structure. Thats because hard landings, swerves and groundloops were remarkably prevalent, as were gear collapses, suggesting that perhaps the gear doesnt quite deserve the praise accorded it by pilots. The 25+ knots these mods are expected to yield will eliminate this gripe , and change operating costs dramatically. I dont think it was ever designed to be. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. These early ADs contradicted Rockwell's claims that the 112 was a tough little bird. In 1977 aerodynamic improvements gave slightly improved performance. Because of the laminar flow wing on the aircraft, angle of attack and therefore cg has a great effect on airspeed. Much is made of the resurgence of Cessna and Piper in recent years. Inside, pilot and passengers ride in comfort that can only be matched in cabin-class twins. Even the Beech Sierra, renowned for its casual cross-country pace, can eke out another five knots or so. Commander 114 Performance Specifications** Engine – 6-cylinder Lycoming IO-540-T4B5D, 260 HP @ 2700 RPM Prop – Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF, Constant Speed, 2 -Blade Weights - Empty – 1,905 lbs. One of only a few nits to pick in the handling department is an apparent lack of rudder authority, which may make landings in a stiff crosswind a challenge. U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) The FAA agreed, and put the AD into limbo. 488221-1/-2. To squeeze even more load carrying ability out of the airframe, in 1977 Rockwell brought out the 112B model, with 16-inch extensions added to each wing. At 62, I never feel squeezed or pressed in like a Mooney or a Bonanza and long flights are easy to handle. Make: Rockwell Commander Model: 112TC Price: $42,500 Airframe: 1860 Total time This is a buying opportunity, the bank just fore gave a near $70,000 loan on this nice Commander 112TC. But it connected with the Commander 112, thanks to a cabin with dual doors that emphasized easy ingress and egress (more appealing than the single-door arrangement on Piper and Mooney models), aggressive styling and a price just shy of $25,000. Minimax drill-powered Rockwell Commander aircraft tugs are made with all steel construction, enclosed gearbox & automatic brake. I plan for about $800 for each annual now that most of the wear-prone parts have been replaced or serviced. Guaranteed to work and pass your inspection or your money back. By Robert Goyer. 104-PPLGA6 main landing gear actuator oring kit for the Commander 112 models with 48822-1 / -2 actuators. Its strongest features are its payload, comfort and value. However, through the use of a manual wastegate, the pilot can recover lost manifold pressure as the airplane climbs. Many Cessnas with the both tanks system have similarly good records of fuel management, since pilots are less likely to run a tank dry. However, owners had to pay for the labor. All rights reserved. April 12, 2007. At around the same time, a bit of good news arrived for Commander fans. This limits cabin payload to about 750 pounds in a typical aircraft. For years, what was then called North American Rockwell had been trying to find the right mix of ramp appeal, performance and features to enter the general aviation market in a big way. He admits to taking out the rear seats to gain 35 pounds of useful load and enough room to carry the kitchen sink. Commanders have a fanatic following among their owners, many of whom can be found online ( After a few odd-ball attempts in the 1970s to get its foot in the door of general aviation manufacturing (Lark, Darter, and a re-release of the Meyers 200), Rockwell focused its renowned high-tech resources on coming up with an all-new airplane that would knock the socks off everything else in the market. Rockwell Commander 112 and 114, Spacious, Comfortable. Typical comment: The cabin is the most comfortable Ive been in. In 1976, a six-cylinder 260-hp powerplant was installed and the model became the Rockwell Commander 114. Although the FAA calculated the fix would cost about $1,495 for each airplane, the Commander Assn. Faret elected to keep the original paint scheme when the airplane was repainted in 1984. It also should be kept in mind, however, that during the production life of the airplane, owners used to carp about the incessant barrage of expensive modifications in the form of service letters and bulletins-all aimed, of course, at fixing bugs of one kind or another. The problems first cropped up in the mid-80s. Page 1 of 2 The 112A also brought a 100-pound maximum gross weight increase, minimizing the perceived weight gain from the modifications. Already a member? Minimax drill-powered Rockwell Commander aircraft tugs are made with all steel construction, enclosed gearbox & automatic brake. Fuel – 70 Gals. Listed rate of climb is just over 1,000 FPM for the 76 model and 1,160 FPM for later ones, comparable to the Mooney and Cessna Skylane RG. 112 B. Advertisement 1977 Rockwell Commander 112TC-A Average used price: $71,000 Engine make/model: Lycoming TO-360-C1A6D Horsepower@rpm@takeoff: 200@2575@SL Horsepower for takeoff: 210 TBO hrs. Mods, organizationsThere is a comapany to watch which is in the process of introducing performance mods for the older Commanders, which should bring them up to snuff in the performance arena. They are at best aloof to current owners, and recently have become downright hostile toward several aftermarket companies. Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry product pricing from the time of the original review. The Rockwell Commander 112 and 114 are high performance, retractable undercarriage light aircraft. The aircraft will fly itself off the runway at about 72 knots. Please login below for an enhanced experience.

rockwell commander 112 review

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