In fact, Standard German is the first foreign language Swiss Germans learn when starting school. In 1982 only five dialects existed but a standardized written version of the dialects, Rumantsch Grischun, was adopted and assimilated. Switzerland has four official languages. And you also knew that the capital is Bern, not … View Images. Mostly desert; hot, dry, sunny summers (June to August) and mild, rainy winters (December to February) along coast; cold weather with snow or sleet periodically in Damascus, Mostly mountains (Alps in south, Jura in northwest) with a central plateau of rolling hills, plains, and large lakes, Population distribution corresponds to elevation with the northern and western areas far more heavily populated; the higher Alps of the south limit settlement. Swiss German, also known as Schwyzerdütsch or Dialekt has different dialects and phrases from the German language, especially day to day phrases that visitors need. By Benjamin Elisha Sawe on July 19 2018 in Society. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. However, French is the official language in the canton of Bern, which is the de facto capital of the country. Its major imports include machinery, chemicals, and vehicles. This map shows a combination of political and physical features. German (63.5 %) German is by far the most widely spoken language in Switzerland: 19 of the country’s 26 cantons are predominantly (Swiss) German-speaking. Map of the Arpitan language area, historical language spoken in Romandy, with place names in arpitan and historic political divisions. A dialect of German called Swiss German is most common in communication, and is further divided into regional dialects. Click the map and drag to move the map around. Switzerland has four national languages. report. But you already knew that, right? Regional Languages in Switzerland. The French-speaking part of Switzerland is shown in green on this map. People living in the north, central and eastern Switzerland use German, those in the west use French, those in the south use Italian while those in the southeastern use Romansh. Today, Arpitan is used by the most senior citizens. Switzerland has four national languages. Another reason is that Switzerland has four distinct languages and cultures within its four regions. Photograph … German is the official language of 17 Swiss cantons, and the population of the speakers is about 4,348,289 accounting for around 63% of the country's total population. Despite the many German dialects that are used in verbal communication, the Swiss use the standard or High German in writing. The number of German, Italian and Romansh speakers is falling, while French speakers are increasing. Geographisches Lexikon der Schweiz: 2,753: View other Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers collections related to Switzerland (4) Data Collections; Sorted by Switzerland Stories, Memories & Histories. The Federal Constitution stipulates that German, French, and Italian are Switzerland's official languages, whereas Romansh is an official language for communicating with Romansh-speaking persons. 592. Help ... You can customize the map before you print! Reset map It is important to note also that French of France is both the spoken and the written form of French in Switzerland. And just how multilingual is Swiss life on a daily basis? All Swiss must learn a minimum of two languages in school. Languages of Switzerland - Vivid Maps. Natural features like mountains and rivers separate these languages and cultures. Here, the country is distributed by four areas that are each corresponding to its four official languages. The country is filled with spectacular scenery and skiing and snowboarding opportunities abound – from the mountainous Jungfrau region to the famous Matterhorn mountain peak.. A dialect of German called Swiss German is most common in communication, and is further divided into regional dialects. Related posts:- Who are the two million foreigners in Switzerland? However, thanks to Microsoft adding the dialect as an option in the desktop languages, the language that was facing extinction is somehow preserved. But in reality, dialects can be distinguished even more. The majority of the Swiss population speaks German. Legal. hide. From there, it became the norm for the Swiss dialect to be used in communication and for High German to be used in writing. In the sport of curling, a stone is propelled toward a target. Though English is not an official language, almost every school teaches it and is also widely used by tourists and some foreigners. The … Regional Maps: Map of Europe. Switzerland has four language regions: German, French, Italian and Romansh. The need for a uniformly written Germa… Thus, though a foreign language, it finds its place in the fourth position among the most popular languages spoken in Switzerland. This thread is archived. Switzerland has four unevenly distributed languages and a wealth of dialects. Go back to see more maps of Switzerland  Maps of Switzerland. best. This free printable worksheet features a map of Switzerland along with six questions, similar to those found on standardized tests. Additionally, more than 20 regional dialects are used for communication. So, why has Swiss German not managed to become a written language, for example like Dutch? See language lists, maps, statistics, and more. The constitution protects the different language used in the country. The majority of German speakers live in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, and Winterthur respectively among other cities. Switzerland is divided into 26 different areas called cantons.A canton is like a state in the United States.. The predominant language varies by regions of the country, called cantons. For example, in Züridüütsch (Zürich German), the phrase “guet merci” is a Swiss-German word for “fine thank you” although merci is French. Of the country’s 26 cantons, most – 17 – are German speaking, while four are French and one Italian. Description: This map shows what languages people speak in Switzerland. 152. Which Countries Recognize Sign Language As An Official Language? There are clearly defined regions for all four official languages (German in northern, central and eastern Switzerland, French in western Switzerland, Italian in southern Switzerland and Rumantsch in southeastern Switzerland, see map above). Non-national languages are also gaining in importance. The two most widely spoken non-national languages … Languages of Switzerland - Vivid Maps. Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. French (22.5 %) This language diversity is because of geographical positioning and previous massive immigration of residents from other countries who remain non-naturalized because they have at least a family member who is not a Swiss native. German is the most spoken language in the country, and is widely spoken in the central region of the country. Approximately 35,753 people use the ancient tongue called Romansh. Switzerland speaks multiple languages. Unlike the Swiss German which has many dialects, the standard Swiss French and the France French are similar with minor differences. Switzerland is a multilingual country with four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. Click here to … Historically, Franco-Provencal or Arpitan was the native language of the inhabitants of Romandy. At Languages Map of Switzerland page, view political political map of Switzerland, physical maps, satellite images, driving direction, major cities traffic map, atlas, auto routes, google street views, terrain, country national population, energy resources maps, cities maps. ), Federal republic (formally a confederation), 1 August 1291 (founding of the Swiss Confederation), Central Europe, east of France, north of Italy, Austria 158 km, France 525 km, Italy 698 km, Liechtenstein 41 km, Germany 348 km. French had 22.7% speakers while Italian had 8.4% of the total number of speakers. This page was last modified on May 1st, 2018, All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2017, German (or Swiss German) (official) 63%, French (official) 22.7%, Italian (official) 8.1%, English 4.9%, Portuguese 3.7%, Albanian 3%, Serbo-Croatian 2.4%, Spanish 2.2%, Romansch (official) 0.5%, other 7.1%, German 65%, French 18%, Italian 10%, Romansch 1%, other 6%, Roman Catholic 37.3%, Protestant 24.9%, other Christian 5.8%, Muslim 5.1%, other 1.4%, Jewish 0.2%, none 23.9%, unspecified 1.3% (2015 est. The Swiss dialect has a slower pace, a unique antique quality, different accent and some variations in words and phrases. German is the language that is most used by the Swiss; 72% of the population are native German speakers. Romansch had a mere 0.6% speakers. Language Map Of Switzerland (1049 x 703) 36 comments. Today, English is the Lingua Franca of German and French-speaking Swiss in the Business world. Nobody is willing to give it up in order to find a common written Swiss German language. When walking, it is always polite to say Grüezi to people. share. Language Map Of Switzerland (1049 x 703) Close. Business Switzerland also uses English. Switzerland has no common Language. The Italian language in Switzerland or Swiss Italian (Italian: italiano svizzero) is the variety of the Italian language taught in the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland. Where in the world? French speakers mainly live in Geneva and Lausanne and a considerable German-French Bilinguals live in Biel and Freiburg. Article by Vivid Maps. Its main exports are machinery, chemicals, metals, watches, and agricultural products. Swiss-German vowels also have a German-Latin feel when pronounced. For once, each region - even each town or village - speaks their own distinct dialect. A profile of the languages in Switzerland. Romansh is mainly spoken in the canton of Graubünden in southeast Switzerland. In the past, each canton had its own army and money.This changed in 1848 when Switzerland finished a civil war and changed to the structure it has now.. Sort by Count. German is the official language of 17 Swiss cantons, and the population of the speakers is about 4,348,289 accounting for around 63% of the country's total population. However, the Romansh language is officially spoken only in the trilingual Graubünden. This online map of Switzerland shows holiday resorts, hotels and webcams and will greatly simplify your journey to Switzerland and to your resort. Types Of Crimes By Number Of Offenses In The US. These two words are unofficial national treasures. Switzerland on a World Wall Map: Switzerland is one of nearly 200 countries illustrated on our Blue Ocean Laminated Map of the World. A map showing where languages are spoken in Switzerland. Switzerland Languages Switzerland has four national languages; Swiss German, Swiss French, Swiss Italian, and Romansh in descending order of the number of speakers. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Article by Vivid Maps. Despite the many German dialects that are used in verbal communication, the Swiss us… The above blank outline map is of Switzerland. Depends if you are talking with respect to tourism or long term stay. Romandy is the French Speaking region of Switzerland. Swiss French (French: français de Suisse) is the variety of French spoken in the French-speaking area of Switzerland known as Romandy. The majority of the Swiss population speaks German. Switzerland’s rugged topography and multicultural milieu have tended to emphasize difference. No, Swiss is not a language. The reform was necessary as it enabled the translation of the Bible into a language understood by many. On March 20, the Francophone Festival celebrates the French population in the country. View discussions in 2 other communities. Around 64% of the population regard High German as the main language. Other languages include Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanese together with few other Scandinavian, Slavonian, Asian and African languages.

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