I agree there is no magical score cut-off. I'm a current MS3 who hated third year and still doesn't know what to do. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschool community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Work hour restrictions are strictly adhered to. MGH, Duke, Hopkins) have worse hours because they are malignant or do they try to protect residents? Just ask the LSW if we have a bed offer yet and walk away. Day 1 we’re expected to make clinical decisions so I honestly don’t do that much “scut work” besides cross cover, notes, getting consents, and procedures no one else wants to do like diagnostic paras (even worse large volume) and ABGs. Any other comments or information would be great, really struggling here. IM residency is front loaded with intern and 2nd year being very intense and 3rd year being less so. pm&r is depressing. i can’t stand listening to psych patients drone on about nonsense... obviously im exaggerating, but u get the idea. 3rd year a grind fest and not necessarily an indication of how happy you'd be in that field as a doctor, though it can give you some idea. They can have long hours during residency and call can be brutal. Haven’t met a physiatrist attending or resident who regrets going into it. 260+ step 1, just about all honors, and bunch of publications. It's literally just you doing whatever you want so long as you can get patients discharged on time. Seconding everyone who's suggested rads. That's a shitty lifestyle to be working at something you don't really like all that much in the first place. Hi fellow applicants - It's that time of year, when 2020's spreadsheets wither and die and the 2021 specialty specific spreadsheets are born! tl;dr I'm thinking IM because I'm incapable of making decisions and don't want to specialize too soon, but I've seen too many scary posts about how IM residents are so burnt out. Basically punting on a career decision for now, like you mentioned in your OP. What are hours like for each inpatient vs. outpatient? Mostly inpatient, ~50-80%, of our months are inpatient; 80% during PGY1, PGY2 and PGY3 depends on your clinical interest how much inpatient you do but usually half the months are inpatient. Find an IM program with a good lifestyle. Take a look at PM&R. I’m starting my internal medicine residency as of this writing. Drawn from more than 184,000 pageviews of the 299 Texas residency programs, we share the 15 programs that were most viewed by FREIDA™ users looking for details about Texas residencies. The faculty and staff of the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine, Southwest General Hospital, and WellMed Medical Group have accepted the charge to bring postgraduate internal medicine … I still enjoyed learning about medicine in preclinical years. On inpatient rotations you should expect to work 60-70 hours a week, 6 days on with an average of 1 day off per week. Lol at IM having a terrible lifestyle in residency. Most programs have a q3 or q4 call schedule where you will work 24 + 4 hours or 16 hours (if there is dedicated night coverage) ICU rotations can be q2 at smaller programs with less coverage. My question is, how bad is IM residency *in general*? More like IM residents THINK they have a bad lifestyle. University of Texas at Austin Dell Family Medicine Residency Program 1400 North IH-35 Suite C2.410 Austin, TX 78701: Dana Sprute, MD, MPH (512) 324-7318: Tina M. Comeaux (512) 324-7318: Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine Program: Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency 2900 E 29th Street Suite 100 … I know applicants who even had one fail, and matched to internal medicine residency, so you have a good chance. I understand it depends on the institution but *in general*: How many inpatient vs. outpatients months are there? Welcome to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler Internal Medicine Residency Program, a training program that started with its initial intern class in July 2020. This program is focused on providing training for primary care internists and hospitalists, however all sub-specialty rotations will be … Approximately 2/3rds of your 36 months are inpatient and 1/3 is outpatient. unless u can do derm. Residency. Edit: I'm not the moderator … Evelin Garza Pena Program Coordinator Internal Medicine Residency Program University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – Doctors Hospital at Renaissance 5423 S. McColl Road Edinburg, Texas 78539 Email: Evelin.Garza01@utrgv.edu Phone: (956) 362-3515 Am an IM resident. 80% or more of your day is administrative, data entry, and disposition planning as an intern. Work on average 60-65 hours per week on wards and 70-80+ on ICU and nights. The program includes two tracks — the Primary Care Track and Distinction Program for Care Transformation — as well as a preliminary internship offered by the department. Not sure why anyone would want to do this for the rest of their lives. Texas STAR, the first of its kind, is a nationwide survey and online tool administered by the UT Southwestern … Most people sub specialize because general internal medicine/hospital medicine is not prestigious work, pays well but not well enough to justify 200k+ in loans and 7 years of post graduate reduced earning potential (175-200 in a desirable location, 225+ in an non desirable location), and … I haven't really liked much that I have seen during M3, I suspect this is due to being a student and not having real responsibility but hard to say. Carlos Moreno, M.D. i can’t imagine staring at a computer screen all day in rads. The Internal Medicine Residency program includes the Primary Care Track and Distinction Program as well as a preliminary internship offered by the department. Post your links here! [Residency] Am I making a mistake by going into Internal Medicine? no field in medicine is perfect. I'm not violating the shit out of my work hour restrictions to have you disrespect my poor lifestyle choices! If you're breaking caps all the time or taking q3 24+4 call -- yes, that's bad. Dr. Moreno is the Chief Medical Officer at CommuniCare Health Centers and has 27 years' experience in … We do the “social stuff” like end of life discussions, goals of care, etc. I'm a current MS3 who hated third year and still doesn't know what to do. Doesn't seem like the right fit. Expect 4-6 months of elective time mostly in 3rd year to explore your professional and academic interests. Residency sucks in general, no matter which specialty you go into. Our SW/CM takes care of most of the social stuff like calling families and setting up appointments and transportation. I love internal medicine but I know it’s not for everyone and not every program is like mine. Fifty-two third year TTUHSC medical students are involved in core rotations in Amarillo, typically eight or nine at a time i… -not really interested in any of the subspecialties currently, -god i just hated third year and I don't want to be this depressed during residency too. I have thought about it but never really pursued either of them further just because histo and imaging were never things I was interested in. Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; UT Health East Texas is passionate about … Find a Provider . 2020-21 Interns in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center It is largely a thank less job. I'm a 'work to live' type of person and want medicine to be just a job. Texas supports its residents by: providing stipend support to residents during rural family medicine rotations; sponsoring Health Find, a cooperative project among state agencies, interest groups and residency … i hate social issues as much as the next, but there is no prize pig in medicine (except derm). CT New Haven Yale-New Haven Baylor Scott & White Health - Central Texas facilities operate under one electronic medical record … which I personally don’t mind doing but it can take a long time or be a substantial part of your day on ICU. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In general, is it the case that top programs (i.e. The department also hosts a Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, a Hospital Medicine Fellowship in Quality and Patient Safety and a Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship. It is designed to provide practical and didactic education in the broad field of internal medicine. But you have to see a lot … Outpatient rotations are 40-50 hours per week with the weekends off. Internists often specialize in one area, such as endocrinology or cardiology. Our … Contact Us. Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas Serving a 46-county area, Dell Children’s is the premier health care provider for children and adolescents in Central Texas. I can't imagine being happy doing IM, FM, Peds, or EM. Every rads resident on reddit seems ridiculously happy though. N. … Take a look at PM&R if your school has a rotation. It improves as you progress with approximately 50% being medical decision making/patient care and 50% being the aforementioned as a senior. Our Yale Combined Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program offers a 4-year training track that leads to eligibility for both the internal medicine and pediatrics certifying exams. General IM is consistently at the bottom of a lot of physician happiness/satisfaction reports that I've seen, so that take that for what you will. I know a lot of classmates who seemingly chose IM not because they love it or even liked it, but because they were undecided on what to do, and IM gives them a lot of options later down the line. Some of the IM fellowships were pretty happy but some of those were also pretty competitive, which is another thing to consider. Texas family medicine residency programs. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and completed his training at UT-RGV-DHR. [residency] [serious] 2021 Application Spreadsheets. Thank you. Medical Education Office Department of Internal Medicine 301 University Blvd., 4.108 JSA Galveston, TX 77555-0570. The UT Health East Texas Internal Medicine Residency Program is based at the UT Health Tyler hospital, which is located within the heart of Tyler’s midtown medical community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. At this point I'm learning towards doing IM but I sometimes can't help but feel like I'm making a terrible mistake. If you need to “just get through” the 3 years then it may not be the career for you because 3 years is a long time to be miserable in a field you’re not happy in. More malignant programs and ICU rotations may have you hitting your 80 hour cap from time to time. Dear Prospective Applicant: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, located in North Dallas, is an academic teaching hospital committed to improving the health of the people in the communities we serve. Why Internal Medicine is the best specialty – that’s what I’ll be convincing you of today! Since many medical students often have choices about … UT Health Tyler hospital is the flagship facility of the UT Health East Texas system and serves as the hub of the region’s 10 hospital system, more than … I wanted a cool and interesting job. Texas Health Internal Medicine, formerly Texas Internal Medicine Associates, PA, is located at 8210 Walnut HIll Lane, Suite 604 in Dallas. MBA. Sujatha Abraham White, MD Internal Medicine. We focus on teaching — maintaining a one-to-one attending-to-resident teaching ratio in the … If you suspect internal medicine might interest you, we recommend trying to schedule this core internal medicine rotation as early in the third year as possible. We are a dynamic, learner-centered residency that constantly pushes our educational programs forward to meet our residents’ needs. Do what you find cool and interesting. You do medicine without the social work and notes. Plus its four years which is tough if you are already burnt out. ir is the procedure lackey where i train. Internal Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Care. Texas is a great place to train to be a family physician. This is helpful, thank you for the response. Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore offers the best clinical training in internal medicine, according to Doximity's 2018-2019 Residency Navigator. I feel this. Our internal medicine doctors provide the full range of medical care for adults in Dallas. Have questions or want to schedule an appointment? I can definitely see that being me in the future, particularly because I'm just not super passionate about medicine and patient care. At this point I'm learning towards doing IM but I sometimes can't help but feel like I'm making a terrible mistake. I'll add them to the main post as they trickle in. fm is too broad for me. Duh. Hopefully, it … The internal medicine, emergency medicine, neurology and surgery rotations are all completed at this site. The Internal Medicine Residency Program at TTUHSC-Amarillo continues full accreditation by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Texas Health Care Internal Medicine is a proud member of Privia Medical Group. 1 year ago. derm is money. If you’re considering to potentially pursuing the field as well, this is for you! On inpatient rehab you are technically the primary and need a good foundation in medicine. don’t get me wrong. I did gas because no clinic, many procedures, critical care skillset, and minimal patient follow up. M4 here trying to make/solidify last minute decision on what to apply to. Yea, probably worse than FM/Psych, but way better than gen surg/ortho, right? They like teamwork, solving complicated problems, and direct patient care.

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